Thursday, February 15, 2018

Save me from IDIOTS and SMUG MORONS

I am so tired of the Flat Earthers that have ensconced themselves on YouTube-Like many other conspiracy sheep they ardently defend their stance that the earth is flat and we all live in a giant terrarium made by GOD (!) (?).

What is hysterical you have Flat Earthers that are also Niburu freaks-so although they don't believe in space they do believe that a rogue planet traverses the non-space every few thousand years and is responsible for devastation and visits from the annunakt (which may be giant aliens) who mate with earth women wantonly.

It's too ridiculous to make it up go look at YouTube and waste a few hours wandering amongst their fantasy constructs.

As far as FLAT EARTHERS go they believe it because they A) know nothing about science or physics B) Believe the BIBLE is literally history despite the hundreds of years of edits , tweeks and bad translations and they ignore the parts that contradict their beliefs (like worm wood the roving planet).

In an online debate with one of them-the person finally admitted the following: If we live on a meaningless chunk of rock hurtling through space humans don't mean much BUT (HUGE BUT HERE) if we live in a terrarium created by GOD (which God is unspecified) then we are SPECIAL...sort of like pet ants in an ant farm.

People are allowed to believe whatever they want-it concerns me that they can spread their beiefs freely without warnings on YouTube where CHILDREN seem to gravitate to the weirdest things-the uneducated and ignorant of all ages also flock to anything like a conspiracy along with the paranoid dellusionists.

All of the various conspiracy theorists believe that the government is somehow lieing and deceiving the masses-for what reason in the flat earth case eludes me-they also seem to believe that NASA has super powers to steal money and delude the masses.

NASA has a tiny budget but they ignore that.

The rest of us accept that the military probably tells lies and hides black ops in their budgets-who would actually pay thousands of dollars for a toilet seat?

The Flat Earth Morons have achieved critical mass with the SPACE X Heavy launch just recently.

Within mere minutes they had labled it a HOAX and FAKE and of course the roadster with the spaceman just pushed them over the edge=YES. it did look pretty fake (even Elon Musk said so) but the reasoning behind the slurs is that SPACE X was allowed somehow to change or alter their live feed video against Googles rules-they can't prove it is Fake so they attack on the rules.

Some of the FE channels just said it couldn't happen because it would have hit the dome-remember we live in  a terrarium according to them-and the sun is only a fraction of the size and distance claimed-it roams around over the flat earth opposite the moon...

We see the sun SET in the evening behind the edge of the planet and if you go up in altitude it sets later than at ground level BUT they will tell you many ludicrous reasons for this-refraction, clouds, atmospheric density amongst them---if (as they claim) the sun roams around above the flat plain it would not set it would DWINDLE.

It would stay at a height above the plane and it would go out of site without dipping to the edge of the plane-simply put it would fade out of sight not SET (or rise for that matter.

Start asking questions about whats under the flat plane-they will tell you that over the dome of the firmament is WATER (it says so in the BIBLE).

OH by the way you can't fly from South Africa to Australia unless you stop in the middle east.

I have flown from Chile to South Africa non-stop-they say you can't do that either.

I traveled a great deal in my youth and I have never had to stop in the middle East on any flight even Los Angeles to Libya or Los Angeles to Chile.

The other LIE they firmly believe in is that ANTARCTICA does not exist as it is shown on a globe it is a huge barrier of ice that encloses the flat plane of the flat earth-some explorer supposedly saw the wall when he was at the south pole...and you can't go there because the world government won't let you.

I have had several friends who worked at McMurdoh Station-one as recently as 2010/11-I don't know where she was working if not Antarctica and I sent her a package via USPS and she got it addressed to ANTARCTICA -I also hav several friends who have gone on adventure trips to Antarctica so I am fairly sure it is where they say it is-it is a huge continent size slab of ice and earth I think larger than the USA so I can see how someone might have mistaken its lofty in altitude center as an ice wall but come on people...

The bottom line on why I find all of these conspiracy types so insulting and reprehensible is their smug, superior attitude and absolute refusal to discuss anything that refutes their shaky hypotheses.

Also they drift over and anything having to do with gun control and the US government is a lie-Sandy Hook, The Las Vegas shootings and this morning the school shootings in Florida-they believe these are all false flag operations that are part of a huge conspiracy to sieze all the guns and enslave the people of the USA.

They ignore the fact that the constitution protects their right to believe that nonsense and publish videos about it on the internet.

I think it is very hurtful to the families and friends of the victims of these events to insinuate or downright say outright they are all fake news.

If I were Elon Musk I would sue the assets off all these morons who choose to go public and call his achievements LIES< FAKES< FRAUDS and worse.

AS I said above, people have a right to believe what they want BUT when they start accusing people of faking things or Fraudulent actions, when they say that the governments of the world are tools of the illuminati and all in on the lies, and that people who died at the hands of lone gunman are actors in a huge deception a line has been crossed.

I think a good punishment would be to launch them into earth orbit so they can see the GLOBE for themselves and then after they apologize on camera they get ejected into space-let their GOD save them.

Not really-I wouldn't waste that much money on their ignorant asses.

Monday, February 12, 2018

This could literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE

OK....seriously....I know you've read those words many places on the web=but I really want to pass on some information that is HUGELY important:

I am seriously needle phobic--many men are (and ladies as well).

Some people do not get vital medical attention, lab tests etc because of the needle sticks.

I get so angry when some medical professional says to me OR especially to a child- "IT'S JUST A LITTLE STICK"'s not....maybe for some people....but

When you are phobic, people don't understand how the anticipation, anxiety and personal demons team up to make that simple needle stick a huge deal---and when there is a simple solution that takes away the needle stick I think it is CRIMINAL that doctors don't write many more RX's for the solution.

Lucky for me I had a brilliant doctor named Christine Szeto who totally understood and did the things I needed to get me past the phobia so I can get the medical tests etc I need.

EMLA is the trade name
Lidocaine 2,5% and Prilocaine 2.5% Cream is the generic

It comes in a 30 gram tube and is Rx only-there are a couple formulas -ONLY the Lidocaine/Prilocaine compound really works

You only need the cream NOT the surgery kit: what you will need is some really large bandaids (I use 2 x 3 inch adhesive or a roll of plastic wrap will also work and actually works really well.

Its a white cream-you apply it liberally to the area where you will have the stick then it must be covered so it stay against your skin for one to 2 hours.

I had pneumonia in 2003 and had to go into hospital-I went from Dr Szetos office with about 7 huge band aids covering the stick zones (on my arms inside the elbows where they do blood draws, on my forearm where they put in IVs and one the back of my hands where there can also do butterfly and IV sticks.

I felt NOTHING----I also had a chart instruction from my doctor that clearly said NO needle sticks without the preventive cream.

I became quite a celebrity in the hospital over the week I was there and did a lot of advertising for the merits of EMLA cream.

Apparently they use it on babies a lot not-that's a good thing so why not just make it standard for all patients?

I don't understand why anyone should endure discomfort is they don't need to????

The numbing cream works so well they can actually do minor surgeries-imagine how painful it is to have a boil lanced-why not cream it up and reduce that pain way down?

