Friday, November 10, 2017

WITCH hunt

Let me say uncatagorically-ANYONE who preys upon children or even vulnerable young adults in a sexual OR emotional manner is lower than low-PREYS UPON being the salient phrase in this sentence.

Right now we are in a the midst of a terrible witch hunt where the accused are guilty until proven innocent-and that is so unfair to plain human decency.

You watch careers just dissolve and vanish based on accusations of "something" that happened years back or decades back in a town so charged by sexual tension that if the tension were harnessed it could light the world forever-but Hollywood and the Hollywood machine is not the only place that people are exploited-New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Las Vegas, San Francisco...

I can remember a time when if you wanted a job in San Francisco and you were male-you just expected to be groped, fondled and otherwise made into meat.

Women don't have the exclusive lock in on being touched, forced or otherwise humiliated where sex is concerned-they have a larger support group in some ways-but men just think they should take it and move on-embarrassed, humiliated or angry/guilty-"WHY didn't you just PUNCH HIM?" well, men are not the only sexual aggressors.

Sometimes men enjoy any kind of attention that momentarily makes them feel good then they have to face those feelings and if you have no support system where do you put what are actually normal feelings that have been made dirty, ugly and sinful by who else the moral, unblemished Christians or other religions-duh...

Let me say something about CHRISTIAN morality-I was sitting at Choir Practice one night when I was a paid soloist at Temple Baptist Church in downtown L A listening to the tenors and basses giggle and chortle like a pack of 13 year old school girls over the tenor soloists tale os a "light footed" guy at his construction job that they had corned in a men's room and all taken turns using him sexually and then they beat him up and threw him off the job site-that was back in the early 70's-in those days a whole bunch of STRAIGHT guys beating up a "FAG" was considered on a par with raising the flag at Iwo Jima-the AMERICAN way---so what does THAT say for CHRISTIANS?

How many good Christian Republicans are caught red faced soliciting sex in men's rooms?

We have GOT to get the whole Gay BAD, Straight GOOD thing put away!

Sexuality is a wide, liquid range especially for men and more so every day for women- Most men, left alone, are to some extent bi-sexual-and one can see in modern films and plays that sexual tension and erotic wordplay-BROmance, METROsexual-banter back and forth about oral (and anal) sex...Great apes often will dominate a less aggressive male sexually BUT-if they would tell the truth Dolphins, Apes, Chimps and many other species frequently act out sexually with their "friends" of the same sex.

Here's the thing: We often forget that its not only adults that are predators.

When I was 13 or 14 I was actively looking for ADULT sexual contacts-I wasn't alone I had several friends that were doing the same thing and at this point I have talked to hundreds of guys and some women who shared the same history.

A girl I went to high school with was turning tricks in Hollywood and going to High School during the week.

We say though that the adults should have known better, they were better equipped to deflect the advances, offer guidance.

THINK how many women teachers have lost their positions because they were 24 and having sex with a 16 year old male.

It's stupid-offer a 16 year old boy sex with an attractive adult close to his age-he has only one brain-in his pants-he wasn't tied up and threatened, there was no gun to his head-who is the victim here?

What is a 16 year old male other than a seething bundle of hormones-most have very adult genitals and libidos and the consequences of sex with an older person is a great (one hopes) orgasm or ten and complete indemnity from any responsibility-this would NOT be true if they acted out with a girl who was younger than they and became pregnant-but as the partner (or VICTIM) of an adult they can weep and become the poor used minor prey of a predator.

In the case of Bill Cosby-a man who seemingly betrayed an entire country who loved him as a symbol of Fatherhood, FAMILY, morality---allegedly he was drugging his victims-but my question is how many approached HIM looking for an advance in their careers and now are jumping on the witch hunt bandwagon.

He very well many have been a party to the game, he may have even drugged a few-it's WRONG but how do we now separate the wronged from the opportunist?

I've been through Hollywood I know how it works.

All or at least most of Hollywood and the New York Theatre community knew that a well known actor recently accused of molesting a 14 year old boy who was in a play with him-was a gay man-quite closeted in most aspects but GAY none the less.

My first question is WHY would someone so far into privacy and keeping a low profile as a gay man risk it all by making a pass at a minor-he is a smart man not a sex maniac.

The guy who is doing the accusing hasn't had a great career-he had a hit in a popular musical-the movie version was less successful and what has he done lately?

What a great way to get a career boost and some pity jobs than to be first to bring out a big star and accuse him of inappropriate behavior...sick is what it is.

Ask anyone who really knows the ACCUSED and they will tell you this guy is so far from his TYPE that it is ludicrous and that the actor was not and is not interested in children or minors.

I can tell you MOST gay men do not want children-they are interested in other men sometimes younger but not kids-That said I can't tell you how many YOUNG men (early 20's) have made advances to me...lots of young guys want DADDY-add sex to that it gives them comfort on several levels.

There are only TWO people who know what actually happened and one of them has apologized admitting that it was a time of alcohol abuse-BUT why has no one asked the poor vistim if he had a part in the transaction-if he was culpable or even the aggressor.

In the Rock Hudson case only ONE person made a fuss and that had much more to do with what he was getting money wise than any wrong doing by Rock Hudson.

I knew of at least TWO men who worked with me at Universal who had slept with male actors at the studio and when the AIDs epidemic hit the headlines-threatened to expose their bed partners if there wasn't some money forthcoming-at least one of them got a couple small parts in TV shows and some cash-they are all dead now so who was the predator, who was the prey and who set the traps?

There was at least one actor who was being supplied with m1nor males (under 15) by studios and it has never hit the headlines-carefully covered up and suppressed because he had the power of sponsor dollars on his side.

Rona Barret-an oft maligned Hollywood "gossip" guru frequently was guilty of telling ALMOST the truth about many sexual peccadillos-2 he-man Hollywood star brothers who were cross dressers and into Kinky Sex, a leading man who liked to brutalize women and have sex with boys and more...

That was the day when the studios had power-in the "golden days" of Hollywood they could cover up MURDER and did-that was the extent of their powers.

Later it was drug addiction, abortions, pregnancies and much more-usually GAY actors either played the Studio Game or vanished.

William (Billy) Haines was a top star at Metro and gave it up for the love of one man he spent his life with.

What is happening today could never have happened in those times.

What is going on today has more to do with Donald Trump and the age of FAKE morality than anything else.

We have ignore, as a country, for many years sexual slavery in the middle east, Asia and South East Asia; Child prostitution in Vietnam, Thailand, India, Eastern Europe and extremely perverse pornography from some or all of these places.

America then choses to criminalize those who LOOK at such things but never go after the source-interesting isn't it-same as drugs-the drug user and seller is the criminal but the distributor and growers are beyond the law.

We all want children and animals to be protected from harm but who protects us from being harmed?

We need to rethink our laws and how the system works-we don't want to even TALK about such things let alone bring them into the light-but maybe its time to legalize drugs and prostitution and license them-to define when a child becomes an adult according to the reality of today and now our visions-14 and 15 year olds are much more adult and knowledgeable than I was at that age and YET I was out there playing on an adult playground-I didn't end up traumatized and I have never felt victimized or preyed upon.

