Monday, September 4, 2017


Once upon a time, on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Bronson there was a café called Pergola's.

In the mid-60s it was a quiet place during the daytime, had a male counter attendant which was a bit strange in Hollywood of those days-most places had ample motherly ladies named mable or madge who word big starched hankies with name tags made of cardboard and macaroni letters spelling out their names-all sprayed gold.

Pergola's came to life when the magical hour of 10pm came around sometimes later on weekends-then the booths and stools filled with the night people of the neighborhood...

Since no liquor was served any one of any age could squeeze in and did.

I was 14 or 15 so I used to go with my friend Roy-we would borrow my Mothers 55 Ford and drive out to Hollywood hoping that the car would stay operational both directions since I always claimed to be somewhere else-not Hollywood.

The lure of Tinsel town was like a Carnival-seedy, forbidden, a little dingy and tarnished always one lightbulb in the sign burned out.

At Pergola's the people normally in clubs and bars were available even to a minor: Hustlers, pimps, wheeler dealers, hookers, old time movie wonders....everyone...on display for the cost of a coke or a cup of coffee.

I loved it there-one night I bumped into the principal of my High School-he left quickly when recognized.

It's like the old song-"If he squeals on me I'll squeal on him"...all secrets were safe at Pergola's.

I was fascinated by a person whose name I think was MEL-she (for our purposes) had mauve hair in a day when mauve was hardly known as a colour-her friend was Bambii (short for Bambino) Roy had somehow struck up a conversation with them.

I don't know why I was fascinated but it was that carny thing-they both had that tough, made up veneer - a little scraped and dingy but fascinating.

We decided at midnight (I was supposed to be home by 10pm) to go "downtown" to L A and see what was "happening"...we ended up at a doughnut joint near Pershing Square that was surrounded by the has been hustlers (male prostitutes) of the neighborhood and one stand out guy who turned out to be John Rechy who would later write a famous book about his life and hustling called CITY OF NIGHT-he was an interesting dude and had lots to say-he told me I was way too young to be wandering around "down here" alone (he meant less the neighborhood than the atmosphere-it was a down low kinda place).

We tried to get into a bar called the crown jewel but they carded so we headed back to Pergola's-they were just in the process of cleaning up a fight between two drag queens involving rat tail combs sharpened into weapons.

Besides Pergolas there was ALDO's farther up the boulevard which could be an amazingly picturesque place after midnight...the drag queens all came in after the drag balls in their finery and there was always a fight over some random dude.

Pharaohs Tomb was on Highland and they didn't care if you had ID or not since they were a private club-upstairs with lots of fake Cleopatra décor, go go boys and dark corners where the action happened.

In those days Arthur J's on Highland was much more tame and respectable than it would become 5 or so years in the future.

Everything was accessed in a twilight haze-never a bright bulb and always a back way out-the cops were vicious in those days.

The story goes that during the Vietnam war there was such a shortage of males for police duty that they would offer service men 2 years off their tour of duty if they would serve on the L A P D for those 2 years-so fresh from eating raw meat in the jungles of Cambodia many of them hit Rampart Division in Los Angeles and Hollywood division-both areas known for drugs, gangs and gays-McArthur Park was a well known part of this jurisdiction-there was a well known bar on one side of the park called the Fallen Angel which I believe also plays a part in John Rechy's books.

But I was telling about Pergola's-it was a place for turtle neck sweaters with bell sleeves and tight pants you never carried a wallet just a couple bucks in a pocket too tight to be picked-hip huggers were the thing-I actually had a pair with a 3 inch fly-that's living dangerously.

I was talking to a guy who lived near Hollywood and Highland and he wanted me to walk home with him while he changed clothes and got a jacket-we were crossing a dark parking lot off Hollywood Blvd when he pushed me into a dark alley and told me to keep still and quiet-a couple cops had driven up with a drag queen in cuffs in their patrol car...they played around-cat and mouse style, all laughs and friendly with the guy-then they made him perform fellatio on both of them-then they shot him in the head and drove away.

We waited till we were sure they were gone and ran to a phone booth on Franklin near a market called in the murder but didn't mention cops then slipped away to Nicky's apartment where he changed his clothes, got a jacket and we headed back to Pergola's-by the time we had walked back Roy said we had to head home-and the only thing Nicky said was "Not a word."

Not the next day but the day after it was in the papers about a degenerate killed in a drug deal gone wrong and the body left in the parking lot with signs of sexual attack.

My Mother made sure I saw it and lectured me about that was why she didn't want me wandering around out THERE in the middle of the night-I wasn't sure which part was the part I needed to worry about since I was neither a drug users nor a drag queen-I guess I missed the point.

At Pergola's I met CRISWELL a TV psychic/parapsychologist who predicted the whole USA would go gay by 1999-he lived in a small apartment on Selma Ave.

He had become "famous" by appearing in some Ed Woods films and was frequently seen around Hollywood and anyone who would print his predictions-he was with his lady friend who was a grotesque creature with white pancake makeup, smeared mascara a red slash for a mouth and matted red hair that hung down the back to her waist-later I found out it was she who Bette Davis patterned her look upon for "Baby Jane"-she had been a silent film performer and she told many stories of sex, sin and scandal in the booth at Pergola's surrounded by so many more strange and unusual creatures.

There was also a lady of some age who dressed in a style right out of the late 20s who had been a theatre organist who told tales about Valentino and his love trysts played out in an empty theatre on Hollywood Boulevard with beautiful young actors to the strains of Scheherazade and other exotic tunes on the theatre's great Wurlitzer Organ-he paid her with the promise she would not look until the deed was done...

Like any passing fascination Pergola's became old hat to me and one weekend we stopped going to my Mother's joy and delight.

Years later when I lived at Franklin and Cahuenga I went looking once again for the magic of Pergola's but like so many parts of Old Hollywood it had vanished replaced by a florist shop-there were still nightly stiletto fights at Aldo's and the action had moved to Arthur J's but it wasn't the same.

Forbidden fruit is only produce when it's no longer a little dangerous and forbidden...

There would never be a time when the dim lights and spangles would shine so brightly for me and the fascinating people of the night would cluster so richly as the glory days of that little café on Hollywood and Bronson.


in 1967 I left El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera and didn't look back much.

It's 2017 and the 50th reunion is upon us-I haven't gone to any others -why would I go to this one...

We had a special reunion of Drama, Music and arty people back in 2008 and I liked that-it was almost all people I enjoyed seeing despite the fact that most of them stayed as far away from me as they could-huddled as they were in their cliques.

Lela Daniels, the school beauty and her husband (she was Nellie Forbush in South Pacific and I played opposite her in the Man Who Came To Dinner where she was Lorraine Sheldon and I got to seal her in a mummy case) were especially nice to me and at the dinner I sat with people I knew well who did not ignore me.