I accidentally found out about the plastic wrap one day when I panicked when I discovered I was out of large band aids-I calmed myself down and thought of a quick solution-I remembered that I had once been given the surgery kit-it come with a large, impossible to self apply, piece of plastic wrap with an adhesive edge-so I slapped my cream inside my arm and laid on the plastic wrap then wrapped it around my arm a couple times.

It worked better than the band aids-the nurse said it was because the cream was in much better contact with the skin and the oxygen was blocked from the outside so the cream didn't oxidize-whatever it was really dead and she had to stick me a couple times to find the vein and I DIDN'T CARE!!!!

When I had my Gall Bladder out I went to the hospital with my collection of band aids including all the just in case locations and several were needed-again-NO PAIN, NO STICKS.

When my MOM was in hospital I watched while 2 nurses tried to find a vein in her hand and finally I put a stop to it-informed them there were to be no needle sticks without the EMLA cream and told the doctor to make it official and the did-several nurses thanked me privately and shared that THEY didn't understand why its not used more often.

Obviously it won't help in an emergency-it acts fairly quickly so if you slap it on as you leave for the emergency room it will help.

TRUST ME on this once you use it the phobia will diminish because you wont have the fear and anxious anticipation that acerbates the "little stick" (you know it really isn't so bad especially if the person doing the stick is adept at their job).

My insurance covers the cream-usually one tube lasts me a year of blood draws and my doctor writes lots of refills so that gives me peace of mind.

WARNING: I hesitate to write this part because I don't want this product pulled from sale-a few years back this topical anesthetic was almost banned because young people got ahold of it and were using it for piercing various parts of their bodies (nipples, genitals etc).

Its not a toy and not a way to can get a larger tattoo in o0ne sitting-its a medical tool-it also isn't a gaff so you can numb up your body and stick needles through it to amaze your friends.

Yes people did those things and more-keep it away from kids and fools that think its their personal path to stardom at the local bar.

If you use the cream-there will be no stick, no pain-be sure it is applied liberally and in a large patch-you never know where the stick will actually happen.

ALSO a caveat-some injections hurt because the serum hurts-I have found that this stuff is best for IV sticks-since most injections in the hospital go IV its "2 birds with one rock"-if you have a no stick without the cream order at least the needle part is taken care of and the needle is usually the phobic part.

I would assume there is a similar product available in Europe and elsewhere so if you read this from a foreign country (outside the USA) I urge you to leave a comment-if I get any comments and am able to substantiate them I will add the info to the body of this post.

I am writing this today because JUSTIN SCARRED the YouTube Celeb of Randomland and Allie his fiancé visited a sick child in Florida and there was a short exchange about shots and needle sticks-I wished I could climb through the screen to give the little girls MOM this information-sadly I could find a message option on Justin's YouTube page...

PLEASE share this information or link to this post and save another person-maybe your husband or child, one more painful, anxiety ridden blood test.

High-Tech Pharmical
Lidocaine 2.5%/Prilocaine 2.5% Cream
by prescription ONLY


On my insurance its a couple dollars-it can be as much as 40.00usd and if the hospital provides it is can be over 100.00 per application so travel with your own TUBE

ASK YOUR doctor to write a Rx today-if they are unaware of this product refer them to this blog post-many phlebotomists have never heard of it-and INSIST on it-especially for your kids-we have enough to be afraid of when it comes to medical stuff a needle stick should be the least of them especially when the pain can be avoided.

Would you rather be proactive? or help pick you boyfriend off the floor the next time he faints from the sight of a needle?

Don't get stuck without it!!!!
(EMLA people if you steal that for a slogan you owe me money)

Friday, January 12, 2018


My memories are not the misty, watercolour memories Barbra Striesand sings about-well, maybe a few-that magical evening on a terrace high above Laguna Beach at twighlight could only be rendered in Watercolours-thats the pink, blue, lavender, orange, green world created by the ethos of that moment in time.

I have many memories like slightly overexposed polaroid pictures-the bright colours are too bright-there is subtlety lacking and the faces are a little blurred.

A beautiful sparkly girl bathed by washes of magenta and midnight blue with white ostrich plumes as the curtain comes down and the music swells---a dark swarthy man with a blazing white smile full of promises and danger on a street in Tunisia where everything is pools of light and swimming shadows.

The first times of our lives are usually captured in this way-it's amazing how many people's first memory of the Grand Canyon is that Disneyesque vista of incomprehensible majesty usually at some hour near sundown when the surfaces are washed with colours that only the setting sun can paint.

As a city boy I was used to a dark sky with a few bright stars or that medium range sky of a nebulous colour as the city lights reflect upward and obscure and subtly of tones and shades-the moon is the best feature of a city sky.

I once found myself on a dark road not too far from Jackson, California in the Gold Country of the Sierra Nevada foothills at midnight and stepping out of the car I forced myself not to look up until, I took a deep breath and then almost fell to my knees at the view of a sky white with stars, clouds of gas-the slash of the milky way-overwhelming.

I was probably in my 30s.

You see pictures but pictures are someone elses vision-have you ever noticed how many photographs people take they label as disappointing?

Doesn't do it have to see it in person.

The Eiffel tower, the view from Sacre Coeur, the Colosseo de Roma in the light of a full moon, the colour of the water in the sea near Corfu, Old Faithful, the first view of the Yosemite Valley-the great plains seen as you descend on Highway 70 (?) from the Ricky Mountains,,,so many more.

One late afternoon we wander in some ruins near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and the setting sun made them glow red light they were hot embers.

Driving along the eastern side of the Rockies toward Denver, Colorado I noticed amongst the cattle deer and antelope....playing...against a cerulean blue sky going dark and the moon rose behind the scene.

Venice at Sunset,

Mesa Verde at twilight.

Niagara at dawn or just pre-dawn when the mist from the falls becomes pink, peach and apricot-if there is snow so much the better.

People I remember differently-maybe because they are so animated-hard to make a flash memory.

I remember being awed by how beautiful the people on Ipanema Beach in Brazil were-almost ethereal with their cocoa skin, white teeth and green eyes- unflawed and perfect bodies.

Men in Rome-swarthy breathing imitations of the David statue-their dark curls fall like Botticelli or Leonardo ran a hair salon they have just emerged from.

The rich fashionistas of Paris and Milan-oblivious of their surroundings unless something in a window catches their eye- Hermes, Boucheron, Cartier---perfectly dressed creatures with all the accessories...stratospherically high needle heels on their impossibly expensive shoes.

Opening night at Covent Garden watch the gowns and jewels on parade and try to do a flash calculation of what it all cost-better to just enjoy the show and avoid depression.

I remember standing an a chilly evening watching a European movie star wearing a strapless gown and my friend whispering the 6 digit cost of the diamonds she was wearing and added "Hers, not hired".

I remember the first time I was in the house when one of my stage productions opened and the audience applauded the set when the curtain rose...

I have so many memories...

Petting a Tiger, cuddling a litter of kittens, having a python around my neck. riding a camel (and an elephant) seeing a panda in a zoo and seeing a snow leopard in the wilds of Tibet...