This is another case not unlike the Catholics where DEEP POCKETS are calling out to people to enrich themselves based on something they may have willingly participated in or actually orchestrated-NOT ALL, some may truly have been used by people who could manipulate them-but I would love to know the REAL numbers...

AND, if this many have been thrust into the media spotlight how many have gone unnoticed or are now running scared? I suspect at least a couple that I personally know of...

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What the HELL is going on in the USA????

I have come to a conclusion -neither the conservative right nor the liberal left is responsible for much of anything-also the illuminati, the space aliens, the Satanists and all the other nutters from the fringes of the world-all innocent, just crazed...its the 7% Rapture Christians-Endtimers who are causing all our problems.

Think about it.

We can't easily identify exactly who they are-they are every bit as dangerous as ISIS and other extremists or fringe zealots.

They can be anywhere in any position and unless they leak a bit of their insanity we have no clue.

These are people who WANT the world to end in fire so they can force the non-existent "RATURE" (where they are convinced they will be taken and spared the tribulations of the earth) and Armageddon so they again force the 2nd coming of the Messiah.

Watch when anything happens who are the first people to speak-who are the front line of conspiracy crazies who yell the loudest-ALT.RIGHT, extreme, religious zealots whose agenda is based on the end time, end time prophecy and Armageddon.

Don't just believe me-look it up-check You Tube and Facebook and other social media.

They love to blame whomever is currently in a position of power or whom they perceive is a threat to their agenda-Obama, The Clintons, occasional George W. Bush and many others.

Mike Pence is a good example of how these extremists get into high places-he has espoused a very fundamentalist, theocracy based belief system, he was selected to be vice-president of the USA and his best pal is Paul Ryan another extreme "believer".

Both are very charismatic and play to a wide range of the faithful but also to a wide range of the fringe like gun rights advocates, white nationalists and separationists who pick and chose what they like in the "Holy" book and espouse slanted, twisted Christian beliefs.

When they talk names like Hannity and Alex Jones often come up-there is a string of these "right" wing conservatives that blame everything on the liberals and love to alter historical fact to support their stance.

Currently it's the recent shooting massacre in Las Vegas but it goes way back to Kennedy's assassination conspiracies, the series of assassination which includes the Kennedy Brothers, Martin Luther King and even Marilyn Monroe's death and then virtually everything after that they could bring to question including 911, Sandy Hook and every lone gunman shooting (now including Las Vegas).

Usually its a matter of a 1) cover up, 2) collusion between government agencies and the illuminati, 3) intimidation and even murder of uncooperative witnesses that support their positions and $) complicated trails of plots and sub-plots that are a chines menu of selecting bits from here and there, mixing religion, paranormal and mythical players, secret societies and far fetched reasons why ingle minded actors like the recent Vegas shooter are just dupes in a much bigger, global conspiracy.

There is so much scrutiny now on any event that is really is virtually impossible to have police and other protectors of the population do a proper and thorough investigation without dozens if not hundreds of cel phone videos and eye witnesses with conflicting view points who are iused to stoke the conspiracy fires and launch suspicions of cover ups and lies.

I have no doubt that the governments of most countries lie to their populations to keep the people fairly calm in the face of panic-if an asteroid were aimed at Earth and we had 24 hours I think the people in power would attempt to suppress that info.

There is a basis for this kind of action-humans tend to over react in the face of unknown threats.

Also humans are really good at exaggerating and even augmenting the truth when it comes to scary situations-simply put-people lie.

I've lived through the days of poisoned over the counter drugs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Civil Riots and most of the events I mentioned above (assassinations etc). I have heard people pass absolutely manufactured garbage as facts from rock solid sources that don't exist.

What does disturb me in these times of uncertainty and social media: From where do all these people arise who were supposedly eye witnesses, have some expertise in subjects pertinent to the event, are online supporting the conspiracy versions of the event and often point viewers to websites and channels owned and operated by END TIMERS?

Usually Alex Jones is somewhere in the mix and the blame is on one of the current hot buzz, hot key words or issues: False Flag, One World Order, Illuminati, Aliens, Demonic, CIA, FBI, NASA, etc.

So the CIA and FBI are involved in covert operations with Homeland Security to either construct and execute events like the Vegas shootings in order to change the 2nd amendment, make illuminati richer and make a one world government seem more attractive-the proof is supposed eye witnesses that just happen to be munitions experts.

It boggles the mind.

If you listen long enough they will hit those hot buttons in so many ways that you start to actually believe that there may be truth in what they are saying-even if only a tiny bit.

A very good example is 911 when the story came out that one of the main perpetrators drivers license was found outside the collapsed buildings in perfect condition.

So this magical object made it through the fiery collision that vaporized a plane, parts of a sky scraper and miscellaneous people and office furnishings, managed to get out of the perps wallet and pocket and somehow flutter to the ground landing in a place where it was found in dusty but pristine condition?


The driver's License became a passport, then was confused with a passport and wedding ring of a passenger which was further confuse with a wedding ring in a folded note-it went on and on.

Of course according to the conspiracy people 911 never happened, did not involve planes, had nothing to do with terrorists, had visions of angels AND UFOs involved and was a cover up for the demolition of building 7 in order to hide papers that the government wanted  GONE-also the illuminati or others removed the gold before the destruction, the guy who owned the building became rich from insurance-it goes on and on and in my opinion is a major insult to the families of people who died regardless of how it happened.

Same with Sandy Hook-according to the conspiracy nuts no children were killed, no one was injured it was all crisis actors and a drill that was used for nefarious purposes to get guns regulated and removed from the hands of patriotic citizens---some of their proof is showing videos of people who look like the witnesses at Sandy Hook taken later at the Boston Marathon this proving they were crisis actors.

Just FYI one of the main conspiracies is this Vegas affair was a Crisis simulation that somehow went bad or got out of hand and is being run by the FBI or CIA-evidence is being hidden, peoples cel phones were erased there were shooters all over Las Vegas and even You Tube videos are being removed for NO REASON...

And who do they refer you to?

Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, End Timer channels and lots of witness videos that are based on their personal empirical research and opinions.

One woman who is a "witness" is the wife of a Marine, daughter of a Police Officer and lived in Detroit she walked away from her Jack pot and food in an uninvolved Casino some distance from the shooting site but she has lots to say about the types of guns used and events that happened where she was that have since been covered up.

If I had been there I would have been a mess-I would not want to be online telling the story calmly over and over---I would want to be left alone, anonymous and as far away from all that as I could get.

What started as a love gunman act of insanity has become a small part of an immense Illuminati action to seize guns, change the 2nd amendment, make other illuminati rich, further the Homeland Security agenda of corralling and controlling the citizens of the USA and OBAMA was probably involved AND the Clintons.

The sad thing is we have that first amendment right to give our opinion so these people just go on and on without any consequences or retaliation.

You would think in the horrible, oppressive climate they would be afraid to rant and rave about the oppressors and their friends the Satanist Space Aliens.