That was enough.

I was not well liked in high school-I ran with the students who dressed all in black-art, music and theatre-I managed to get to the point where I was too powerful to be bullied (also too tall) and was a darling amongst all the teachers and faculty (except for PE-they hated me too).

I knew people, but I was not particularly friendly with them-it was not that I didn't like them, we moved in different circles and I had the onus of eccentricity - being different, so there was that as well.

Some people I never saw-I lived across the street from Dan Gayhart and his brothers-we would wave occasionally-I do not believe we spoke the entire 4 years of high school.

We had grown up literally playing and going to school together-he became a football star and I was the artistic one-we both had stature but in high school his trumped mine.

Down the street was Terry Nelson and around the corner Kay Anderson-both older than me-interestingly both were in the play Lella and I did-Terry was the lead and Kay was Harriet the crazy spinster-they were both at least cordial at the 2008 event.

Bill Cody lived at the end of the street catty corner from the Jurics (Jan-the school Drum Master and his sister Jackie) Bill was the AV guy...

From junior high I was friends with Melanie Bourland, Bob Wilson and his sister Donna I don't remember ever speaking to ANY of these people during High School except Bill-he and I worked on a film we did for the senior awards ceremony or Senior tea or whatever the hell it was-he was fine.

Joe Power and I were friends all 4 years of high school-we met in journalism-we saw each other on and off and most recently when I moved down here-like me he had little use for High School-even less than I did.

Sandy Isham, Linda Wells (now Melody Bnah), Linda Buress, Tim Peters, Delbery Hull, Stephen Burts, John Davis (from drama not the mayor's son although we were friends for a bit) mostly people who were older than myself a year or more ahead in school.

Lot's of drama people I knew from shows, but did I hang out with them-NO...

All the drama people and others went to the Veenhuyzen's after school-Arlene Craig and I often walked over there together-that lasted for a short while.

I think I said elsewhere that the cheer leaders used to court my favors so I would do charecatures of them on their megaphones-did I ever see them otherwise-not so much-only Barb Watson who is a genuinely good person and Richard Stubbs also a good fellow.

In Choraleers the schools elite madrigal/pop group we were together probably more than any other group since we sang all year (I was in for 2 years) but dod I  KNOW any of these people?

I remember Linda Warren and of course Ginny Chitwood-the schoold diva...Madyline Shapiro-mezzo-she had two sisters apparently the middle one had the real talent Caroline).

Dave Pennington ended up married to the girl I went to the formal dance with, Margo Mummah-he became a minister-were we friends? No...

I sat next to the late Glenn Wanke whose name we mispronounced all through High School-I actually thought it was pronounced WANKY not Vahnkuh-no one ever looked as good in white jeans as Glenn-he was a gymnast and loved music-his son is mayor of Yorba Linda-Glenn died of the Big C a year or so ago.

Al Armenta sat on the other side of me next to Steve Astel-Steve actually had the best voice at the time IMHO-I don't know what he did later or of he continued singing...

There are all sorts of people in between that I just don't remember-I don't remember ever having a conversation with Franz Miller-he was a tenor-I know his face but that's it.

I genuinely liked Walt Matkins-he and I shared a love for pointed toe, Cuban heel shoes but I can't say I actually KNEW him other than in that setting.

Dennis McKinney is one of two guys I constantly mix up one sings the other was an artist-I had a class with both-I also saw BOTH at Universal when I was a tour guide-I think one or both of them are dead---strange...

I hated Gary Priebe-he was a horrible bully-handsome guy we went to Junior High together and that's the last I saw him-also now dead.

Vic Larsen and I were pretty friendly in Junior High but come high School we occasionally said hi in the hallway but that is that.

Stephen Small still lives, I believe, in the house he grew up in -his mom Juanita was our Avon Lady and his sister was a showgirl in a couple of productions I did outside school, Susan-I don't remember speaking to him at any point in high school.

Cody Combs was Junior miss-she was a song leader (?) she was in a play that I was in that's why I sort knew her-also she was very different from most of the SOCSHes-I liked Cody-still do.

Mike Romero and Donna Padilla were both at the 2008 reunion-we saw each other a little after high school and then drifted.

Dwight Walrath and his sister-same thing...

Christine Bright, Blanche Benetez and others went back to Elementary school-I happened to find out that one very popular girl was in my first grade class with me-Mrs. eddy's class-I don't remember her...

Kurt Musselmen-blown up in Vietnam along with too many others-Phil La Kose-don't know what happened to him-we were pretty good friends despite our age difference.

Colleen Mullen-loved her-she was so much fun...

If I left your name out, don't feel bad, so many names have been erased from my data bank-I blame it on the mescaline I took at a Pink Floyd concert in the 60s-that used to get a laugh-I never took mescaline nor have I ever seen Pink Floyd in concert it was a funny, ironic thing to say.

SOOOO, all that said-why would I wnt to go to this 50th reunion and look at people I don't know-who didn't WANT to know me?

Cody said to me they were in awe of my talent-I think it was the leprosy of my assumed sexuality.

Someone said I should go just to hold me head up high-I never did NOT do that-I have nothing to be ashamed of-if I ever treated anyone badly I apologize it was the hormones not meanness...

My sister followed me into the snake pit a few years after-she was much more popular-she had friends, she hung with people and did things I did not-she was miserable...

High School is not something that should be memorialized every 10 years-what they should do is put all the teachers and administrators that can still move in one room and let us visit them:

Mrs, Eddy-first grade, Opal Curtis 3rd, Dorthea Caylor-5th, Allen Cochran (late) 6th and high school art, Phyllis Newsom and Fred Slater from Junior High, more from high school...I am so glad I am still in contact with Squire Fridell-he isn't much older than me-long may he wave.

The rest of you-I wish you ONLY well-good health, happiness and if you feel so compelled-you can look me up in Seal Beach just up the road from Bolsa and Huntington---you will never know which of you I may have loved or hated or envied-it doesn't matter now-it didn't matter then...

People come and go in our lives-I sang at Dave LaFortune and Barbara Mckeechens wedding-I always liked BOTH of you-I hope wherever you are you are happy...

Linda Leon? Eddie Figueroa? John Brusch? Ken Rich? David Schenk? Gary Hunderford? Steve Parker (Mary Meller), Kathy Parker ?

I realized I had left out the KUHN clan-Linda and I (I think) were in elementary school together-he brother Ed worked with my MOM? and or SISTER?-I don't remember where-my Mother and their mother were friends-I facebook with one or the other of them occasionally.

John opened a world for me in books-you will never know how much I felt for you...

My life started when I left Pico Rivera and I didn't leave anything behind that I regret or wish to regain...I designed the cover of the 1967 yearbook...does anyone remember that? Gary Larsen did the interior illustrations...I believe Collen was the editor

Cheers 2017

The You Tube Addiction

Every morning I read my email, check face book and then watch ADAM THE WOO...on You Tube.