It's hard to think that all those pictures will go with me when I move on to whatever is next-if the universe really is all a programmed computer someone did a pretty wonderful job for me...

The visual memories are easy the more esoteric memories escape quickly-I don't remember the first time I drank coffee or the first time I kissed someone I loved or thought I loved or my first orgasm-all those things have escaped from my data banks.

I think that's why so many of us like art, films, food and photography there are bits of our visceral memories in those things-a sunset can have some of the quiet awe of being quietly in love and the rush of the first drop of a roller coaster is not unlike that little death, breathless moment of sex.

Strawberries and Figs, Musky melons, honey...all things people connect to love and love-making.

I have those kinds of feelings when I smell clean towels, fresh from the dryer or the salt spray of a warm ocean...

Gardenias, Freesias, Tuberose all remind me of Paris-Baking bread and garlic are Rome but Lemon blossoms are Tuscany...Linden Flowers and evergreens: Germany...

My memories are also more abstract-the night Barak Obama was elected president and I was so afraid someone would shoot at him-my first night working at Disneyland walking across the park in my new Orleans Square costume and greeting the guests, my firs tour on my own at Universal studios and the tour where I had Price Feisal and Jane Fonda on the same tram...My curtain call the first time I sang Sharpless in Madam Butterfly and my curtain call after my solo spot in the Lido Show on the Champs Elysees...selling a drawing at a street show for a price that would pay my rent for 2 months
and being recognized and asked for an autograph at a painting convention.

My bad memories I try my best to process and file away-unless they had a lesson in them the serve only to give me or someone else pain but I will never forget the feeling of anger and betrayal when I woke to find Donald Trump was president.

Odd isn't it how someone's joy can be someone else's worst nightmare?

I watched a great show today on Netflix -the first episode of a new interview show that David Letterman is hosting-his guest was Barrack Obama-so many people hate President Obama I don't understand why especially when we have a maniac running the country now.

I found it so touching to see how the usually sarcastic, acidic David Letterman was genuinely touched by spending an hour interviewing the ex-president and I realized how much I missed him and Michele-I was always sorry that he came into the White House at a time that was so full of traps and anger and also sorry that he wasn't warmer, his wife certainly tried to shower warmth upon America.

But my memories of him are good-I didn't (and don't) hold the resentments of so many people...

In the library of memories he isn't sunrise at Big Sur or a shooting star over Castle Rock he is a quiet memory of a time when I felt safe in my country and had hope that things were getting better.

Most memories come with attachments and addendums-did you ever notice?

So few are just how much sundown in Connecticut can look like a Maxfield Parrish Painting or how well the music from Wagner's Ring Cycle goes with a cruise down the Rhine River.

Even with those simple, uncluttered memories there is someone waiting to remind yo that Parrish is a sentimental painter of Calendar art and Wagner, the Rhine and Germany all equate to the NAZIS and Hitler.

We live in a time when it is wrong to like what others hate, fear or distrust...

I am not a great lover of organized religion or the right wing but I made sure I sad MERRY CHRISTMAS a lot and loudly this year-it has nothing to do with some political stance it's about my happy memories of Christmas past and how we celebrated.

I'm tired of people raining on my parade or anyone else's-the confederate Flag may have horrible memories for people but it is a part of our history-suppressing Nazi memorabilia will not change the outcome of the holocaust those things are etched in our memories.

I remember back in the 60s there were many "underground" newspapers that held alternate views and often showed REALITY instead of whitewashed middle of the road news.

One sticks in my mind as a vivid memory-the front page had a photo pf a dead soldier's head with a large hole in his forehead and his brains spilling out.

Even in black and white it made a memory.

Hearing a number of how many men died in Vietnam was so abstract and often people compared it to the 2nd world war- The war casualties are somewhere between 55 and 100 THOUSAND soldiers-often MIAs and others are forgotten or overlooked-two hundred thousand Japanese civilians died just in Hiroshima and another 130+thousand in Nagasaki-over 30 thousand American soldiers died in the gulf war...

The Japanese died on the own soil our men died fighting in foreign lands...

I'm not sure what the message is but the memory is there...

I buried at least 26 of my closest friends in the AIDS Plague I know many more people who died-being in the arts it decimated so many people I knew and worked with but also just people from life.

Despite what our personal feelings are we must honor the dead-people who died for what they believed in or just because they were victims of wars and conflicts.
We must NEVER forget lest we be doomed to repeat the tragedies.

I feel like we are all in jeopardy and peril today what will our memories be like in the future and moreover what will the memories be of our children and grandchildren?

I had hoped that future generations would have memories of the American Flag flying against a sunset standing for all good things, peace, justice, equality...

I don't think that will be the case.

Monday, January 8, 2018

2018-moving at a fast clip...

Here we are in January-the Golden Globe Awards are over-mixed reviews.

It seems like trying to make a statement often exposes more hypocrisy than just wearing the protest ribbon and smiling for the camera.

IMHO Hollywood is still missing the point-they continue to make it about powerful men vs. exploited women; I know for a fact the issues are much larger than that!

I think if they mix in too much of the back stage seediness they lose any chance of having an issue that will attract a broad range of supporters(?) and yet...

Many of the women (of all generations) showed up trailing "plus ones" that represented activist organizations having more to do with immigrant rights than women's rights.

Sorta like dropping a beef bullion cube in the chicken noodle soup-the whole thing becomes an off note (as if only women from other countries come here for low paying jobs and no men get exploited).

It seems to me we once again are trying to clean too many houses when we really need to start with our own-get that in order and then expand to other associated issues-maybe they fear what a serious house cleaning will expose?

James Franco got caught in the Twitter storm but NOT for reasons I thought-apparently HE has a seedy background in the sexual harassment game (!?!)-I would have thought he would have caught major CACA for doing a bad LATINO accent during his acceptance speech and why did the LATINO activists NOT raise holy hell over him playing a Latino part when he isn't a Latino?

Franco is part of the Hollywood bad boy sub culture-he hangs with a coterie of "INDY CRAZIES"-remember he almost caused an international conflict over HIS venture with Seth Rogan into North Korea Baiting with THE INTERVIEW-I would love to know how much that movie made just being released on the internet?

Supposedly Franco and Rogan still have a price on their heads courtesy of Kim Jong Krazy but now the women of the world are after another part of his anatomy over past indiscretions re: sex, tweets, etc.

I would also like to point out that Franco, Rogan and company are all a part of the strange trend to stuff anything they produce full of as much Home-erotic innuendo and downright "outtuendo" as possible.

THIS IS THE END his 2013 apocalypse, end of the world fantasy opus is brimming with his band of guys being sodomized by demons, ending up as leather masters with boy toys and a continuous chain of somewhat offensive "jokes".

I have to say that I found the film marginally amusing but the CONCEPT and some of the visuals absolutely world class and very daring considering that the view of any penis in Hollywood films is rarer than purple diamonds (unless you are Richard Gere).

This movie has a Godzilla sized demon with a swinging phallus to match.