Bottom line: where their is controversy and calamity there is usually room for a conspiracy theory and people love something to talk about and as long as You Tube is monetized and there is money to be made it will go on and on.

And THAT is what the hell is going on in America....and Paris and anywhere else they can make a tragedy a conspiracy.

Monday, October 23, 2017

When I went to Saudi Arabia, Libya and the USSR

There was a period in the 70s when I was well connected and able to accompany friends on some pretty amazing excursions.

One friend worked for an air cargo company and every plane had at least 4 passenger seats-if no one was in them they could be purchased for a few dollars-no frills, no meals-just transportation but Los Angeles to Stuttgart for about 9.00usd was a real bargain even in the 70s-mostly we took weekend trips to Europe since one could get there in about 8 hours or so.

Another friend was a government liaison for a private corporation and could occasionally take someone with him-those trips were amazing because the governments of the various countries paid for everything, the accommodations were all first class and frequently there were expensive dinners and tours included in the trip.

The government of Austria sent us on a Rhine River cruise that is quiet a story-it was on a wooden boat/ship much like the one in DEATH ON THE NILE but very posh and well outfitted-on this cruise there were 4 employees for every one passenger.

I have some very vivid memories of that trip-the food was extraordinary - for the first time I had Beef Stroganoff made absolutely correctly with Filet Mignon, top vintage champagne and served on handmade fresh noodles-unforgettable....I must have raved a lot about it because frequently when there were things I did not like on the menu (I am very allergic to any seafood and I don't eat offal) I was offered beef stroganoff or a delicious variation made with poached chicken breast.

In the morning (I still laugh about this) the cabin steward would "tinkle" at the door;
He had a little silver bell that would be gently rung to wake you up-and he would stand there "tinkling" until one acknowledged him and gave him leave to enter...he brought the "light" snack for you to get up on and have the strength to make it to breakfast in the dining room.

It was always wonderful coffee with cream, some delicious pastry-not too rich-it was on this trip I learned to love PALMIERS and Chocolate croissants and always a silver pot of chocolate which I swear was a top quality milk chocolate bar melted in heavy cream with just a hint of cinnamon.

When you were finished you would clean up and dress for breakfast and drag your self the 40 or so feet to your table.

We had the choice of dining alone or being paired with "people of interest" and while I cannot and will not mention names at least one was one of the top classic stars of Hollywood (traveling with a very handsome young male "secretary" and a fabulous couple who were both in the arts-we became quite chummy and often exchanged anecdotes during cocktails on the deck (theirs were wonderful of course-racy and full of gossip) she especially was given to wearing vintage diamonds and she loved to tell the stories of whom they had belonged to or made for.

This was the first time I saw a canary diamond and I was instantly in  love-the lady told me a good canary diamond must be the colour of healthy urine and have few or no inclusions.

Hers was 7 carats with a scattering of citron and aquamarines in Platinum to help bring out the yellow of the center stone...I do remember telling Liz Taylor about that ring and she mentioned the ladies name and I nodded to which she replied "I think I own that now."

After breakfast you found you deck chair and watch the magnificent scenery go by-the stewards served beverages and offered little amuse bouche so you wouldn't starve before luncheon-Luncheon was always like brunch in America-poached meats, beautiful vegetable terrines, salads, clever little sandwiches all brought around on carts for you to select.

Afternoons might be excursions or shopping in a village along the route or an impromptu recital, reading or lecture.

Cocktails and hors d'ouvre on the deck (weather permitting) and then dinner at either 8 or 9:30-one was formal the other more casual and finally a midnight buffet of deserts and delicacies where one could see liaisons and business deals arranged in a most civilized and elegant manner.

We went for 9 days and ended up in Vienna others went on to Eastern Europe.

The other amazing memory was the boat pulled into a small "harbor" where in the square along the river Puccini;s "La Rondine" was presented and we had our seats on the boat (with champagne and munchies of course).

I never knew exactly how much this adventure cost but I heard it was over one thousand U S Dollars per person per day...the cabin/stateroom we had was quite large-comparable to a small suite in a good hotel and others had larger rooms and had also brought servants.

Something I will never get to do again and also a kind of travel that has seen it's time-people move so much more quickly these days, have shorter attention spans and I just can't imagine that trip with Kale juice, health food, quinoa and that sort of thing.

I put this narrative first to offer a comparison to my trek to Libya.

It was a 19 hour flight from L A via Heathrow and Athens then a Libyan airline-we ended up in the same Hilton where the American press was held hostage by Khadafy-we had already been told that the room and pretty much everything else was bugged so be careful what we said.

Only Arabic TV and not much else to do and horrible "American" style food so we decided to take a walk-the only movie theatre in town was showing a 4 hour program of propaganda films about the Russian wheat harvest and other such fascinating topics-thankfully we were only there two nights.

Once while walking down the street a car "backfired" we looked around and found we were the only people standing the rest were face down in the gutters protecting their heads.

Saudi Arabia was even more repressed-we were greeted with a 45 minute in depth briefing about how to act and what NOT to do-the only time the food was edible was at functions with the Saudi royalty.

On that trip I was introduced to the Saudi Prince who killed his own brother in order to attain power-a few years later I would have him on a tour at Universal and took great delight in reminding him we had dined together-He and about 200 of his closest sycophants and me.

Rememebring how the middle east was then and what has happened since I have no desire to ever go there in this life again.

The Soviet Union was amazing-if that country ever becomes truly free and democratic it will be a number one tourist destination.

The art, architecture and history is overwhelming.

Everything SOVIET is oppressively impressive.

Giant statues and buildings designed to show the power and strength of the country.

The people were gloomy-it was as if they wanted to smile but feared what would happen if they did.

Like Saudi Arabia we were assigned an "escort" probably KGB.

A beautiful woman but cold and militaristic.

I have seen You Tube videos of North Korea when westerners are tourists it's very much the same-they have no filters about how terrible the USA is, how war like, how aggressive and how lacking in culture.

We were reminded at least hourly that the USA was barely 200 years old and Russia and the surrounding countries went back to the bronze age and before-in their minds they were practicing government far before the Greeks and Romans.

In Saint Petersburg we saw the beautiful palaces and the jaw dropping art and found (to our amazement) that virtually every fine artist os any ranking had studied at some point in Russia.

They also have many private collections (owned and curated by the supreme Soviet supposedly for the benefit of the workers).

Gold, Silver, Diamonds and other precious stones, fine furniture, sculpture, musical instruments and other art-lots of Faberge (real or recreations).

Most of this is not available to the masses since it was considered degenerate.

The schools are very good but responsible for many suicides-you are selected to succeed and given a finite time in which to do so at A plus quality level.

You could be a ballet or Opera star one day and be directing traffic or taking tickets on their underground the next-complain and you basically disappear-again much like North Korea.

Another place that I have been and while I would love to go back and see what I missed I wouldn't consider it even in the new deconstructed union.

