Saturday, August 11, 2018

Food secrets

Sorry I have been so absent-lots going on in my life and then I got an attack of gout-it was doing better but now seems like it is refusing to go away-I do natural remedies which take longer but I cant find my old standby Goutrin….

Anyway-Gout makes me think about FOOD and I seem to type the same recipes for people over and over so I am going to share my favorite go to-semi easy crowd pleasers-sorry I don't know metric measures and mostly I do them by eye anyway....

THAT salad you make:

Butter lettuce-it takes about one head for 2 people
Avocado-at least one, two is better -cubed
Mandarin Orange segments well drained on paper towels-I can
Gorgonzola cheese crumbles (optional)
Pine Nuts-toasted lightly-I know they are so expensive here-you could use slivered almonds but it ain't the same
Real bacon crumbles-about 2 slices crisp (optional)

I like Girard's Champagne or Old Venice Italian, Ken's Steak House Vidalia Onion is alos interesting but a little too sweet for me-you want a sophisticated Vinaigrette but NO DIJON

Combine what you decide to use in a bowl=dress lightly and toss I usually put the nuts on top at the end.

If you want a more luncheon style salad add poached chicken breast and some green grapes
A friend of mine prefers Shrimp and cucumbers (peeled and diced)

You Can't Ruin MEATLOAF:
Yes, you can...

I usually make 3 pounds at a time bu adjust the ingredients by the pound

3 lbs 80/20 ground beef-don't use sirloin or extra lean it will be dry and flavorless
1 package Jimmy Dean Spicy Sausage ( You can use regular but the sausage makes a huge difference
3 potatoes (medium) grated and drained on paper towels
3 yellow onions grated
1 package Lipton's Onion Soup and dip mix
3 eggs-4 if the eggs are small
1 can evaporated milk (you may also need a little water)
some quaker or steel cut oats maybe a cup or less-panko bread crumbs will also work
season with salt and pepper-you can also add garlic powder, onion powder etc

Mix in a large bowl start with meat and sausage then add the rest of the ingredients one at a time
Leave the liquid till the end and then add to make a wet mixture use the oats or bread crumbs to get the texture you need for it to hold its shape

I use a 9 x 13 baking dish-you can also divide the mixture into loaf pans
for the 9 x 13 I literally throw small handfuls into the pan starting at one end and working across till the dish is filled-I then use my fingers and poke holes in the top in a pattern evenly about 2 inches apart-do this on the loaf pan as well

OPTIONAL- If you want a "glaze" or topping you can do ketchup or a blend of ketchup, yellow mustard and a splash of balsamic about 15 minutes before the loaf is done paint the top liberally and continue baking-I usually take the rest of the "glaze" and heat it and serve it along side

If you can get SOY VEY Teriyaki with Pineapple marinade-add half the bottle to the meat mixture and heat and serve the rest-more interesting than ketchup and a change from normal meatloaf

If you like the idea but you want LESS MEAT

Take a huge can of Sauerkraut (bottled if you can get it)-put it in a bowl (large) grate in 2 or 3 potatoes, a couple onions and peel and grate a couple granny smith apples-mix this all well-add a liberal dose of caraway seeds

Lightly butter a 9 x 13 baking dish spread the Sauerkraut mixture evenly in the dish

I like all beef franks (hot dogs) you can use brauts or other sausage-spilt them length wise to make a pocket-fill with your choice of cheese-cheddar or swiss are best IMHO wrap with bacon and lay on top of the kraut-bake at 375F for about 45 minutes-till the bacon is cooked

The meatloaf should cook for 50 minutes more or less at 350F

I like real green string beans sautéed in bacon fat and butter (splash of lemon juice) and sprinkled with gorgonzola as a side with the meatloaf -its full of potato's but you may want mashed potato's anyway-so make this recipe:

Those twice cooked mashed potato casserole things:

Peel, cube and cook enough potatoes to serve the people you need to-I like to cook them in Chicken stock-drain and coarsely mash-stir in 1/2 pint of sour cream, a small stick of cream cheese and 1/2 stick of Butter-season to taste-I like to add some finely chopped shallots, parsley and a dash of cayenne-you can add finely crumbled crisp bacon of finely chopped ham-Drop by spoonfulls into a baking pan again I use a 9 x 13 and bake with the meatloaf for the last 30 minutes-be sure a dot the top liberally with pats of butter and sprinkle with paprika

The easiest dessert in the world:

Buy a good pound cake at the market slice into 1 inch slices on a plate-you need 2 slices per serving

You need some really good seedless red raspberry preserves (I use Knott's Berry Farm) or you can also use Bon Maman Cherry preserves

I like a splash (liberal) of Frangelico in the jam and a tiny bit of lemon juice

Put the Jam in a small saucepan (with the booze and the lemon juice) and heat lovingly till warm but not boiling

Toast the pound cake in a frying pan using BUTTER-just enough to brown lightly don't burn it and don't use so much butter it goes soggy

You can use whipped cream I prefer extra rich cool whip-holds us better and less work

On a dessert plate place one piece of the pound cake-then on the cake a LARGE dollup of the whipped stuff drizzle gently with the warm jam 2nd piece of pound cake making a sandwich of sorts and drizzle the top with more warm jam-sprinkle with something festive toasted almonds, sprinkles-even fresh berries if you must and serve-this is best eaten WARM-someone or two is going to ask for more-be prepared-whatever if leftover you can make a trifle to eat the next day

A quick Variation of this uses lemon pound cake-store bought lemon curd-crème fresh-a drizzle of lemoncello and a sprinkle of shaved white chocolate

want more?