Franco's new Golden Globe film is still in theatres-THE DISASTER ARTIST is a "true" story of the making of a film called THE ROOM by Greg Sestero, the author's relationship with an over the top director Tommy Wisseau (James Franco plays Wisseau and his younger brother DAVE plays Sestero).

I perhaps shouldn't lump Franco, Rogen and their antics in with some of the other Hollywood BROMANCE BOYS like Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and Vince Vaughn.

Among other films these guys made THE WATCH another fantasy sci-fi Armageddon averted alien apocalypse film.

Once again a running string a gags about oral sex, anal intercourse and other homo-erotic fantasies played out by a cast of "married" men who seem to think it's fine to ask if their daughters date intends to perform oral sex on him.

BTW just so I don't sound like a raving lunatic-Jonah Hill is the person who is sodomized by the demon in the previously mentioned, THIS IS THE END.

My point to this tirade is that if all of this were not "good natured" grab ass boy play and were instead targeted at women-how much would they get away with?

It's OK to ask a heterosexual man who is dating your daughter about oral sex but what if it was his son's teenage girl DATE?

Then the whole business takes a dark and seedy turn.

Jonah Hill sexed by a demon is "funny"- replaced by a similar Hollywood Starlet-NOT FUNNY-CREEPY-SICK.

Keep in mind this is a COMEDY/Fantasy film AND it was fairly successful at the box office.

In any other world the Right Wing Christian picket lines would be the story not how the film's peccadillos were largely ignored, or even embraced, by the Hollywood community.

I don't have a problem with free speech, quirky-irreverent comedy or even sex with demons-it's the double standard that drives me crazy.

POWERFUL people take advantage of their power in all areas-men may be the biggest offenders because they had the most power jobs but I would like some sort of unbiased percentage of the number of men in power vs the number of persons they sexually acted against AND the numbers of women vs the number of males-then I would like a similar study of WOMEN in power positions and a similar study of how well they behaved concerning persons in positions below them.

To me Bill Cosby and his alleged advances and drugging's of various Hollywood females is no more important that the unknown women he might have acted against-he certainly would have been less likely to be caught but also the woman (or man) would be less likely to be believed.

I may have mentioned this before but my paternal Grandmother was involved with a "child molestation" case in which a teenage boy was supposedly abused by an ADULT male-way back in the 60s.

I clearly remember her saying the boy must have liked it on some level since he kept going back on his own.

We will never know if there was some sort of mental blackmail or ?? but at least Grandma was willing to share the blame around a bit.

Bottom line: It all needs to stop and we need to start with our own houses and clean up our own messes before we go pointing fingers, boiling tar and plucking chickens.

We live in more educated, enlightened times-but it seems obvious how precious little separates us today from lynch mobs.

It almost doesn't matter who did what to whom-what matters is that on some level we are lighting torches and chasing the MONSTER into the mill-we are trying the accused in the court of public opinion (twitter, facebook, snap chat etc not to mention the "press").

The Golden Globes: always a fascinating window into Hollywood-almost everyone wore black as requested to show solidarity-less Trump jokes-a brilliant speech from OPRAH:


YES, they are pushing her toward a political career-I think she's smarter than that-but we'll see.

Now we just have to live through the Winter Olympics in KOREA-that was poor planning eh?

I worry for the athletes.

Did you know the government (CDC) is giving a preparatory class on surviving a Nuclear Explosion?


Chew on that one....

My question? Why is Donald Trump still President?

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Do you have a recipe for...???

If I said -do you watch ANDREW REA would you think I meant the Vienesse Violin Guy on PBS?

What about if I said do you watch BINGING WITH BABISH?

Andrew Rea is a YouTube star who recreates recipes from TV and Films-like clones them from information given in the shows.

He even made BOB'S BURGERS hamburgers with fried pickle wheels=just as shown in the animated world of that show.

He occasionally makes a recipe as directed by TV/FILM  history and then fixes it to make it better, easier or less expensive.

You need to watch this show-generally you only see him from counter to chin-once inawhile a bit more-he has a thick beard, the sexiest arms of any man I've ever seen and a similarly sexy, trim waistline usually clad in a perfectly starched and ironed apron---go look....seriously-I'll wait-go look:


He has added another series on YouTube called BAICS WITH BABISH-he will teach you how to cook pasta or a perfect chicken breast-that sort of stuff.

Andrew is watched by one point five MILLION viewers per episode.

One wonder how long it will be before he is on FOOD network or HGTV, has a line of cooking stuff from Macy's (Martha is SOOOOO over) and is doing weekend seminars for foodies in hotel convention centers.

He isn't the most handsome dude to walk on a screen but he may be the most charismatic; he has a wonderful deep, velvety voice with just a hint of snarky sarcasm along the edges-I am totally smitten-AND he does good recipes as well.

He now has a cookbook EAT WHAT YOU WATCH.


I occasionally have these strange homoerotic fantasies-for instance when I don't feel good I KNOW that if I could cuddle with LIAM NEESON I would feel MUCH better almost at once.

I know that Ryan Reynolds and I watching Netflix from my couch would be great fun AND
I want to go to Harlem NYK and have Andrew Rea cook me Boeuf Borginon in his home kitchen wearing ONLY the perfectly starched and ironed apron.


Sorry, he's fully dressed but the spirit is there.

After reading this you never have to worry about your various fantasies ever again-we all got em mine are just a little specific and quirky.

I hope this guy is enormously successful-somehow I feel like he deserves it-I'll bet the reality of Andrew Rea is amazingly annoying and compulsive-I read a blog post about him where the writer says he ironed the damn apron 4 times before it was "right"=in one of his videos he fusses with the damn thing like a girl in a new prom dress BUT at the same time he refuses to do anything without prefect ingredients. the correct tools, perfect lighting etc.

Compulsive but with HUGE integrity.

I think it was Dame Judi Dench who commented on Liam Neeson's HUGE integrity? Well, huge something anyway.

Binging With  Babish, on YouTube with Andrew Rea-watch it please, give it a thumb's up and subscribe I'll bet you thank me later.

Meanwhile I have dibs on the cooking fantasy you get your own OR I'll trade you for Michael Chiarello or Rocco Dispirito cooking anything...

Saturday, December 23, 2017

What colour will 2018 be?

A lot of heavy thought and discussion goes into deciding what the colour prediction will be for each year; last year it was a springy green, this year its a deep PURPLE called ULTRA VIOLET according to Pantone.

This means they are betting on stores full of purple home goods, napkins, table top, towels etc.

The year of MAUVE in the 1980s (remember that?) we even had Mauve automobiles.

I actually did my entire apartment in mauve paint, furniture, lamps etc accented with brass, ivory and chocolate: It was VERY ON TREND as they like to say now. and Wayfair BOTH had purple occasional chairs and upholstered furniture in their online catalogs and I have noticed purple creeping into bed and bath trends as well.

PURPLE is one of those colours that people either love or hate-I like it as an accent but ONLY as an accent and this particular purple I find a bit cold and uninteresting.

I tend to like purples more towards Lavender or Fuchsia-warmer and less likely to be shown in a colour story with some livid green and magenta-that was CHRISTMAS 10 years ago or so-the stores were full of striped and harlequin papers in purple green and magenta!