One thing I learned in all my travels-Prague has the highest amount of male prostitutes and Munich the best of the female prostitutes...while I will never need this information if it ever came up at cocktails with a woman wearing a huge diamond ring I would have a somewhat educated-if dated-answer.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

In Excelsis

I don't really believe in God-at least not the God that most born againers seem to adore=the mean old guy with the white beard envisioned by Michelangelo -sitting on a cloud making everyone guilty and miserable.

Clearly there are at least 2 GODs in the Bible-the god of the Jews and the New Testament God of Jesus.

Remembering that Jesus is the son of himself-all very confusing-and the holy spirit 3 in one-I don't think it's the same omnipotent super being.

Also the God of the new testament is way less of a sadist compared to the other one.

The Judeo Christian God certainly has the best PR and staying power amongst much of the world's population-I believe there are more than 2 billion Christians in the world about 1/3 of the worlds population-However,

Islam is growing more rapidly than any other religion in the world, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center that says the religion will nearly equal Christianity by 2050 before eclipsing it around 2070, if current trends continue.

This is surprising since Muslim is a stricter religion, rules wise.

I would think that NO religion that requires praying at designated times 5 sessions a day would be so popular.

People get very angry and loud over religion and perfectly nice folks turn into bullies...why?

I think mainly it's fear-disagreement with their beliefs which are tested daily makes them feel uneasy and shaky so they combat that with anger.

My Aunt Mildred was a very Christian woman in almost every way-she was decidedly liberal when it came to some areas like sexuality and co-habitating outside of marriage-but for herself she did unto others and followed the commandments on a pretty strict line.

I vividly remember the day my Dad dies she said very clearly-"I doubt God, I pray and I pray and he never answers".

I won't get deeply into my personal feelings about prayer except to say collective consciousness and focused thinking seems to bring positive results...and there are the events that are unexplainable.

So many people use prayer as a weapon begging GOD to smite someone or punish them for their wrong doings or wrong thinking.

I actually had a person who was virtually a total stranger and a witnessing Christian  tell me ."I pray every day that God will rid the world of Homosexuals and Liberals".

Interesting because I pray everyday for an end to Bigots and born again Christians (usually synonymous).

Is anyone as fascinated as I am that the Republican, Christian power mongers are the ones who get caught in all sorts of sleazy peccadillos ?

Yes, I know-Bill Clinton-so many people were fantasizing about him that they got angry when he was actually exposed as a human.

It has been proved that MANY people never consider that the President has anything under his suit-like a very complex audio animatronic KEN doll.

It's also important to understand that todays politicians aren't any more debauched than the founders of our country with their morphine and liquor addictions, mistresses of all varieties, slaves-the list is long and dark-the people tday just suffer from media overexposure-you may remember we got to see Jimmy Carters colonoscopy, George H. W. Bush vomit on a high ranking Japanese dignitary and most of the government LIE to the media every day-right on camera.

They aren't worse than their predecessors they're just more apt to get caught.

You can rant on at me forever about the country being founded upon religion and religious freedom-it's more complicated than that but people like things cut and dried-and I agree to an extent that this new world was founded upon a basis of escaping religious persecution-even in 1776 the auto de fe, mass executions of heretics by burning and other unattractive ways to perish in the name of religion were not that far behind-I believe we had a few such murders in Massachusetts and perhaps elsewhere and I frankly don't think religious persecution is over.

When a woman has to worry about imprisonment for having an abortion because of a religious reason that's just wrong-I have said before it's between that woman and her conscience -not an easy choice but certainly NOT a choice that should be legislated by Old men in Washington D C or any other state capitol.

They have white washed the issue with fetal rights and pseudo-science-so I put forward that instead of abortion we deliver the unborn child by Caesarian and then have people pray over it-that seems fair or in the case of Father's Rights we find a way to have the man carry the fetus.

With so many children is terrible conditions just in our country alone bringing more children into this world seems like child abuse.

People think they want children and then find the reality horrible to del with-12 and 13 year old girls have babies because they want one-again the reality doesn't match the fantasy and often that child's mother or grandmother ends up raising the kid-but some of these girls do it yearly and walk away from the children as easily as changing outfits.

Where is GOD in all this? You would think an omnipotent super being would know when to flip the switch on unwanted pregnancies...

We have a separation of church and state for a reason-the religious right doesn't want to accept or talk about that they want a theocracy-one Nation under God (and preferably the Old Testament White Bearded White guy on a cloud with a very twisted sense of good and evil).

Despite laws to protect people's individual human rights they will persecute and bully based on their beliefs-they will condemn Muslims for their theocracies, laugh at the laws and traditions of Jews, make fun of the Mormon's "magic underwear" superior and entitled the 7% born againers, or born from above or born of the blood of Christ-whomever the hell they are-the quicker we are free of their tyranny the better and the same goes for all twisted beliefs based on MAGIC THINKING-done in the name of an invisible deity because someone said it was true.

WHY is the Bible, Old and New Testament, any more valid a document or any more divinely inspired than say Darwin's Origin of the species?

GOD hasn't been making any visits lately via burning bushes or pillars of fire-if someone says God is speaking to them and is sufficiently zealous about it we generally send them off for psychiatric care so how do we know they are not the NEW prophets?

What about the other 100's or Thousands of deities that have come and gone over the centuries? How do we know that they weren't as valid as Jesus or Jehovah or Moses?

We laugh at people who have religions based on shaky concepts like the Mormon's with the magica plates and the glasses that allowed one ro read them but only one person had that divine experience and the rest had to take him at his word-Mormon is a huge religion and has replaced the Baptists in missionary work and converts.

And frankly the church that was invented by a KING to get out from under a marriage, escape the clutches of a more powerful religious valid can that be in the scheme of things?

I suggest you read "The Handmaid's Tales" by Margaret Atwood if you want to see how easily religion can be twisted to make the powerful even more powerful-and Neil Gaiman's delightful epic "American Gods" that pretty much sums up mankind and how we makeup things to worship and how that all plays out with the God's we have made and forgotten.

I think it's important to believe in something-at one point we could believe in America as a concept and a goal worth fighting for-at one we have fear, loathing, bigotry worse than almost anytime in history.

America is being run by mega-maniacal mad men, religious zealots who invite the rapture and Armageddon, militaristic white supremacists who don't want the 2nd amendment tampered with because currently they are better armed than the U S Armed Forces, Street Gangs that make yearly profits like giant corporations (the replacement for the Mafia) and PACs that have only their interests in mind and focus on their agendas with supernatural energy.

The population is kept agitated by fear, rumor and innuendo augmented by the realities of living in America today as jobs disappear,  services are outsourced, food is contaminated, and more.

In the market I can get Pear's from Chili-why can't I get pears from the USA? Because they are shipped elsewhere so they bring higher profits...why are so many vitamins and supplements made in China? Because that makes the profit's enormous meanwhile our factories crumble and decay.

Once again I ask you-WHERE is GOD in all this?

Don't try the punishment for all our sinful ways crap with me-if that were true Washington D C would be SODOM---and why is it that the Bible belt is hit every year by killer storms while the sin cities run wide open?

It's a rhetorical question...