Some days I also watch Justin Scarred and The Tim Tracker if they have new vids up.

There's a blonde Brit guy that reports the Disney news-I often watch him as well...and a few others.

At night when I am tucked in is when the urge for You Tube takes over and I start the random You Tube channel switching.

I find the most interesting stuff from complete Broadway shows to Opera to strange documentaries, episodes of British Talk Shows like Graham's still free if you have wiFi and I watch on my 8 inch Kindle Fire (great picture).

Something very intimate and personal about being all comfy on the pillows and watching reel of 15 minutes of men's bulges shot by  random person, voyeuristic intentions indeed,

I have to admit I don't always watch the entirety of a presentation although I was addicted to car crashes for about a week and couldn't get enough of those and people going randomly berserk in odd places, also a guilty pleasure.

Sometimes I will just think to myself, "I would like to hear the final trio from Der Rosenkavalier and voila there are several versions to chose from.

Perhaps a comparison of various artists performing Meadowlark or who hits the best High C or Opera Bloopers-its a never ending fugue of visual and sometimes auditory delights.

You could settle down and "ride" every version of Pirates of The Caribbean in the world one after the other and even a couple of bad knock offs.

Used to be that I would keep this a personal indulgence-people just didn't understand that I actually enjoyed following some strange folks wandering around a ditch amusement park but then I found that some of my FRIENDS also had the You Tube itch and that leads to swapping videos.

For quite a few years I used to send of IL DIVO singing When A Child Is Born as a video Christmas Card or something would come up in a conversation, someone had never seen Bette Middler's original concert from Cleveland when Ula Hedwig was still a off would go the link attached to an email .

People come over and we sit around and watch YOU TUBE-"hey did you see the one....?"

I binge watched at least 5 videos of idiots trying to make casts of their penis while holding a camera in one hand---not so much hysterical as JAW DROPPING.

The whole process is not unlike those old shows on TV that showed bloopers...take that premise and ad in post pubescent teenage boys, a baseball bat and an afternoon with nothing to do but film each other getting hit in the crotch with said bat-THAT's entertainment...

There are also countless how-to's from Photoshop to crafts to cooking to survival in an atomic wa- it's all there...

So lets recap: Professional entertainment, documentaries, stories of personal accomplishment, educational and instructional videos and its all free-why have cable-they also have movies you can pay for.

I haven't even started on the UFOs, Flat Earth, Niburu, conspiracies-its mind boggling-if they ever add a hard core X Rated channel it will be the Heroin of our times-people will be immobilized by You Tube-there will be an actual name for the syndrome and probably a 12 step program to support addicts.

ADAM THE WOO? I'm amazed you haven't asked sooner-he is a 40 something southern preacher's kid who vlogs (that's video blogging) his various escapades=he started out exploring places he probably shouldn't have been, urban decay, backstage at Disney and often with a coked up looking band groupie at his side-Adam himself is a tattooed ex band member from GUTTERMOUTH-don't believe me WIKI he "natured" he added in moments with his Mom, Dad (the minister who also was a trucker and Vlogged himself, NOT like Thor-don't even go there) and his sis who lives in Indiana (and her dogs).

He lived in California not far from me for awhile (so does Justin-they ALL know each other) there are videos with Adam, Justin, Tim (and his wife Jen Tracker) the Fresh Baked Gang and more all at Disneyland California together...those get big numbers of views....

You know they get paid, by YouTube for views...they also get swag for how many subscribers they have-when you get near a million apparently You Tube sends you an actual counter that keeps track of how many viewers you have-like one of those things they have on TV that tells you when they've hit the goal on a Telethon?

Anyway-Adam got older and calmed down a little and did a period where he rolled around the country vlogging tourist stuff and points of interest in his RV named LARGE MARGE-occasionally he would arranged to meet the Trackers or Justin or The Carpetbagger or other You Tube Celebs in some strange state---he loves the area around Dollywood so he's met up with Jacob the Carpetbagger there several times.

Its REAL reality TV-then they started adding better cameras and drone shots-it has almost become too good.

Along the way one gets to watch personal joys and tragedies and it becomes a lot like having friends-you just don't exactly KNOW them but you know them better than some of you family? Does that make sense.

If living vicariously is your thing you can go to COMIC CON in San Diego for no charge you can visit Disney Paris and stay in a luxury suite, no charge...Shanghai? No problem

I think you can see how it becomes addictive...

We don't send links for web sites anymore we send links for YOU TUBE:

Justin Scarred

The Tim Tracker


ADAM the Woo

and just in the spirit of You Tube here's a mystery link-have fun!!!!!

Mystery Link

Sunday, September 3, 2017


I am long many years a haunted soul...

Why this is I suppose has to do with my beliefs and connections with things paranormal or maybe just allowing freely that such things exist and coexisting with them.

When my Mother died I thought I was free...I was wrong...she did not rest and she did not think I should either.

Every night the battles continue in dreams and she is every bit as rigid and selfish as she ever was.

During her final years in one moment of some emotion that I have yet to define she apologized to me for "making me her whipping post".

I accepted her apology knowing full well it was conceived from some misplaced need to unburden her soul before she died and not for any true remorse on her part.

Whatever demons tortured that soul had warped it into something scarred and twisted, greedy and manipulative.

She had, earlier in her life, been quite frank in how afraid she was of her Mother and you can read earlier in this blog the stories of Grandma Leota and her curses.

My Mother was every bit as skilled in weaving a spell, she was a champion at making people think she was saintly and generous and she punished them when they didn't pay their tributes or walked away-even when those things she felt she was owed were only things that existed in her mind.

What she could conjure, the false debts both real and moral she created were intricately formed from bits and pieces of words and smoke.

She thought if she did things that people didn't want nor need but that she perceived had value that they would be returned to her in kind as some sort of material wealth.

In this process she drove away close friends and people who had actually cared for her but also people who cared too much for her children or who might get in the way of their loyalty.

Over the years so many times I watched the process or was the designated bearer of bad news and suffered the repercussions of her misplaced wrath.

She managed to find a way to manipulate me so that I would be the one who would take direct care of her on a daily basis-I lived next door.

When I suggested that she might be happier close to my sister and the grandchildren her response was "what and be a baby sitter for the rest of my life?".

It wasn't me she wanted it was the fallout from my life-I had more interesting friends, did more of the things she enjoyed and she could guilt or intimidate me into most whatever she wanted-opera tickets, expensive dinners, shopping trips...witty evenings where she was the only woman and the center of attention.