When I think or PURPLE I think of PANSY flowers (often Purple and Yellow) Violets (often Purple and yellow) and Grapes (Which is where the green and purple palette comes from): I present that there is far more Purple and yellow in the world and AAMOF; Yellow in the complimentary colour of Purple!

Look at the range of purples and see if you can figure why they picked the colour that they did?

I had thought we would see one of two colours this year as colour of the years; either a sunny clear YELLOW or a Cayanne Pepper RED (the fresh pepper not the powdered spice which is more ORANGE).

I apparently was not the only one thinking in this direction since a famous paint company picked this as their colour of the year:

Benjamin Moore went with Caliente Red!

They are showing it as an accent wall, full room, front door and decorating colour-I happen to LOVE red sheets and have several sets and when I am down I usually wear a red shirt-so this colour works for me totally HOWEVER:

Behr is counting on a soft, Southwestern green and Sherwin Williams on a very avante garde teal both are styling them as BEACHY, Oceanside, casual colours.

Interesting eh?

Manufacturers pay big bucks to get in on colour trends early and I do remember a time when purple was king-remember the PURPLE PROWLER?

This was the dream automobile-the sexy purple roadster that set a trend...

There was a time back in the 1980's I think when you could find a shoppe in almost any mall that was dedicated to PURPLE things-My niece was VERY into purple back then of course she hadn't even reached her teenage years at that point.

My fear is that we wont get the HIGH STYLE vision of purple-we'll get the more eccentric versions:

So what's your take on Ultra Violet? Will you be more likely to trend towards the beachy soft colours or the CALIENTE RED? Or do you see yourself sticking with the status quo and waiting for a more sedate and classic colour palette in the future?

I don't see a purple patent leather arm chair in my future or even purple towels in my Tiffany Blue bathroom-I used to have a shirt that colour I may still do-if so I may wear it on January 1 just to salute the nice people at Pantone.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas 2017

Its here again-I have been on a lengthy hiatus deciding what to do next and how to change my business plan so I actually make some money.

I have had some pretty fine times in the last months-saw COCO (Brilliant Dia de los Muertes animatd film from Disney Pixar) had some fine dinners with friends and now will do the family thing in an abbreviated manner on the 25th.

It's a long drive and I don't like to drive after dark especially alone.

I hope each and every one of you find something to celebrate-have a safe and sane New Years eve and lets all hope for good health, happiness, PEACE and love in 2018...sanity in the world and Washington D C would be nice...

Have you caught the YouTube videos of the audio-animatronic TRUMP at the Hall of Presidents in Disney World...its pretty scary.

They managed to get his hair sort of correct and a suggestion of his arrogance and awkward mannerisms-the speech he gives is actually OK but feels funny because it's carefully canned and edited so it avoids all the jerkiness and idiosyncrasies' normally associated with the TRUMP oration.

It also lacks his signature mocking, sarcastic arrogant tone so it ends up being as plastic as the figure of him-Disney does patriotic very well-this isn't patriotic-it's like one of those auction off the bachelor events that some groups used to run until someone pointed out they were like slave auctions so I think it's no longer PC.

I personally would have had wads of money poked into all his pockets since it seems that he is one of the major beneficiaries of the new TAX bill (along with corporations and the very, very rich).

NASA is making noises like they will actually go to MARS at some point-I think Elon Musk will get there first and will have the McDonalds franchise open by the time NASA actually gets going.

LUXUARY Airline flights have become a thing especially with middle eastern and Asian airline companies-British air now looks tacky compared to the business class amenities and menus on some flights out of Qutar-first class is like flying hotels with bedrooms, fine dining and wine, high tech electronics and more-check out MANY videos on YouTube.

I am furious at YouTube who are pulling their content from Amazon;s Fire TV-I will no longer be able to watch hilarious stuff like Jimminy Glick with friends on my 42 inch flat screen-VERY annoying.

I have watched just about all my various versions of  A CHRISTMAS CAROL-Home ALONE 1 and 2, The lighting war pic with Danny De Vito and Matthew Broderick and of course Home for the Holidays-most of the holiday offerings are pretty lame-like lifetime movie holiday themed romances (yuck)-I love hulu because I can watch JUST the Christmas episodes of ALL my favorites like Family Guy, American Dad, Bob's Burgers and South Park.

I have had egg nog , a cookie or two-I just need a big hit of HAM and Turkey----against all odds we ended up doing my annual dinner at the North Woods in La Mirada for the 5th year (as an event) and many years as a December go to place-so I am actually not too grouchy (surprise!).

I avoid New Years at all cost-hate it.

Rose Parade Jan 1-hope its better than it has been-it's lost it's spectacle...

Wherever you are in the world please be careful and aware if you are in crowds-I think this is a year to avoid large public events especially in cities like Las Vegas, Paris, London, New York and LA...people tell me the terrorists have won if I feel that way but I think they have won if we blithely put ourselves and our loved ones in the line of fire...

I'll be blogging more in 2018-I would really like to get back to being a daily...


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Blogger Problems

I have been having terrible problems with blogger-I wrote and entire post that I had to finally delete-somehow the HTML was corrupted and I just could not fix it

I really wanted to share how much I enjoy the film HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS directed by Jodie Foster and starring Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr., Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning and Dylan McDermott along with a number of others.

It's one of those movies that makes you feel better while tugging at your heart strings.

Steel Magnolias is like that-you can have a good cry followed by a good laugh.

Holly Hunter is a 30 something single mom who is flying off to have Thanksgiving with her parents leaving her 16 year old daughter home in Chicago-one departure day she loses her job and finds out the daughter has decided to have sex with her boyfriend-she also loses her coat at the airport.

On board the flight she turns to the only person who seems to understand her various predicaments-her Gay brother played by Robert Downey Jr (in the film he is a liquor/wine salesman with a mid-western sales route).

She spills her guts and has to leave a message which she later tries to retract.

She is met at the end of her flight by her parents (Anne Bancroft and Charles Durning) and the holiday weekend is off.

We will meet an ex-beau of hers, her younger sister and family (the most passive aggressive tribe on earth, crazy Aunt Gladie (Geraldine Chaplin) and more as we make it through the things that happen on Thanksgiving....somewhere you will get that weird familiar feeling that you have been through something like this before.

If you haven't seen it you should-it's currently part of HULU's holiday film lineup-it's rentable online from Amazon and you can even buy the DVD for a few bucks-like A CHRISTMAS STORY (you'' shoot your eye out) it's one of my holiday season must watch films-and I often see it more than once.

I also have literally every version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL ever produced and I have watched a couple of those already-I always forget how weird the Disney version with Jim Carey is-I made that a double bill with HOW THE GRINCH STILE CHRISTMAS!

As I get older it seems I do less and less for Christmas so it's important to hang on to what few Christmas/Holiday traditions I have hung onto.

I hope you will give Home For the Holidays a try...

Friday, November 10, 2017

WITCH hunt

Let me say uncatagorically-ANYONE who preys upon children or even vulnerable young adults in a sexual OR emotional manner is lower than low-PREYS UPON being the salient phrase in this sentence.