PS: I was discussing this God and his thunderbolts dogma of punishment and anger with someone who simply said, "That is the angry OLD God the gentle NEW God sends treatments and cures".

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Disneyland Part 2

1959 Was the year they called E TICKET summer-the monorail, Matterhorn and submarines were added along with E tickets-they also had magic key ticket books which were all E tickets-you bought them separately at the old ticket kiosks from the days when you paid to get in and every ride too a ticket purchased inside.

In the early sixties you could get the best ticket book for 2 books of green stamps-so I would beg my Mother who was a blue chip saver-my friend Joe and I would take the bus out to the park-took a long time-so we left early and were home late

For many years the park was closed Monday and Tuesday-we would try to manage to go during the week when the crowds were smaller-nothing like today...

Eventually I could drive myself-we loved to go to "date Night"-the park used to have big name talent in concerts-lots of live bands and dancing-this was before Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder...

In 1966 I think-Tomorrowland was completely ripped out and redone-I think it lost some of the charm it had before-also they were finding places for the attractions like It's a Small World and Mr Lincoln that came back for the 1964 World's Fair in New York...

In Adventureland they had a sit down restaurant sponsored by Lawry's call THE TAHITIIAN TERRACE -it was semi outdoor and featured a large waterfall and "Polynesian " food-they had Chicken Salad in a Pineapple that was the best...

At dinner time and in the evening the waterfall became a stage and the water would part like a curtain-they would have dancers, knife twirlers and fire (torch) dancers-the show lasted about 39 minutes or so-it was one of their best all time attractions and restaurants.

The thing about Disney-it was always clean, well kept and one felt "safe"...

I was waiting in line for the monorail at the hotel once with a friend-the monorail vehicle had some sort of massive malfunction-something between an explosion and a sci-fi movie short circuit-It was the only time I ever felt endangered at Disneyland (and actually it was at the hotel).

In those days it was only crowded in summer and on weekends-you could go out there and buy a shopping pass at Christmas time-I seem to remember if you showed receipts for purchases within a certain amount of time as you exited they would refund the cost of the entry pass.

They had wonderful things for sale in those days-there was a fabulous cookware shoppe in New Orleans Square and the One of a kind shoppe-sort of a curio/antique shoppe=jeweler and perfumes-men's and women's clothing.

I loved to go there later in the day, walk around, have an early dinner-maybe watch the last parade and browse the shoppes on the way out.

I doubt many remember it was under 10.00usd for a ticket book and entry and food while more expensive than outside the park was affordable (although most of it not wonderful).

The addition of parks in Florida and later Europe and Asia would change how Disney was operated and especially the merchandising...I have a lot more to say in the next installment.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


As a Californian I have grown up with earthquakes and if one lives through one-it's pretty much over and you move on to deal with the aftershocks.

Tornados scare the bejebbers out of me.

I remember very well the first time I visited Colorado-Longmont to be exact-outside Denver on the way to Laramie I think-its the plains-flat, windy, temperamental weather.

Richard and I were there to do a Country Folk Art show-its was windy and rainy-mid-june.

We decided after checking in to a hotel to walk to a local restaurant a few blocks away-I was unaware the Tornados could hit Colorado at this point.

I was very aware of the leaden, grey sky occasionally ripped with huge golden forks of lightening and loud, Zeusian rumbles of thunder (Angels were bowling a tournament that afternoon).

I do not like to be outside, unprotected in a lightening storm.

We made it to the café and got seated and everyone seemed very tight lipped and somber for a place that smelled that good at dinner time.

I noticed the TVs around the room were scrolling and when I focused in it was a Tornado warning.

I am still unclear about which is worse watch or warning-either way I was ready to go back to Los Angeles and wait for an earth quake.

 Obviously no devil wind struck during dinner, nor on the walk (more like a jog) back to the hotel-as we passed through the lobby the manaher offered that she should probably show us the Tornado shelter and explain the bell alarm...this did NOTHING to make me feel a bit better.

That was 30 years ago and I still don't want to go to Tornado states.

BTW, interesting aside we dove through Colorado Springs just a couple hours before a devastating Tornado hit that town on the same trip.

Earthquakes...the first one I have a dim remembrance of was 1952-the Tehachapi quake which I believe was the last huge quake on the San Andreas Fault-I don't remember the shaking I do remember my parents coming to get me and standing with me in a doorway-we has lasting mementos-we had just moved into the house in Pico Rivera and the folks had poured concrete all of which was cracked by the quake.

1971 I was living in Apartment 101 of the Lynne Manor Apartments in Hollywood on Franklin Ave-a 5 store, unreinforced brownstone-I was awaked by ---something_ I ran to the window from which I could see Hollywood down the hill-all was black-the sky was lighted by a huge green flash and I decided in a split second that either they had dropped "THE bomb" or Aliens were invading-I dove under the Murphy bed and then heard the footsteps ponding down the stairs and shouts of Earthquake...since I was not crushed-that was that...

I do remember that in the evening I had a rehearsel of a musical review I was doing in Whittier and there was a LUNAR exlipse so the full moon turned RED and everyone was just sure there would be another quake-didn't happen.

That was the famous Sylmar quake-lots of damage-I don't think there was a plate glass windo in one piece anywhere on Hollywood Blvd. The freeway collapsed in several places and buildings in Downtown L A did collapse (partially or totally).

There were smaller quakes between-I was on the Pomona Freeway early one morning headed for an art show in San Diego when the radio in the car went dead and the Whittier Narrows quake hit-even though I was on the epicenter I didn't feel it because the car was so loaded down with displays and merchandise.

That quake pretty much ruined Whittier and lots of places around it in the San Gabriel Valley.

The quake that left the biggest impression on me (and Los Angeles) was the Northridge Quake-it was a new kind of quake since we are used to slip faults and that quake was a thrust fault-the government lied about it: I was told it was pronbably close to a magnitude 8 quake-I didn't remember any quake being that violent before-it really devastated the San Fernando Valley, SantaMonica and several outlying areas-it caused underground water to disappear, took down freeways, shopping malls and parking structures...had it been a few hours later in would have been a cause of many deaths but it happened in the dark, early morning.

My most vivid memory was how beautiful the sky was with all the electrics off-there were a million stars and the milky way clouds were visible, probably for the first time in decades from L A.

I was crossing my back yard and saw a bright blue meteorite followed by a green one-spectacular.

When the sun came up the aftershocks made dust clouds rise from the foothills-another thing I had never seen before.

It moved the chimney on the front house in Burbank about 2 inches away from the house itself and emptied the contents out of all the south facing cabinets in the house-I had dozens of bottles of paint on the floor but my delicate mermaid collection stayed in place.

My sisters home and garage were devastated in Northridge-she lived directly between the mall that collapsed and the apartment building that killed a number of people when it also collapsed-there were no brick walls standing anywhere in that area.

The quake broke a regulator clock in half on the wall where it hung-put a grand piano through a wall-blew the sashes off the windows-the garage went up and the land went down and when they remet the building had turned about 45 degrees on its was surreal.