On the other hand by keeping my poor sister at arms length and using the same manipulative spirit on her she had a way to keep the two of us ot odds so she could move like the wind between us-use one against the other and neither would know that the other was in the same level of Mother hell as the other-we couldn't team up on her or against her and in her last years when Donna had her in her charge and I was the visitor Mother was furious and miserable because she knew that we were finally comparing notes and finding some portion of the truth.

I loved my house and gardens in Burbank but I couldn't stay there-too many ghosts walked there.

I thought as so many do that ghosts can't cros water and I put a lot of watery paths between me and Burbank and Mother to no avail.

She was firmly ensconced in my head and so began the endless nights of fighting out old and new issues, over and over;and sad because it could never be resolved.

I literally woke up one night and in my desperation shouted to the dark-"NO...this must stop, it isn't fair, you can't do this to me any more".

To be fair it has gotten a bit less ferocious-the fight goes on, the arguments-she once told me if it weren't for HER I would be living in a box on the streets.

Intellectually I knew this wasn't true-she had no friends except my friends, I was the one paying for the opera tickets and the expensive dinners and all the other nonsense it took to appease Mother all the while not knowing the my SISTER was fulfilling another set of needs on her side.

I found out after Mother's death that Donna was keeping her in groceries once a week but at the same time she was making me take her to the market or wherever she could conjur she needed to go to buy more.

When the shelves of her house were cleaned there was far too much stuff that was far out of date and needed to be tossed---waste borne of waste...

She lived alone in a 1500 square foot house that she kept in disarray so that it was hard for anyone to use her spare bedroom.

I found out that at one point my sister had been almost on the street with her three children-when I had asked my Mother what my sister was doing she told me she was living in a fancy townhouse in Northridge-she never asked my sister if she needed to come and stay in Burbank for awhile...

So here I am in the years where I should have happy memories and be fondly looking back only finding happy things to remember where my Mother wasn't...

Its hard to be angry at someone who is no longer there to be angry at but I can't seem to make the dreams stop...

But I do take some consolation that there are other men like myself that had complicated Mothers and relationships that were too close who suffer through their own kinds of hauntings.

People think their is consolation in knowing one is not alone in their trials-it isn't so much consolation as a fraternity of resignation-we who are so besieged recognize the toll it takes and we can be at least kind to each other and lend an understanding ear where others think we are mad or eccentric or ungrateful...we know better.

This is the path we must walk and we who walk this path walk alone...the scary part is will it ever end and will there ever be peace?

I think...NO

Friday, September 1, 2017

THIS is Halloween?

OK, it's early...but the din has already started.

Disneyworld decided to start it's "MICKEY'S Not So scary Halloween" party, In August.

They frequently sell out (at as much as @100.00usd per person-it's a reduced attendance event with special offerings-special show, parade and fireworks....and merchandise!!!

This year they have 2 special pin sets-you may know that pin trading at Disney Parks is a big deal (every where but China)-so they have 2 sets of pins each a part of a collection.

Apparently there are 12 pins in the set-I am guessing they are the ones that are traded by cast members-Disney Villans with candy bags;

This first set is 109.00usd for 5 pins-thats almost 22.00 per pin-the set is a limited edition-it contains one of the hard to find "completer pins.

In this case "Jafar" the one in the middle.

The 2nd set contains SIX pins including BOTH completer pins-It's only 270.00---ONLY??? 300 sets available (those will sell quickly).
That is 40 dollars PER PIN.

The other 6 you pick up on Ebay if you can't collect them in the park.

I used to collect Disney pins when I was a cast member-the most I ever paid for a pin was 20,00usd (on Ebay-free shipping) it was a pretty rare ticket book pin that actually opened,

$40.00 per pin?

And the christians are protesting how early Disney is starting the Halloween celebration.

This is because it's all a part of a global conspiracy by the Illuminati to open a Demonic PORTAL over the united states that will allow demonic forces in to destroy La Trump.

(where do I donate?)

I know about this conspiracy because I heard about it on a podcast via internet radio-one of those SAVE AMERICA NOW patriotic shows that is actually extreme right wing ALTChristians waving the flag to cover up their actual agenda (which is bringing about Armageddon so they can be save in the non-existent RAPTURE).

I firmly believe George Bush was a part of this movement.

The top Halloween costume this year will be (did you guess?) Donald Trump with either Melania (boring) or Kathy Griffen (the comic).

OR this one...

I have to mention at this juncture that well know craft super store HOBBY LOBBY has Halloween stuff (proudly owned by born again Christians).

Its is mostly run of the mill, cats, bats and pumpkins-nothing too controversial AND when I dropped into one earlier this week-CHRISTMAS was featured right up August...when it's 100F plus in California...ooooh sleighbells...

BUT fellow sinners-LOOK what I found at WALMART:

The all time collectible of the year devil horns, pentagram upside down cross Holy Schnikies-its the proof of the Illuminati scheme-and its an iron on...

Just imagine showing up on a Sunday in church in a new Donna Karan jacket with this on the chest.

Hey-I don't think I would have the guts and nerve for that one but it could be amusing...

While I have a somewhat abstract view of good and evil (actually more LIGHT and Dark) this kind of symbolic stuff, to me. has no power.

But it is the kind of thing that the intellectual left loves to throw in the faces of the true believers.

Robert Maplethorpe (the late) an art photographer put a crucifix in a mason jar full of yellow liquid and called it "PISS JESUS"-that was one of the images that got his NEFA sponsored show closed and created an international furor.

Do I think it's art? NO....Do I think it should have been a part of any artists portfolio? NO...Do I think he had the right to do it? "as long as this is the USA-ABSOLUTELY!!!

Does Walmart have the right to sell a sacrilegious iron on symbol? YES again-but I hope you are online ordering some because when the SAVE AMERICA people find out-it will be pulled with an apology I'm sure.

Disney? Who cares? It's another overpriced event designed to pull people into the parks and it works-the should do it year round as long as there are fools who will pay that kind of money.

40 bucks a pin------right.....

When I was a lad HALLOWEEN was still fun, no poisoned food, razorblades in apples or needles in Milky Way demonic forces waiting at the gate to gain entry over

It started about a week before the 31st and ended promptly at midnight on the 31st-on to Thanksgiving.

No sexy nurses or over exposed devil girls or guys as sexy pirates-it was ALL about candy and what you could get away with.

Local chic young crowd bar is having an all you can drink zombies party on the night of...125.00usd per person including a UBER ride home---halloween 2017.

It's about MONEY not fun.

This is how CREEPMAS started.

The Halloween Stuff was out and they couldnt wait to start the Christmass stuff so as the shelves cleared they filled in with snowmen and angels and it ended up all mixed up with Black Cats and Santa and Witches and snowflakes.

So some bright person invented a holiday called CREEPMAS-there is even a website.