Right now we are in a the midst of a terrible witch hunt where the accused are guilty until proven innocent-and that is so unfair to plain human decency.

You watch careers just dissolve and vanish based on accusations of "something" that happened years back or decades back in a town so charged by sexual tension that if the tension were harnessed it could light the world forever-but Hollywood and the Hollywood machine is not the only place that people are exploited-New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Las Vegas, San Francisco...

I can remember a time when if you wanted a job in San Francisco and you were male-you just expected to be groped, fondled and otherwise made into meat.

Women don't have the exclusive lock in on being touched, forced or otherwise humiliated where sex is concerned-they have a larger support group in some ways-but men just think they should take it and move on-embarrassed, humiliated or angry/guilty-"WHY didn't you just PUNCH HIM?" well, men are not the only sexual aggressors.

Sometimes men enjoy any kind of attention that momentarily makes them feel good then they have to face those feelings and if you have no support system where do you put what are actually normal feelings that have been made dirty, ugly and sinful by who else the moral, unblemished Christians or other religions-duh...

Let me say something about CHRISTIAN morality-I was sitting at Choir Practice one night when I was a paid soloist at Temple Baptist Church in downtown L A listening to the tenors and basses giggle and chortle like a pack of 13 year old school girls over the tenor soloists tale os a "light footed" guy at his construction job that they had corned in a men's room and all taken turns using him sexually and then they beat him up and threw him off the job site-that was back in the early 70's-in those days a whole bunch of STRAIGHT guys beating up a "FAG" was considered on a par with raising the flag at Iwo Jima-the AMERICAN way---so what does THAT say for CHRISTIANS?

How many good Christian Republicans are caught red faced soliciting sex in men's rooms?

We have GOT to get the whole Gay BAD, Straight GOOD thing put away!

Sexuality is a wide, liquid range especially for men and more so every day for women- Most men, left alone, are to some extent bi-sexual-and one can see in modern films and plays that sexual tension and erotic wordplay-BROmance, METROsexual-banter back and forth about oral (and anal) sex...Great apes often will dominate a less aggressive male sexually BUT-if they would tell the truth Dolphins, Apes, Chimps and many other species frequently act out sexually with their "friends" of the same sex.

Here's the thing: We often forget that its not only adults that are predators.

When I was 13 or 14 I was actively looking for ADULT sexual contacts-I wasn't alone I had several friends that were doing the same thing and at this point I have talked to hundreds of guys and some women who shared the same history.

A girl I went to high school with was turning tricks in Hollywood and going to High School during the week.

We say though that the adults should have known better, they were better equipped to deflect the advances, offer guidance.

THINK how many women teachers have lost their positions because they were 24 and having sex with a 16 year old male.

It's stupid-offer a 16 year old boy sex with an attractive adult close to his age-he has only one brain-in his pants-he wasn't tied up and threatened, there was no gun to his head-who is the victim here?

What is a 16 year old male other than a seething bundle of hormones-most have very adult genitals and libidos and the consequences of sex with an older person is a great (one hopes) orgasm or ten and complete indemnity from any responsibility-this would NOT be true if they acted out with a girl who was younger than they and became pregnant-but as the partner (or VICTIM) of an adult they can weep and become the poor used minor prey of a predator.

In the case of Bill Cosby-a man who seemingly betrayed an entire country who loved him as a symbol of Fatherhood, FAMILY, morality---allegedly he was drugging his victims-but my question is how many approached HIM looking for an advance in their careers and now are jumping on the witch hunt bandwagon.

He very well many have been a party to the game, he may have even drugged a few-it's WRONG but how do we now separate the wronged from the opportunist?

I've been through Hollywood I know how it works.

All or at least most of Hollywood and the New York Theatre community knew that a well known actor recently accused of molesting a 14 year old boy who was in a play with him-was a gay man-quite closeted in most aspects but GAY none the less.

My first question is WHY would someone so far into privacy and keeping a low profile as a gay man risk it all by making a pass at a minor-he is a smart man not a sex maniac.

The guy who is doing the accusing hasn't had a great career-he had a hit in a popular musical-the movie version was less successful and what has he done lately?

What a great way to get a career boost and some pity jobs than to be first to bring out a big star and accuse him of inappropriate behavior...sick is what it is.

Ask anyone who really knows the ACCUSED and they will tell you this guy is so far from his TYPE that it is ludicrous and that the actor was not and is not interested in children or minors.

I can tell you MOST gay men do not want children-they are interested in other men sometimes younger but not kids-That said I can't tell you how many YOUNG men (early 20's) have made advances to me...lots of young guys want DADDY-add sex to that it gives them comfort on several levels.

There are only TWO people who know what actually happened and one of them has apologized admitting that it was a time of alcohol abuse-BUT why has no one asked the poor vistim if he had a part in the transaction-if he was culpable or even the aggressor.

In the Rock Hudson case only ONE person made a fuss and that had much more to do with what he was getting money wise than any wrong doing by Rock Hudson.

I knew of at least TWO men who worked with me at Universal who had slept with male actors at the studio and when the AIDs epidemic hit the headlines-threatened to expose their bed partners if there wasn't some money forthcoming-at least one of them got a couple small parts in TV shows and some cash-they are all dead now so who was the predator, who was the prey and who set the traps?

There was at least one actor who was being supplied with m1nor males (under 15) by studios and it has never hit the headlines-carefully covered up and suppressed because he had the power of sponsor dollars on his side.

Rona Barret-an oft maligned Hollywood "gossip" guru frequently was guilty of telling ALMOST the truth about many sexual peccadillos-2 he-man Hollywood star brothers who were cross dressers and into Kinky Sex, a leading man who liked to brutalize women and have sex with boys and more...

That was the day when the studios had power-in the "golden days" of Hollywood they could cover up MURDER and did-that was the extent of their powers.

Later it was drug addiction, abortions, pregnancies and much more-usually GAY actors either played the Studio Game or vanished.

William (Billy) Haines was a top star at Metro and gave it up for the love of one man he spent his life with.

What is happening today could never have happened in those times.

What is going on today has more to do with Donald Trump and the age of FAKE morality than anything else.

We have ignore, as a country, for many years sexual slavery in the middle east, Asia and South East Asia; Child prostitution in Vietnam, Thailand, India, Eastern Europe and extremely perverse pornography from some or all of these places.

America then choses to criminalize those who LOOK at such things but never go after the source-interesting isn't it-same as drugs-the drug user and seller is the criminal but the distributor and growers are beyond the law.

We all want children and animals to be protected from harm but who protects us from being harmed?

We need to rethink our laws and how the system works-we don't want to even TALK about such things let alone bring them into the light-but maybe its time to legalize drugs and prostitution and license them-to define when a child becomes an adult according to the reality of today and now our visions-14 and 15 year olds are much more adult and knowledgeable than I was at that age and YET I was out there playing on an adult playground-I didn't end up traumatized and I have never felt victimized or preyed upon.