A friend who worked for the U S Geological survey told me that if one could follow the shockwave from the upward thrust of the quake into space it would be traveling outward through the solar system for several days and would pass Jupiter before it dwindled.

But we all lived-and the after shocks went on for months.

We lived almost 400 miles from San Francisco but we felt the jolt from the Loma Prieta quake that hit there on the first day of the world's series one year...they often feel quakes in California in Las Vegas, Nevada-300 miles across the desert ...

Part of California is on the Pacific Plate which is revolving counter clockwise and the rest in on the North American Plate-the San Andreas fault comes up through the imperial valley and bisects the valley where Palm Springs is located it continues north past San Bernardino and the goes along the back of the San Gabriel Mountains into the central Valley and finally into the ocean just north of San Francisco-the fault system continues all the way north past Oregon and Washington where there are a string of Volcanos anchored by Mount Saint Helens on the south followed by the Olympia range to the north-both Portland and Seattle have active volcanos just to the east of the cities.

Even In California we have places like Calistoga where carbonated water comes out of the ground in a spring and Mount Lassen which is referred to by some ads the "Mini-Yellowstone".

Mammoth in California is also a volcanic field punctuated by hot springs, cinder cones and craters-all of these are active-dormant in the recent past except for Mt St Helens which erupted in my lifetime...

The big quake in California was Fort Tejon, nearly a magnitude 8 in the early 1800s-the quakes are often named for a city/town or geographical feature that is nearby-that quake was a part of the area where the Faultline goes into the central Valley.

We will have more quakes-we wait every year for the next BIG ONE-people expect the fault to break near San Bernardino an area that has been quiet and "locked" for too many decades.

Others believe that some of the other quakes caused mirror cracks at the "dog leg" the area where the fault makes a sharp turn near San Bernardino...that quake could be devastating for the Inland Empire area of California and Los Angeles as well as orange County where I live which is just over the hills.

There is also the Inglewood fault that runs through the ocean off Long Beach-its pretty much flattened that town in 1933 and is now overdue to break again...

But which would you rather? a quake every 20 years or so or a Tornado season every year? We don't have many blizzards in this end of the state...but California does have the most Tornados of any state west of the Rockies-mostly around Sacramento.

(We had a water spout that started during a thunderstorm off the coast and came on land just 5 miles south of me through Sunset Beach where it became a Tornado-so there ya go)

No matter where you live you face something-I am used to Earthquakes I guess-I have never been injured by one nor had severe damage from one directly (other than my sis)...

We used to have floods in California-we thought they were over since we have all this flood control but the weather is changing....and now they say that Yellowstone may go off sooner rather than later (I'm sure all the conspiracy nuts are having orgasms over that piece of news.)

I really don't want to live through an extinction level event so I hope it waits 50 years or so-I have been lucky so far.

But then-I believe in reincarnation so...............

Monday, September 4, 2017


Once upon a time, on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Bronson there was a café called Pergola's.

In the mid-60s it was a quiet place during the daytime, had a male counter attendant which was a bit strange in Hollywood of those days-most places had ample motherly ladies named mable or madge who word big starched hankies with name tags made of cardboard and macaroni letters spelling out their names-all sprayed gold.

Pergola's came to life when the magical hour of 10pm came around sometimes later on weekends-then the booths and stools filled with the night people of the neighborhood...

Since no liquor was served any one of any age could squeeze in and did.

I was 14 or 15 so I used to go with my friend Roy-we would borrow my Mothers 55 Ford and drive out to Hollywood hoping that the car would stay operational both directions since I always claimed to be somewhere else-not Hollywood.

The lure of Tinsel town was like a Carnival-seedy, forbidden, a little dingy and tarnished always one lightbulb in the sign burned out.

At Pergola's the people normally in clubs and bars were available even to a minor: Hustlers, pimps, wheeler dealers, hookers, old time movie wonders....everyone...on display for the cost of a coke or a cup of coffee.

I loved it there-one night I bumped into the principal of my High School-he left quickly when recognized.

It's like the old song-"If he squeals on me I'll squeal on him"...all secrets were safe at Pergola's.

I was fascinated by a person whose name I think was MEL-she (for our purposes) had mauve hair in a day when mauve was hardly known as a colour-her friend was Bambii (short for Bambino) Roy had somehow struck up a conversation with them.

I don't know why I was fascinated but it was that carny thing-they both had that tough, made up veneer - a little scraped and dingy but fascinating.

We decided at midnight (I was supposed to be home by 10pm) to go "downtown" to L A and see what was "happening"...we ended up at a doughnut joint near Pershing Square that was surrounded by the has been hustlers (male prostitutes) of the neighborhood and one stand out guy who turned out to be John Rechy who would later write a famous book about his life and hustling called CITY OF NIGHT-he was an interesting dude and had lots to say-he told me I was way too young to be wandering around "down here" alone (he meant less the neighborhood than the atmosphere-it was a down low kinda place).

We tried to get into a bar called the crown jewel but they carded so we headed back to Pergola's-they were just in the process of cleaning up a fight between two drag queens involving rat tail combs sharpened into weapons.

Besides Pergolas there was ALDO's farther up the boulevard which could be an amazingly picturesque place after midnight...the drag queens all came in after the drag balls in their finery and there was always a fight over some random dude.

Pharaohs Tomb was on Highland and they didn't care if you had ID or not since they were a private club-upstairs with lots of fake Cleopatra décor, go go boys and dark corners where the action happened.

In those days Arthur J's on Highland was much more tame and respectable than it would become 5 or so years in the future.

Everything was accessed in a twilight haze-never a bright bulb and always a back way out-the cops were vicious in those days.

The story goes that during the Vietnam war there was such a shortage of males for police duty that they would offer service men 2 years off their tour of duty if they would serve on the L A P D for those 2 years-so fresh from eating raw meat in the jungles of Cambodia many of them hit Rampart Division in Los Angeles and Hollywood division-both areas known for drugs, gangs and gays-McArthur Park was a well known part of this jurisdiction-there was a well known bar on one side of the park called the Fallen Angel which I believe also plays a part in John Rechy's books.

But I was telling about Pergola's-it was a place for turtle neck sweaters with bell sleeves and tight pants you never carried a wallet just a couple bucks in a pocket too tight to be picked-hip huggers were the thing-I actually had a pair with a 3 inch fly-that's living dangerously.

I was talking to a guy who lived near Hollywood and Highland and he wanted me to walk home with him while he changed clothes and got a jacket-we were crossing a dark parking lot off Hollywood Blvd when he pushed me into a dark alley and told me to keep still and quiet-a couple cops had driven up with a drag queen in cuffs in their patrol car...they played around-cat and mouse style, all laughs and friendly with the guy-then they made him perform fellatio on both of them-then they shot him in the head and drove away.

We waited till we were sure they were gone and ran to a phone booth on Franklin near a market called in the murder but didn't mention cops then slipped away to Nicky's apartment where he changed his clothes, got a jacket and we headed back to Pergola's-by the time we had walked back Roy said we had to head home-and the only thing Nicky said was "Not a word."