Again-I wish the extremists would get it-they stir the pot and throw in their FEAR PORN propaganda about the END TIMEs and it just makes the other side antagonize them even more.

We've become a polarized society-you are either FOR or against-WHATEVER...

No 50 shades of grey here-black and white (nothing to do with race).


With me...or my enemy

And THAT my dears is Halloween 2017...

Thursday, August 31, 2017


I hate to be sick...

I haven't been "sick-sick" in quite awhile.

Whatever this is hit me yesterday with body aches and I'm sweaty...just not any fun.

It's also terribly hot-I hve one air conditioned room and the fan picked today to give up the ghost-aaarrrgggghhhhh!

So I will feel better eventually I guess-not bad enough to go to a doctor but too bad to do anything that requires effort of any kind.

I have been painting but thats out-too much effort.

I don't feel like watching TV or anything that is noisy...


I just want to whine and be miserable.

But I have no audience for that kind of drama.

I took a shower and washed my hair-that always makes me feel a little better.

Did I mention its very HOT???

I don't know why California has to be hell frying hot in September?

It used to cool off at the end of August and by the first day of school it was either CRISP or RAINY=not hot.

The weather has changed a lot.

The thing I loved about FALL (lol) in California we would get these peachy grey afternoons-sort of misty and magical-and you knew it was no longer summer it was now the next thing-the liquid amber trees change colours and some other lose their leaves.

I have seen actual FALL back east and even in the Rocky Mountains=its colourful.

One year we timed everything perfectly so we hit FALL colours in New Jersey, chased them through upstate New York and Massachusets and got the finale heading home through Tennessee.


That was the year I discovered Foliage fees.

I booked a hotel at a reasonable rate and when we got there they honored the reasonable rate BUT informed me there was an 85.00usd "FOLIAGE FEE".

I refused-it was a TUESDAY night in no where in particular New York-when I actually started to walk out the foliage fee was removed.

Its like resort fees-I dont get it...just tell me what the room costs and stop adding on your idiotic "tourist trap" charges.

A hundred dollar Hotel room suddenly climbs to 300 a night by the time they add local taxes, bed taxes, resort fees and whatever other nonsense they come up with.

I need chocolate mint ice cream.

That makes me feel better when I'm sick but I would have to go out and get it and its too hot and too much trouble-so I ill just have to rough it.


Ok I need to rest now-you have a good day-Its Labor Day weekend in the USA---I'm staying home so I will feel better.

I wish it was cooler and I was less sick.

I hate to be sick...

Sunday, August 27, 2017


I haven't painted in awhile-not at all actually since I was giving the art's so hard to switch over...

Takes a lot to set up a painting area and get all the stuff together that I need...

Meanwhile I am listening to CNN on the TV-they are in ecstasy between the Hurricane and what Donald Trump did today...

It was questionable timing for DT to do his twitter stuff and pull off a late Friday news drop with the hurricane looming...

As it seems that the digi stamp world is dying and the over produced colouring book is also becoming ho-hum, I have to scramble and find a new way (or revert to an old way) of augmenting my very meager income.

It's my fault I didn't plan properly for retirement-I fully believed that I would still be in my home in Burbank at this point and working at Disneyland or other jobs I looked at proved not to be great for me with my Rheumatoid Disease and Asthma.

So painting in some form seems like a good notion-I just have to get good at it....again.

Switching from drawing to painting, for me, is like switching from roller skates to Ice skates-they are similar but different enough that the change throws you...

Back when I was earning a living as a decorative painter I could A.) see better, B.) had better hand eye control and C.) had a better work space.

I could do amazing things with liner brushes and carefully placed transparent floats all things I learned and/or developed from Stage work.

I believe Trompe l'oeil technique evolved from sets of the 17th century (?)-I was getting very good at it when I stopped being a decorative painter-but that story is too tragic:

I was working too much 12 or 14 hours a day pretty much 7 days a week to get enough stock to go off and do a show tour on the east coast.

Richard, my partner at the time and I had evolved a pretty good and lucrative schedule of shows-we usually did a 3 to 5 show tour in the East (New Jersey. New York area) in the spring.

The Orange County Fair took the month of July.

Another 3 or 4 show tour east in the Fall and then the Las Vegas Christmas Gift Show in December.

In between the big shows we would do local shows in the L A/ Orange County Area as time permitted and when we needed more money,

I would teach here and there (art classes) either at shops or NSDP chapters Or Conventions (National Society of Decorative Painters) AND I also submitted projects to the many decorative painting magazines including Better Homes and did books for DeLane Publications, Krause and Country Folk Art.

I was the "Crafts Coordinator" for CFA for 2 or 3 years and did a monthly column for them.

Those were also the years when home Craft Boutiques were very popular so I did one at the house in Spring and a big one in the Fall and also did a friends boutique out in the Valley In the Fall.

I was a busy paintin' guy.

In 1994 (I think) the Northridge Quake hit and through nobody's fault-well not quite true-a student brought her sick son to an art class and didn't mention what he had was STREP-I got sick but kept on pushing and eventually I was down with pneumonia.

Obviously I couldn't keep up the pace-my anxiety disorder was kicking in and then one day I found out that my partner had been using my down time to go prowling-caught him red handed with a stack of emails he had been exchanging with people on line.

So that writing was on the wall-I won't go into all the details but Richard was out when Larry came in and my life went on-we opened a classy gift shop in Montrose (a chic neighborhood above Glendale that services La Canada-Flintridge)-everything was moving along-Larry's father died, my Mother got very ill, 911 happened and Larry went prowling after I ended up in the hospital with life threatening pneumonia for a week.

I managed to live through one of the worst plagues of all time when AIDS burned through-I took care of my friends because I was the one who wasn't sick...

SO....2003, Because of the drop in sales due to 911 and other issues the shoppe closed, Larry went away, My Mother ended up in a nursing home (thank God my sister was director off nursing there-she was well taken care of) and there I was not completely well, having to go across the valley once or twice a day to help with my Mother and meanwhile keep the houses in Burbank going---the magazine shut down and decorative painting went out of fashion.

2006 my Mother died, because she left no living trust the best solution was to sell the house so I ended up in Seal Beach-too far from family and often too 2 or 3 hours to drive across town to Burbank to see my doctor.

Painting was the last thing I wanted to do.

Art has been my comfort and my friend for my entire life-whenever I needed it, there it was, in some form.

For those years between 2006 and about 2009 it abandoned me-doing the digital stamps and then the art classes was what brought me fully back.

That's not quite true-I did a lot of digital collage and digital art during those years so I'm not sure what I'm whining about-I had a great time and made some friends that are still around today.

I tried the past couple of days to go back to Trompe l'oeil and it looks like it was done with a whisk will take time to get it back and it's doubtful it will ever be the same but I have hopes.