This is another case not unlike the Catholics where DEEP POCKETS are calling out to people to enrich themselves based on something they may have willingly participated in or actually orchestrated-NOT ALL, some may truly have been used by people who could manipulate them-but I would love to know the REAL numbers...

AND, if this many have been thrust into the media spotlight how many have gone unnoticed or are now running scared? I suspect at least a couple that I personally know of...

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What the HELL is going on in the USA????

I have come to a conclusion -neither the conservative right nor the liberal left is responsible for much of anything-also the illuminati, the space aliens, the Satanists and all the other nutters from the fringes of the world-all innocent, just crazed...its the 7% Rapture Christians-Endtimers who are causing all our problems.

Think about it.

We can't easily identify exactly who they are-they are every bit as dangerous as ISIS and other extremists or fringe zealots.

They can be anywhere in any position and unless they leak a bit of their insanity we have no clue.

These are people who WANT the world to end in fire so they can force the non-existent "RATURE" (where they are convinced they will be taken and spared the tribulations of the earth) and Armageddon so they again force the 2nd coming of the Messiah.

Watch when anything happens who are the first people to speak-who are the front line of conspiracy crazies who yell the loudest-ALT.RIGHT, extreme, religious zealots whose agenda is based on the end time, end time prophecy and Armageddon.

Don't just believe me-look it up-check You Tube and Facebook and other social media.

They love to blame whomever is currently in a position of power or whom they perceive is a threat to their agenda-Obama, The Clintons, occasional George W. Bush and many others.

Mike Pence is a good example of how these extremists get into high places-he has espoused a very fundamentalist, theocracy based belief system, he was selected to be vice-president of the USA and his best pal is Paul Ryan another extreme "believer".

Both are very charismatic and play to a wide range of the faithful but also to a wide range of the fringe like gun rights advocates, white nationalists and separationists who pick and chose what they like in the "Holy" book and espouse slanted, twisted Christian beliefs.

When they talk names like Hannity and Alex Jones often come up-there is a string of these "right" wing conservatives that blame everything on the liberals and love to alter historical fact to support their stance.

Currently it's the recent shooting massacre in Las Vegas but it goes way back to Kennedy's assassination conspiracies, the series of assassination which includes the Kennedy Brothers, Martin Luther King and even Marilyn Monroe's death and then virtually everything after that they could bring to question including 911, Sandy Hook and every lone gunman shooting (now including Las Vegas).

Usually its a matter of a 1) cover up, 2) collusion between government agencies and the illuminati, 3) intimidation and even murder of uncooperative witnesses that support their positions and $) complicated trails of plots and sub-plots that are a chines menu of selecting bits from here and there, mixing religion, paranormal and mythical players, secret societies and far fetched reasons why ingle minded actors like the recent Vegas shooter are just dupes in a much bigger, global conspiracy.

There is so much scrutiny now on any event that is really is virtually impossible to have police and other protectors of the population do a proper and thorough investigation without dozens if not hundreds of cel phone videos and eye witnesses with conflicting view points who are iused to stoke the conspiracy fires and launch suspicions of cover ups and lies.

I have no doubt that the governments of most countries lie to their populations to keep the people fairly calm in the face of panic-if an asteroid were aimed at Earth and we had 24 hours I think the people in power would attempt to suppress that info.

There is a basis for this kind of action-humans tend to over react in the face of unknown threats.

Also humans are really good at exaggerating and even augmenting the truth when it comes to scary situations-simply put-people lie.

I've lived through the days of poisoned over the counter drugs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Civil Riots and most of the events I mentioned above (assassinations etc). I have heard people pass absolutely manufactured garbage as facts from rock solid sources that don't exist.

What does disturb me in these times of uncertainty and social media: From where do all these people arise who were supposedly eye witnesses, have some expertise in subjects pertinent to the event, are online supporting the conspiracy versions of the event and often point viewers to websites and channels owned and operated by END TIMERS?

Usually Alex Jones is somewhere in the mix and the blame is on one of the current hot buzz, hot key words or issues: False Flag, One World Order, Illuminati, Aliens, Demonic, CIA, FBI, NASA, etc.

So the CIA and FBI are involved in covert operations with Homeland Security to either construct and execute events like the Vegas shootings in order to change the 2nd amendment, make illuminati richer and make a one world government seem more attractive-the proof is supposed eye witnesses that just happen to be munitions experts.

It boggles the mind.

If you listen long enough they will hit those hot buttons in so many ways that you start to actually believe that there may be truth in what they are saying-even if only a tiny bit.

A very good example is 911 when the story came out that one of the main perpetrators drivers license was found outside the collapsed buildings in perfect condition.

So this magical object made it through the fiery collision that vaporized a plane, parts of a sky scraper and miscellaneous people and office furnishings, managed to get out of the perps wallet and pocket and somehow flutter to the ground landing in a place where it was found in dusty but pristine condition?


The driver's License became a passport, then was confused with a passport and wedding ring of a passenger which was further confuse with a wedding ring in a folded note-it went on and on.

Of course according to the conspiracy people 911 never happened, did not involve planes, had nothing to do with terrorists, had visions of angels AND UFOs involved and was a cover up for the demolition of building 7 in order to hide papers that the government wanted  GONE-also the illuminati or others removed the gold before the destruction, the guy who owned the building became rich from insurance-it goes on and on and in my opinion is a major insult to the families of people who died regardless of how it happened.

Same with Sandy Hook-according to the conspiracy nuts no children were killed, no one was injured it was all crisis actors and a drill that was used for nefarious purposes to get guns regulated and removed from the hands of patriotic citizens---some of their proof is showing videos of people who look like the witnesses at Sandy Hook taken later at the Boston Marathon this proving they were crisis actors.

Just FYI one of the main conspiracies is this Vegas affair was a Crisis simulation that somehow went bad or got out of hand and is being run by the FBI or CIA-evidence is being hidden, peoples cel phones were erased there were shooters all over Las Vegas and even You Tube videos are being removed for NO REASON...

And who do they refer you to?

Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, End Timer channels and lots of witness videos that are based on their personal empirical research and opinions.

One woman who is a "witness" is the wife of a Marine, daughter of a Police Officer and lived in Detroit she walked away from her Jack pot and food in an uninvolved Casino some distance from the shooting site but she has lots to say about the types of guns used and events that happened where she was that have since been covered up.

If I had been there I would have been a mess-I would not want to be online telling the story calmly over and over---I would want to be left alone, anonymous and as far away from all that as I could get.

What started as a love gunman act of insanity has become a small part of an immense Illuminati action to seize guns, change the 2nd amendment, make other illuminati rich, further the Homeland Security agenda of corralling and controlling the citizens of the USA and OBAMA was probably involved AND the Clintons.

The sad thing is we have that first amendment right to give our opinion so these people just go on and on without any consequences or retaliation.

You would think in the horrible, oppressive climate they would be afraid to rant and rave about the oppressors and their friends the Satanist Space Aliens.

Bottom line: where their is controversy and calamity there is usually room for a conspiracy theory and people love something to talk about and as long as You Tube is monetized and there is money to be made it will go on and on.

And THAT is what the hell is going on in America....and Paris and anywhere else they can make a tragedy a conspiracy.