Not the next day but the day after it was in the papers about a degenerate killed in a drug deal gone wrong and the body left in the parking lot with signs of sexual attack.

My Mother made sure I saw it and lectured me about that was why she didn't want me wandering around out THERE in the middle of the night-I wasn't sure which part was the part I needed to worry about since I was neither a drug users nor a drag queen-I guess I missed the point.

At Pergola's I met CRISWELL a TV psychic/parapsychologist who predicted the whole USA would go gay by 1999-he lived in a small apartment on Selma Ave.

He had become "famous" by appearing in some Ed Woods films and was frequently seen around Hollywood and anyone who would print his predictions-he was with his lady friend who was a grotesque creature with white pancake makeup, smeared mascara a red slash for a mouth and matted red hair that hung down the back to her waist-later I found out it was she who Bette Davis patterned her look upon for "Baby Jane"-she had been a silent film performer and she told many stories of sex, sin and scandal in the booth at Pergola's surrounded by so many more strange and unusual creatures.

There was also a lady of some age who dressed in a style right out of the late 20s who had been a theatre organist who told tales about Valentino and his love trysts played out in an empty theatre on Hollywood Boulevard with beautiful young actors to the strains of Scheherazade and other exotic tunes on the theatre's great Wurlitzer Organ-he paid her with the promise she would not look until the deed was done...

Like any passing fascination Pergola's became old hat to me and one weekend we stopped going to my Mother's joy and delight.

Years later when I lived at Franklin and Cahuenga I went looking once again for the magic of Pergola's but like so many parts of Old Hollywood it had vanished replaced by a florist shop-there were still nightly stiletto fights at Aldo's and the action had moved to Arthur J's but it wasn't the same.

Forbidden fruit is only produce when it's no longer a little dangerous and forbidden...

There would never be a time when the dim lights and spangles would shine so brightly for me and the fascinating people of the night would cluster so richly as the glory days of that little café on Hollywood and Bronson.


in 1967 I left El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera and didn't look back much.

It's 2017 and the 50th reunion is upon us-I haven't gone to any others -why would I go to this one...

We had a special reunion of Drama, Music and arty people back in 2008 and I liked that-it was almost all people I enjoyed seeing despite the fact that most of them stayed as far away from me as they could-huddled as they were in their cliques.

Lela Daniels, the school beauty and her husband (she was Nellie Forbush in South Pacific and I played opposite her in the Man Who Came To Dinner where she was Lorraine Sheldon and I got to seal her in a mummy case) were especially nice to me and at the dinner I sat with people I knew well who did not ignore me.

That was enough.

I was not well liked in high school-I ran with the students who dressed all in black-art, music and theatre-I managed to get to the point where I was too powerful to be bullied (also too tall) and was a darling amongst all the teachers and faculty (except for PE-they hated me too).

I knew people, but I was not particularly friendly with them-it was not that I didn't like them, we moved in different circles and I had the onus of eccentricity - being different, so there was that as well.

Some people I never saw-I lived across the street from Dan Gayhart and his brothers-we would wave occasionally-I do not believe we spoke the entire 4 years of high school.

We had grown up literally playing and going to school together-he became a football star and I was the artistic one-we both had stature but in high school his trumped mine.

Down the street was Terry Nelson and around the corner Kay Anderson-both older than me-interestingly both were in the play Lella and I did-Terry was the lead and Kay was Harriet the crazy spinster-they were both at least cordial at the 2008 event.

Bill Cody lived at the end of the street catty corner from the Jurics (Jan-the school Drum Master and his sister Jackie) Bill was the AV guy...

From junior high I was friends with Melanie Bourland, Bob Wilson and his sister Donna I don't remember ever speaking to ANY of these people during High School except Bill-he and I worked on a film we did for the senior awards ceremony or Senior tea or whatever the hell it was-he was fine.

Joe Power and I were friends all 4 years of high school-we met in journalism-we saw each other on and off and most recently when I moved down here-like me he had little use for High School-even less than I did.

Sandy Isham, Linda Wells (now Melody Bnah), Linda Buress, Tim Peters, Delbery Hull, Stephen Burts, John Davis (from drama not the mayor's son although we were friends for a bit) mostly people who were older than myself a year or more ahead in school.

Lot's of drama people I knew from shows, but did I hang out with them-NO...

All the drama people and others went to the Veenhuyzen's after school-Arlene Craig and I often walked over there together-that lasted for a short while.

I think I said elsewhere that the cheer leaders used to court my favors so I would do charecatures of them on their megaphones-did I ever see them otherwise-not so much-only Barb Watson who is a genuinely good person and Richard Stubbs also a good fellow.

In Choraleers the schools elite madrigal/pop group we were together probably more than any other group since we sang all year (I was in for 2 years) but dod I  KNOW any of these people?

I remember Linda Warren and of course Ginny Chitwood-the schoold diva...Madyline Shapiro-mezzo-she had two sisters apparently the middle one had the real talent Caroline).

Dave Pennington ended up married to the girl I went to the formal dance with, Margo Mummah-he became a minister-were we friends? No...

I sat next to the late Glenn Wanke whose name we mispronounced all through High School-I actually thought it was pronounced WANKY not Vahnkuh-no one ever looked as good in white jeans as Glenn-he was a gymnast and loved music-his son is mayor of Yorba Linda-Glenn died of the Big C a year or so ago.

Al Armenta sat on the other side of me next to Steve Astel-Steve actually had the best voice at the time IMHO-I don't know what he did later or of he continued singing...

There are all sorts of people in between that I just don't remember-I don't remember ever having a conversation with Franz Miller-he was a tenor-I know his face but that's it.

I genuinely liked Walt Matkins-he and I shared a love for pointed toe, Cuban heel shoes but I can't say I actually KNEW him other than in that setting.

Dennis McKinney is one of two guys I constantly mix up one sings the other was an artist-I had a class with both-I also saw BOTH at Universal when I was a tour guide-I think one or both of them are dead---strange...

I hated Gary Priebe-he was a horrible bully-handsome guy we went to Junior High together and that's the last I saw him-also now dead.

Vic Larsen and I were pretty friendly in Junior High but come high School we occasionally said hi in the hallway but that is that.

Stephen Small still lives, I believe, in the house he grew up in -his mom Juanita was our Avon Lady and his sister was a showgirl in a couple of productions I did outside school, Susan-I don't remember speaking to him at any point in high school.

Cody Combs was Junior miss-she was a song leader (?) she was in a play that I was in that's why I sort knew her-also she was very different from most of the SOCSHes-I liked Cody-still do.

Mike Romero and Donna Padilla were both at the 2008 reunion-we saw each other a little after high school and then drifted.

Dwight Walrath and his sister-same thing...

Christine Bright, Blanche Benetez and others went back to Elementary school-I happened to find out that one very popular girl was in my first grade class with me-Mrs. eddy's class-I don't remember her...

Kurt Musselmen-blown up in Vietnam along with too many others-Phil La Kose-don't know what happened to him-we were pretty good friends despite our age difference.

Colleen Mullen-loved her-she was so much fun...