My friend wants me to paint pictures-I've drawn and painted a little in the "picture" category-I actually stopped painting because my drawings sold and my painting didn't and drawing was faster anyway.

When you're doing something for a living it can't take months to complete.

Ah well-c'est la vie...I haven't had pneumonia in 14 years , that's a good thing and I have confidence in my guardian angels-they never wander too far away-I just wish they were art critics or better yet gallery owners...

Friday, August 25, 2017

An Operatic Interlude #2

I must have been predestined to be connected to Opera-when I was a little guy-maybe 7 or 8-Grandpa Elmer took us all to the Hollywood Bowl.

Robert Merrill, Jan Pierce (I think) and a beautiful Blonde lady named MARY COSTA were singing.

Afterwards we went backstage and I was introduced to Miss Costa-I guess like Liz Taylor I was charming-My Mother had coached me to ask for an autograph...and in a moment of emotion she pulled off her elbow length kid glove and signed that-she even gave me a little peck on the cheek-she smelled like a million lilacs.

She was Sleeping Beauty you know-the voice anyway-for the Disney animated feature-my mother had to remind me who she was when we went to see Sleeping Beauty at the Wardman in Whittier.

Mary Costa went on to have an international career singing all over the world including the MET and SFO Operas-she sang for John Kennedy's inaugural concert and later was asked by Jackie to sing at his memorial service.

Now here comes my magical life again:

In the 80's (?) my voice coach and accompanist, Charles Ross Perlee, called an asked if I would like to go meet Mary Costa-she was passing through town with her 2nd husband.

I don't know why Wikipedia doesn't mention his-he was a handsome high powered fellow-we met him as well.

She looked amazing, petite and fashionable and we met them in their lavish room at the HERMITAGE-the same hotel where I had picked up Liz Taylor just a few years before...

Amidst the chatter I asked her for an autograph for my friend George McLeary ( a big Disney fan) and she signed it on an envelope from the hotel-to Prince Charming from Sleeping Beauty...

Not long after this meeting her husband was walking down the street in New York where his heart literally exploded and he hit the pavement, DEAD.

She would later be designated a Disney legend.

So I coloured with Liz Taylor and she stole my Movie Star colouring book and I flirted with Mary Costa and walked away with her glove.

Liz's husband died in a plane crash shortly after meeting me and Mary Costa's husband died horribly shortly after she met me (the 2nd time-it's still pretty strange) .

I guess Grandma's curse lived on.

Mary mailed me a lovely note an a colour 8 x 10 personally signed after the visit with Chuck...where it is I have no idea.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

I'm THOR...

OK...its part of a very old joke=a little dirty and really weak-the kind that 13 year old boys find hysterically funny (ROTFLMOPMP that kind of adolescent funny).

A Bacchanalian orgy of epic proportions has taken place at Valhalla (home of the norse Gods) and all the Gods and Goddesses are strewn about completely spent and mostly unconcious.

In the misty pink and gold dewy morning Thor wakes up and looks around and seeing a young nymph awakening he says to her-"Good Morning, I'm Thor..." to which she replies," You're Thor? I'm tho thor I can hardly Pith..."

Tah Dum Dum...

A friend emailed me and said you simply MUST take a look at this new internet sensation THOR JOHNSON...just do a bing search for TRUCKER THOR JOHNSON and chose videos-its astonishing...astonishing or impressive I'm not sure which...

So I did.

Let me say that I am NOT a connoisseur of internet almost everyone I have seen some and it only has served to reinforce my theory that if women made porn it would be more artistic, sensitive and interesting-certainly less repetitive...

I also do NOT want you to think that I am suggesting that you hop over to BING (which is my favorite search engine-if I want an image I know I can get it and many more on BING-they also are not prudish about many thousands of videos and photos of the ADULT VARIETY-sometimes while searching for CORSET as an inspiration image you may get more inspired that you had originally intended.

Mr Johnson started life in Salt Lake City, Utah-this does not necessarily mean he is a Mormon but the possibility goes up...he is a very pink, muscular, somewhat thick young man, quite bald-apparently a red head (if the curtains ever matched the rug) and quite well endowed by his maker.

Barnum would have made a great deal out of this appendage-it is not only long and thick it is veiny and uncircumcised.

Grown men envy him, women feel faint-or even vice versa if you happen to like your vice versa.

Thor Johnson drove BIG RIG diesel trucks for a living-I guess the problem was the vibrations or the gear shift, I am not at all sure-but when he drives his big rig across the interstates he is driven to MASTURBATE....while driving....he also films it with a web cam...

As far as I can tell he is quite alone and he gets solidly into the procedure-you can tell from the way his eyes roll back into his head.

Remember he is DRIVING a huge TRUCK on an actual INTERSTATE highway...the mind simply reels.

In his early videos-oh yes there are MANY now, but in the early ones he obviously was nervouse about someone seeing what he is doing-he is not at all nervous about the web cam but onlookers are another thing I suppose the police and highway patrol of Utah and other states frown on such distractions??

If you can get a sizeable citation for eating a WHOPPER while driving just imagine what this business would set you back.

He really enjoys it-in most videos he is eventually quite nude-he licks his thumbs and delicately touches his small, well formed pink nipples (must be sensitive there), sometimes he uses a long languid stroke and other times a shorter choppier one-if you've never watched a man masturbate this seems to me a video that you might want to show to a teenage boy say to help him perfect his technique?

It's a bit of genius he claims to be about 25 when he starts-I think he is older but it may be the bald head that is throwing me off-he also claims to be STR8 (straight, as in not gay) so this is supposed to be for an audience of whom?

A muscular naked well endowed man having sex with himself while driving a big rig diesel-it's like he had a gay director and art designer on the project...

There is no woman in the video to annoy the men and no men in the video to put off the ladies-genius!

At first no one knew who he was-then his name got leaked he became a "porn" star and eventually has his own website, facebook and twitter pages (I didn't know PORN STARS could have facebook pages? They won't let you show art with genitals but???).

OH he has also branched way out-he has videos with very Rubenesque ladies, LADY BOYS, Porn Star Ladies, Black Ladies and MEN....

Gay for Pay is quite fashionable these days you know-again I don't understand why the idea of supposedly str8 men making love to each other would turn anyone on? BUT, women have been doing it for YEARS and men just lap it up (so to speak) so why not THOR as well?

He continues to insist that his best and favorite sexual adventures are with women-then he inserts a 12 inch rubber phallus in his rectum and rides around on his motorcycle-its those damned vibrations again I'm sure...

Please be assured I am neither judging nor making fun of THOR JOHNSON-I think he is really an amazing young man-he manages to always look clean and polished, he has a sweet puppy dog like expression at times that evokes some need to be embraced and rocked-he has figured out a way to do what he has a passion for and make money at it and also he is now an internet celebrity...all at a young age...quite impressive.