Monday, October 23, 2017

When I went to Saudi Arabia, Libya and the USSR

There was a period in the 70s when I was well connected and able to accompany friends on some pretty amazing excursions.

One friend worked for an air cargo company and every plane had at least 4 passenger seats-if no one was in them they could be purchased for a few dollars-no frills, no meals-just transportation but Los Angeles to Stuttgart for about 9.00usd was a real bargain even in the 70s-mostly we took weekend trips to Europe since one could get there in about 8 hours or so.

Another friend was a government liaison for a private corporation and could occasionally take someone with him-those trips were amazing because the governments of the various countries paid for everything, the accommodations were all first class and frequently there were expensive dinners and tours included in the trip.

The government of Austria sent us on a Rhine River cruise that is quiet a story-it was on a wooden boat/ship much like the one in DEATH ON THE NILE but very posh and well outfitted-on this cruise there were 4 employees for every one passenger.

I have some very vivid memories of that trip-the food was extraordinary - for the first time I had Beef Stroganoff made absolutely correctly with Filet Mignon, top vintage champagne and served on handmade fresh noodles-unforgettable....I must have raved a lot about it because frequently when there were things I did not like on the menu (I am very allergic to any seafood and I don't eat offal) I was offered beef stroganoff or a delicious variation made with poached chicken breast.

In the morning (I still laugh about this) the cabin steward would "tinkle" at the door;
He had a little silver bell that would be gently rung to wake you up-and he would stand there "tinkling" until one acknowledged him and gave him leave to enter...he brought the "light" snack for you to get up on and have the strength to make it to breakfast in the dining room.

It was always wonderful coffee with cream, some delicious pastry-not too rich-it was on this trip I learned to love PALMIERS and Chocolate croissants and always a silver pot of chocolate which I swear was a top quality milk chocolate bar melted in heavy cream with just a hint of cinnamon.

When you were finished you would clean up and dress for breakfast and drag your self the 40 or so feet to your table.

We had the choice of dining alone or being paired with "people of interest" and while I cannot and will not mention names at least one was one of the top classic stars of Hollywood (traveling with a very handsome young male "secretary" and a fabulous couple who were both in the arts-we became quite chummy and often exchanged anecdotes during cocktails on the deck (theirs were wonderful of course-racy and full of gossip) she especially was given to wearing vintage diamonds and she loved to tell the stories of whom they had belonged to or made for.

This was the first time I saw a canary diamond and I was instantly in  love-the lady told me a good canary diamond must be the colour of healthy urine and have few or no inclusions.

Hers was 7 carats with a scattering of citron and aquamarines in Platinum to help bring out the yellow of the center stone...I do remember telling Liz Taylor about that ring and she mentioned the ladies name and I nodded to which she replied "I think I own that now."

After breakfast you found you deck chair and watch the magnificent scenery go by-the stewards served beverages and offered little amuse bouche so you wouldn't starve before luncheon-Luncheon was always like brunch in America-poached meats, beautiful vegetable terrines, salads, clever little sandwiches all brought around on carts for you to select.

Afternoons might be excursions or shopping in a village along the route or an impromptu recital, reading or lecture.

Cocktails and hors d'ouvre on the deck (weather permitting) and then dinner at either 8 or 9:30-one was formal the other more casual and finally a midnight buffet of deserts and delicacies where one could see liaisons and business deals arranged in a most civilized and elegant manner.

We went for 9 days and ended up in Vienna others went on to Eastern Europe.

The other amazing memory was the boat pulled into a small "harbor" where in the square along the river Puccini;s "La Rondine" was presented and we had our seats on the boat (with champagne and munchies of course).

I never knew exactly how much this adventure cost but I heard it was over one thousand U S Dollars per person per day...the cabin/stateroom we had was quite large-comparable to a small suite in a good hotel and others had larger rooms and had also brought servants.

Something I will never get to do again and also a kind of travel that has seen it's time-people move so much more quickly these days, have shorter attention spans and I just can't imagine that trip with Kale juice, health food, quinoa and that sort of thing.

I put this narrative first to offer a comparison to my trek to Libya.

It was a 19 hour flight from L A via Heathrow and Athens then a Libyan airline-we ended up in the same Hilton where the American press was held hostage by Khadafy-we had already been told that the room and pretty much everything else was bugged so be careful what we said.

Only Arabic TV and not much else to do and horrible "American" style food so we decided to take a walk-the only movie theatre in town was showing a 4 hour program of propaganda films about the Russian wheat harvest and other such fascinating topics-thankfully we were only there two nights.

Once while walking down the street a car "backfired" we looked around and found we were the only people standing the rest were face down in the gutters protecting their heads.

Saudi Arabia was even more repressed-we were greeted with a 45 minute in depth briefing about how to act and what NOT to do-the only time the food was edible was at functions with the Saudi royalty.

On that trip I was introduced to the Saudi Prince who killed his own brother in order to attain power-a few years later I would have him on a tour at Universal and took great delight in reminding him we had dined together-He and about 200 of his closest sycophants and me.

Rememebring how the middle east was then and what has happened since I have no desire to ever go there in this life again.

The Soviet Union was amazing-if that country ever becomes truly free and democratic it will be a number one tourist destination.

The art, architecture and history is overwhelming.

Everything SOVIET is oppressively impressive.

Giant statues and buildings designed to show the power and strength of the country.

The people were gloomy-it was as if they wanted to smile but feared what would happen if they did.

Like Saudi Arabia we were assigned an "escort" probably KGB.

A beautiful woman but cold and militaristic.

I have seen You Tube videos of North Korea when westerners are tourists it's very much the same-they have no filters about how terrible the USA is, how war like, how aggressive and how lacking in culture.

We were reminded at least hourly that the USA was barely 200 years old and Russia and the surrounding countries went back to the bronze age and before-in their minds they were practicing government far before the Greeks and Romans.

In Saint Petersburg we saw the beautiful palaces and the jaw dropping art and found (to our amazement) that virtually every fine artist os any ranking had studied at some point in Russia.

They also have many private collections (owned and curated by the supreme Soviet supposedly for the benefit of the workers).

Gold, Silver, Diamonds and other precious stones, fine furniture, sculpture, musical instruments and other art-lots of Faberge (real or recreations).

Most of this is not available to the masses since it was considered degenerate.

The schools are very good but responsible for many suicides-you are selected to succeed and given a finite time in which to do so at A plus quality level.

You could be a ballet or Opera star one day and be directing traffic or taking tickets on their underground the next-complain and you basically disappear-again much like North Korea.

Another place that I have been and while I would love to go back and see what I missed I wouldn't consider it even in the new deconstructed union.

One thing I learned in all my travels-Prague has the highest amount of male prostitutes and Munich the best of the female prostitutes...while I will never need this information if it ever came up at cocktails with a woman wearing a huge diamond ring I would have a somewhat educated-if dated-answer.

Save me from IDIOTS and SMUG MORONS

I am so tired of the Flat Earthers that have ensconced themselves on YouTube-Like many other conspiracy sheep they ardently defend their sta...