If I left your name out, don't feel bad, so many names have been erased from my data bank-I blame it on the mescaline I took at a Pink Floyd concert in the 60s-that used to get a laugh-I never took mescaline nor have I ever seen Pink Floyd in concert it was a funny, ironic thing to say.

SOOOO, all that said-why would I wnt to go to this 50th reunion and look at people I don't know-who didn't WANT to know me?

Cody said to me they were in awe of my talent-I think it was the leprosy of my assumed sexuality.

Someone said I should go just to hold me head up high-I never did NOT do that-I have nothing to be ashamed of-if I ever treated anyone badly I apologize it was the hormones not meanness...

My sister followed me into the snake pit a few years after-she was much more popular-she had friends, she hung with people and did things I did not-she was miserable...

High School is not something that should be memorialized every 10 years-what they should do is put all the teachers and administrators that can still move in one room and let us visit them:

Mrs, Eddy-first grade, Opal Curtis 3rd, Dorthea Caylor-5th, Allen Cochran (late) 6th and high school art, Phyllis Newsom and Fred Slater from Junior High, more from high school...I am so glad I am still in contact with Squire Fridell-he isn't much older than me-long may he wave.

The rest of you-I wish you ONLY well-good health, happiness and if you feel so compelled-you can look me up in Seal Beach just up the road from Bolsa and Huntington---you will never know which of you I may have loved or hated or envied-it doesn't matter now-it didn't matter then...

People come and go in our lives-I sang at Dave LaFortune and Barbara Mckeechens wedding-I always liked BOTH of you-I hope wherever you are you are happy...

Linda Leon? Eddie Figueroa? John Brusch? Ken Rich? David Schenk? Gary Hunderford? Steve Parker (Mary Meller), Kathy Parker ?

I realized I had left out the KUHN clan-Linda and I (I think) were in elementary school together-he brother Ed worked with my MOM? and or SISTER?-I don't remember where-my Mother and their mother were friends-I facebook with one or the other of them occasionally.

John opened a world for me in books-you will never know how much I felt for you...

My life started when I left Pico Rivera and I didn't leave anything behind that I regret or wish to regain...I designed the cover of the 1967 yearbook...does anyone remember that? Gary Larsen did the interior illustrations...I believe Collen was the editor

Cheers 2017

The You Tube Addiction

Every morning I read my email, check face book and then watch ADAM THE WOO...on You Tube.

Some days I also watch Justin Scarred and The Tim Tracker if they have new vids up.

There's a blonde Brit guy that reports the Disney news-I often watch him as well...and a few others.

At night when I am tucked in is when the urge for You Tube takes over and I start the random You Tube channel switching.

I find the most interesting stuff from complete Broadway shows to Opera to strange documentaries, episodes of British Talk Shows like Graham's still free if you have wiFi and I watch on my 8 inch Kindle Fire (great picture).

Something very intimate and personal about being all comfy on the pillows and watching reel of 15 minutes of men's bulges shot by  random person, voyeuristic intentions indeed,

I have to admit I don't always watch the entirety of a presentation although I was addicted to car crashes for about a week and couldn't get enough of those and people going randomly berserk in odd places, also a guilty pleasure.

Sometimes I will just think to myself, "I would like to hear the final trio from Der Rosenkavalier and voila there are several versions to chose from.

Perhaps a comparison of various artists performing Meadowlark or who hits the best High C or Opera Bloopers-its a never ending fugue of visual and sometimes auditory delights.

You could settle down and "ride" every version of Pirates of The Caribbean in the world one after the other and even a couple of bad knock offs.

Used to be that I would keep this a personal indulgence-people just didn't understand that I actually enjoyed following some strange folks wandering around a ditch amusement park but then I found that some of my FRIENDS also had the You Tube itch and that leads to swapping videos.

For quite a few years I used to send of IL DIVO singing When A Child Is Born as a video Christmas Card or something would come up in a conversation, someone had never seen Bette Middler's original concert from Cleveland when Ula Hedwig was still a off would go the link attached to an email .

People come over and we sit around and watch YOU TUBE-"hey did you see the one....?"

I binge watched at least 5 videos of idiots trying to make casts of their penis while holding a camera in one hand---not so much hysterical as JAW DROPPING.

The whole process is not unlike those old shows on TV that showed bloopers...take that premise and ad in post pubescent teenage boys, a baseball bat and an afternoon with nothing to do but film each other getting hit in the crotch with said bat-THAT's entertainment...

There are also countless how-to's from Photoshop to crafts to cooking to survival in an atomic wa- it's all there...

So lets recap: Professional entertainment, documentaries, stories of personal accomplishment, educational and instructional videos and its all free-why have cable-they also have movies you can pay for.

I haven't even started on the UFOs, Flat Earth, Niburu, conspiracies-its mind boggling-if they ever add a hard core X Rated channel it will be the Heroin of our times-people will be immobilized by You Tube-there will be an actual name for the syndrome and probably a 12 step program to support addicts.

ADAM THE WOO? I'm amazed you haven't asked sooner-he is a 40 something southern preacher's kid who vlogs (that's video blogging) his various escapades=he started out exploring places he probably shouldn't have been, urban decay, backstage at Disney and often with a coked up looking band groupie at his side-Adam himself is a tattooed ex band member from GUTTERMOUTH-don't believe me WIKI he "natured" he added in moments with his Mom, Dad (the minister who also was a trucker and Vlogged himself, NOT like Thor-don't even go there) and his sis who lives in Indiana (and her dogs).

He lived in California not far from me for awhile (so does Justin-they ALL know each other) there are videos with Adam, Justin, Tim (and his wife Jen Tracker) the Fresh Baked Gang and more all at Disneyland California together...those get big numbers of views....

You know they get paid, by YouTube for views...they also get swag for how many subscribers they have-when you get near a million apparently You Tube sends you an actual counter that keeps track of how many viewers you have-like one of those things they have on TV that tells you when they've hit the goal on a Telethon?

Anyway-Adam got older and calmed down a little and did a period where he rolled around the country vlogging tourist stuff and points of interest in his RV named LARGE MARGE-occasionally he would arranged to meet the Trackers or Justin or The Carpetbagger or other You Tube Celebs in some strange state---he loves the area around Dollywood so he's met up with Jacob the Carpetbagger there several times.

Its REAL reality TV-then they started adding better cameras and drone shots-it has almost become too good.

Along the way one gets to watch personal joys and tragedies and it becomes a lot like having friends-you just don't exactly KNOW them but you know them better than some of you family? Does that make sense.

If living vicariously is your thing you can go to COMIC CON in San Diego for no charge you can visit Disney Paris and stay in a luxury suite, no charge...Shanghai? No problem

I think you can see how it becomes addictive...

We don't send links for web sites anymore we send links for YOU TUBE:

Justin Scarred

The Tim Tracker


ADAM the Woo

and just in the spirit of You Tube here's a mystery link-have fun!!!!!

Mystery Link

WITCH hunt

Let me say uncatagorically-ANYONE who preys upon children or even vulnerable young adults in a sexual OR emotional manner is lower than low-...