OH, I forgot to mention that he wears a dark coloured cross on a chain around his neck in every video-so I guess he is not only STR8 but religious as well-it certainly does play to a whole other audience and adds a rich layer of---something---to his obsessive masturbatory habits on film.

He apparently now lives in Las Vegas...maybe.

So, that BING...if you didn't know about it you will be glad-its a great way to win bets about absurd things (if you know how to work a con)...

Simply work into a conversation that things have degenerated to the point that they show everything on the internet and FOR FREE- I'll bet if you got to BING and type in GIRL acts like pony in Pony Sex with man OR Guy BARKS like a dog in Dog Sex with Dominatrix it will be there-just make sure you have verified that said video is still posted-there are probably many examples of each but you don't want to be out 20 bucks or 50 quid whatever the stakes are.

THOR sadly did not protect his videos so most of what he has on his website at 20 or 30 dollars a month for a membership are available for FREE thanks to BING.

Maybe someone will tell him and he will fix it-if he has time between truck runs.

I don't know that there is a moral or a punchline or anything to this post-it does sort of come under JAW DROPPING-I thought all this time I was quite worldly and not easily impressed by such things---aside from his prodigious penis his somehow innocent, naive tenacity to make a favorite pastime into a paying proposition is inspiring (especially with the cross thrown in).

Thor Johnson a name that may NOT go down in history (he has gone down on the internet....sorry, sorry that was cheap and beneath me) but like many fine amusements he may be the E TICKET of this generation...he's young maybe he can still make a career in motion pictures like The ROCK did or Chris Pratt-there's another beefy, pink young Christian that did a lot of running around nude in his earlier smaller parts...

I need to just stop now---everything I type is sounding smarmy.

ALL photos courtesy of a BING image search...

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

There is nothing worse than the whole collection of feelings and symptoms surrounding anxiety.

I was hit really hard in the mid to late 90s-panic attacks, agoraphobia the whole buffet.

Like many people I was treated incorrectly, went through to many medications too quickly and finally found a doctor who could actually help me, dry me out and then carefully restart medication to make me better.

I am not cured but I am functioning at a higher level than I once was and knock wood I have not had a panic attack for quite some time.

This whole syndrome started when I was a child-I would be anxious and start to feel faint.

Sometimes I was fine and other times I would be immobilized...I never could find a pattern.

As the years went on I was less affected by the fainting spells and light headedness-it seemed like there were new things that popped up-every time I would have one symptom handled a new one would show up.

Over the years I find this is the way my body works-it throws new things at me to replace ones that no longer work on me-almost like a 2nd person living in my head sabotaging life on a daily basis.

The last 5 years or so I have been in a fairly good place with less surprises and a more constant level of stability.

I take very few meds...I have found the less medications the better.

I have tried herbal, natural, homeopathic and new age medicine, meditation, focused thinking, inner communication-pretty much everything that has come along that is supposed to help.

The best thing for me is just trying to plow through the feelings and do my best with it.

It is very important to have help and treatment-I have had plenty and doing less is the best for me-others do well with anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications and other tools like bio-deedback-whatever works its better to be proactive and do something that to suffer and do nothing.

I also learned that it's a smart thing to "interview" physical and mental health care professionals-you are paying them they are employees-tools to help you feel better-you want people who work for and with you.

Often we who have lived with mental health issues are experts at manipulation and we find ways to get doctors and therapists who we can "manage"-that is NOT good-if you want to get better you have to recognize what attributes in a care taker, therapist, doctor are best for you and your condition.

Pushing down pills makes a whole new set of issues-what do we call people who take too many pills to alter their feelings? Drug Addicts.

You need what medication it takes to make you functional-you're not supposed to be sleepy and half stoned or wired and bouncing off the walls-you're supposed to be at a normal level, functional and able to do the things you want and need to do.

Also take charge of your treatment-be very aware of side effects of any meds you take. Take your meds as you are instructed-no more no less.

We, as a population, are very bad at following prescriptions-we take anti-biotics till we feel better instead of taking them as directed and many of us have the mentality that if one pill makes us feel better than 2 or 3 should solve the problems...not so, but we are good at telling ourselves lies that become our truths.

You also cannot give up and just suffer-we find all sorts of excuses to NOT get treatment or we think we can manage alone...we don't like a doctor so we don't go back, our insurance isn't good so we convince ourselves we can't afford treatment...

There are programs, social services and private organizations that can and will help you-it isn't easy and it's often frustrating but eventually you will get what you need and you will be more functional and feel better.

Also do look at natural medications or remedies-some of them work they just take longer and most require simple things available in local shoppes-I know many people who swear by St. Johns Wort-it didn't do anything for me but Vitamin D3 in larger doses does, Calcium and Magnesium may help-read up on the subject and then try a reasonable program to see if you can help yourself.

Just the actions of researching and following through with a program of natural remedies will divert your attention from your problems and help you feel more focused and as if you are accomplishing positive things.

Again this is NOT a replacement for a professional opinion-there are NATUROPATHS in the world but I don't know of any insurance that covers their services (in any country).

With suicide rates on the rise, a world of stress and angst around us, financial woes etc...its easy to become overwhelmed...if you can't face it alone find a friend, a relative, a social worker-anyone who will work positively on your behalf and support you-be cautious of people who say it's all in your head or you just need to pull yourself together--- that decision should be between YOU and a professional-friends are for support, professionals are for treatment.

Finally-don't take pills given to you by a friend just to see if they work...unless you like a trip to the emergency room or psych-ward.

You will feel better-don't procrastinate, start working on a treatment plan today...I am doing much better and so will you if you do the right things to help yourself-don't use Facebook or Twitter as group therapy-there are far more sick folks on there that need help more that you do.

GOD helps those who help themselves.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Strange things

It's funny about "blogging" daily...sometimes I just pour out content and other times its like Karo Syrup in January (as my grandmother used to say).

I'm not quite sure yet how much I want to share or even mention and what just stays proprietary info...TMI is TMI...

I was thinking about connections-which I find fascinating-does anyone but me remember that TV show where they would connect disparate things via complicated means?

I like puzzles so I guess that's why...

We are, today, in a tenuous world-we got here by anger and hate and seething turmoil that was going unaddressed...I don't think anyone was aware just how angry the population was...

It seems to me the elections and how that played out should be telling people something very loud and clear but so many are missing the point...and the way news and opinions at disseminated in the world make it even more cloudy and hard to understand exactly what is going on.

There was just this event-I don't know what to call it, between what seems to be White supremacists, Neo-Nazis, separationists and other groups that range along an arc of ideologies-the disagreement seems to be who was RIGHT and who was not...that sort of distillation of an event into black and white is impossible, futile and frustrating...depending on your point of view almost everyone was right or wrong to some extent.

We are long past the shiny, whitewashed days of the white hats vs the black hats-symbology  is much more diffuse today and we are in the age of the anti-hero-who would have ever thought of Batman as a vigilante or SUPERMAN as anything less than an American hero? Truth, Justice and the American way...

Not so simple and easy anymore-someone always wants to debate...every issue.

I have an odd stance on a recent point of polarization-GAY MARRIAGE.

One would think that I would be for it and I am but here's where the fog rolls in:

I think MARRIAGE-the institution-should be the purview of the Church, religious organizations in general and CIVIL UNIONS should be available to everyone - as a matter of fact if you want to be legally joined ONLY a civil union should carry any weight with the government.

If you want to be married in the eyes of a church you go there after you get your license and are joined by the state-wow that sounds like the USSR doesn't it?

We have separation of CHURCH and STATE for a reason-it's important...if you don't understand why you need to look at what happens when that separation is unclear or ignored-you get a theocracy-that is where the dictates of the state religion are the law-so chopping off hands, eye gouging, beheadings and other scary stuff is normal and accepted.

Too much of what we call law in the USA is actually based in Judeo-Christian Bible laws-and we have a small but mighty minority of extreme religious zealots that would like very much to rule this country according to old testament laws.

If EVERYONE were married by the STATE then religion wouldn't have a say and NO they should NOT be forced-if private institutions paid for abortions then the government could stay out of it and the subject could be between a woman and her conscience-not the business of a bunch of old white guys in Washington.

If people paid attention to birth control there would be less unwanted pregnancies and thus less abortions; its just a matter of getting people to have self control and take responsibility.

So---if I don't believe in YOUR God that's just tough because that's THE LAW.

I'm not going to continue this particular line of mulling very long-it's boring and it makes people crazy but WHICH GOD is the correct GOD-you know there have been thousands of Gods since we became able to conceive such things...its clear that there are TWO Gods in the BIBLE and the NEW GOD was created to mollify the practices of the old one...

You might want to read Neil Gaiman's excellent books in the AMERICAN GODS series which ponders the what ifs of how Gods are born and fade and how people bring their own Gods with them when they change places.

If you have ANY doubt this is true do some research on Islam and Sharia Law-it should scare you-if it doesn't....???

The Handmaid's Tale is another cautionary book about how religion becomes just as corrupt as any political engine when it is in control-absolute power corrupts...

SOOOOOOO, Stranger things:

UFO's. Aliens, Planet X all that sort of stuff...

I had a scary online covo with a guy on YouTube----about the EARTH being FLAT...

I detest stupidity-it really annoys me...empirical research tells us that the earth is not flat-did we not prove this fact scientifically 500 or more years ago?

The part that bothers me is that KIDS are involved in this and the pundits say there are actually MILLIONS that believe in a flat Earth theory-it used to be a "thing" amongst intellectuals to debate such nonsense to make each other irritated-that's how the Flat Earth Society was born.

I went back and forth with this young man about his beliefs and finally he explained to me offline via email:

IF we live on a stupid little rock flying around at the edge of a huge galaxy nowhere in particular we are insignificant and GOD is useless but if we live on a flat earth under a dome built by God for us we must be important which makes GOD important and it makes the flat Earther feel better about everything.

So God actually sits on top of this magical glass dome-it says so that the seat of his throne...

I asked what does the great terrarium sit ON, what is underneath? If you go outside the dome what is there?-I had LOTS of questions...

Poor guy he just got angry and finally told me to F*** Off and disappeared.

They don't l9ike it when you shake the magic terrarium.

AND-how is this different from the earth sitting on the backs of three elephants who are standing on a turtle and there is a coiled serpent in the stack somewhere...

Eventually one sees that everything is a version of something that came before it-ancient stories and tales told to hel people understand natural wonders.

There is a total eclipse this week in the USA-we know there is no Dragon swallowing the sun but just in case if there is one would someone try to catch it or at least get a picture-and then when its done swallowing does it unswallow or poop it out? What?

People are more ready to believe that space aliens have crossed endless miles to hang out here than what we are seeing is military black ops stuff that was NOT reverse engineered from a captured space craft.

Planet X is way late-it has been predicted for at least a hundred years or more-it was supposed to be here virtually every month last year and a couple of times this year-its nowhere in sight, scientists keep telling people it would be disrupting everything in the solar system not just Earth but NASA lies about everything so.....???

Poor NASA---they get a terrible rap and while I have no doubt they do lie or at least twist the truth-many things they get blamed for they have no control over its the NSA or probably some alphabet soup organization much higher up.

If you don't know about the BROOKINGS INSTITUTION REPORT you need to look it up...

Basically it says "tell them nothing-they can't handle it"-I believe it was written in the 50s or 60s-very different times-I think we are actually glad they kept things from us-we are only just now finding how close we came to being tiny burned particles floating off into oblivion.

I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis-I ask you what would happen if THAT were to happen today? Seems like we have been mighty close in the past few weeks....North Korea, Putin, Iran, Syria...

Here is something I do believe: I think we, humans, are more powerful than we know-I think when we use our collective consciousness we can do amazing things---if you want to call it prayer, that's fine-however the forces are focused it seems to work except on things we don't know about-like Earthquakes hit so out of the blue-hard to stop them but we are so far overdue here in California I think the ANTI=earthquake thinkers may be doing some good.

Eventually the Yellowstone Caldera will probably erupt-check out YouTube and the number of CRAZY people that sit all day and all night watching the web cams from Yellowstone and SWEAR they can see the ground rise and fall...

I don't think we can stop a super volcano from erupting-we know it has erupted so WHY do we live in the BLAST ZONE-people do...same reason people live in California.

When we have a big quake they leave and then time passes and Disneyland continues to operate and they start coming back.

But why FRET about it 24 hours a day?

Move South-you will probably only have to worry about the hole in the ozone layer and Australians are very nice people (kiwis as well)...

I think the smarter we become the crazier we become---we FIND things to worry about even things we cannot do anything about-almost as if we NEED to worry as a distraction from other things.

Cause and effect?

I see patterns when something happens over here there is a counter thing over there and then another somethings and so on-when you slow down and look at it all there is a BIG thing and lots of little things-the BIG thing gives rise ti the other stuff and therein is yet another conspiracy theory.

They keep us agitated and frightened-"THEY"? who are They?

The very very rich people (organizations) at the top of the food chain or the various GODS we have created to worship "or blame" when things happen...I have my opinion you can have yours I am not into debating the subject.

Anyway it falls the real conspiracy theory could be MUCH worse-we could actually be living a MATRIX existence-we could be a construct in the computer of a 17 year old hormonal super being who forgot to feed the Turtle...

OR this is my dream and you all exist in it-which is not so far off from Mormonism-next time you're in a motel, READ the book...


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