Chocolate pound cake-chocolate mousse-raspberries and top with hot fudge nuts and whipped crème

The whole idea is a sandwich with toasted cake a yummy filling and served warm-the variations are endless

If I have done my job here you have a meal-the time before last time my friends the Van Dijks were in from The Netherlands we had a variation of this menu and they seemed to be OK with it-I think I had 7 or 8 for dinner in my tiny place

Enjoy-if you share please give me credit

Monday, July 16, 2018

The GHOSTS of Disneyland

OK so there are many videos on YouTube and stories and web sites about Disneyland and its various "ghosts" a lot of it is HOOEY-the burn ins on the security cameras and the photo shopped or double exposed snaps-I have yet to see anything that couldn't be explained or waved off as phony.

However, having been a cast member-let me tell you there is NOTHING creepier than an empty Disney park at3 am.

When I first started I worked a lot of closing shifts out in Critter Country which is "outside the berm: (the raised earthen wall upon which the train runs-ToonTown is also outside the berm).

Its very dark and moody out there about a mile or so from the other side of the park where cast members exit at Harbor Pointe.

Since I was older and slower than most of the Cast Members I would often tell them to go ahead and not wait for me-I had two choices walk the backstage route which is pitch black at night OR walk across the park which is one of those perks of being on the Disney team-you can lieterally have the park almost to yourself and its a strange and wonderful experience.

I would walk up to the river by Hungry Bear and the view across at night with the Mark Twain docked and often a bit of mist on the water is magical.

Around the end of Splash Mountain-past the Haunted Mansion and New Orleans Square-I would always go through Adventure land and often I would stop and sit for a few minutes-a couple of the Disney Cats knew me and one in particular must have been new because she had kittens and she would bring them out for me to see.

Then across the plaza (known as the HUB) and past guest health through the magic wall backstage past the IN BETWEEN (cast food) and behind Space Mountain-then my secret route which emerged at the security check out and on to the cast parking shuttle bus---sometimes I would run into friends waiting for rides and I would once again sit and visit for awhile or I would drag myself onto a bus which took us off site to Cast parking where another short walk got me to my car,

In all at least a half hour trek-then another 30 minute drive home.

I believe the latest I ever walked the park was 3:30am and that was an auspicious stroll but more about that later.

Depending on the season closing up Pooh Corner and the Photo Booth etc would find maybe half a dozen cast and a few managers or leads in the area.

My first Ghost experience happened in the gift shop portion of the shops-about 6 of us were doing recovery, closing registers etc and one lady said she smelled cigarette smoke-even after hours there are strict rules about where you can smoke and the shop doors were closed and the AC on so unlikely it was coming from outside but one of the Cast who was a anti-smoking fanatic went off looking for the offender and found no one-the smell kept coming and going-I suddenly realized it was inside the store and was moving from one end of the counter to the other-I told everyone to stand still and that they would smell how the phantom cigarette traveled.

Sure enough it would start near the far end of the counter and travel slowly to the other end then across the shop and through the connecting shop into the candy store at the other end where it would vanish and reappear again at the opposite end of the store and repeat it's trip.

I only remember that particular night and don't recall it happening again but several Cast have told me it does and if it doesn't do the counter route it sometimes hangs around outside the door to the Candy shop and that area.

I never noticed any odd events near the mansion where so many people say they have seen and heard things-I actually stood outside the mansion one morning after closing and taklked to the "crying child" who supposedly haunts that area---nothing...

I did see a girl in a white dress dancing on Main street-as a matter of fact I thought it was a parade dancer practicing.

Disney probably doesn't want you to know this but when the parade cast comes in most of the girls remove their costumes and wander around backstage in quite modest white camisoles, bloomers and hose, so a dancer from the parade in somewhat period costume dancing on Main Street after hours would not be beyond possibility and often rehearsals are held after the park is closed.

But not after 2am...the street is pretty much empty-occasionally you will see maintenance or security or gardeners but they turn of special hidden lights for them.

A couple times when I was sitting in Adventureland I would see shapes flit across the path but I always thought they were phantom cats not people.

So back to that one BIG adventure.

We had done a major clean in the Critter Country Shops and all the younger cast had clocked out and gone-my back was killing me-a problem I had for the first several months since I wasn't used to standing and stooping and selling stuff yet (hadn't done that for several years-like 15 or so).

I was sitting at a picnic table we had in the backstage area for breaks and I noticed there were workmen around but mostly in transit to somewhere else.

I had intended to walk the backstage route-I had outfitted my key chain with an LED flashlight which made the shorter route behind the attractions onto Mainstreet and on less dangerous in the dark.

However, I decided since it was a warmish, humid night, I would rather walk across the park by the river and take my time.

I was very tired and my back hurt so I was moving slowly as I went up the slight incline near the front of Splash Mountain.

I had a momentary shudder, a creepy feeling-but as I said Disneyland empty at 3:30 is creepy-its like an abandoned cemetery-and I realized a man was walking toward me-all I could make out was a shape

As he got closer I saw he was wearing a tweedy jacket, a sweater vest, an open necked while dress shirt and had on dark slacks-he was carry an unimpressive smoking pipe and seemed to be looking from side to side at nothing in particular-he even paused for a moment and looked at the splash down hill on the water flume.

I passed him about 5 feet away on the river side of the walkway going toward the Haunted Mansion, he toward Critter and as I passed I said "good night, I hope you get to go home soon..." and kept walking.

He didn't acknowledge me-which I thought was a little rude and after maybe 6 steps I stopped and turned to ask him if he was OK?

No one on the path and U could see quite a distance toward Hungry Bear and the train crossover-there was no where he could have left the path.

Then I realized the face of the Man was WALT DISNEY.

When Mr Disney had last walked in life in this area it was still Indian Village and Splash Mountain was yet to be.

The Mountain opened in 1989 and Walt Disney died in the mid-60s.

Bear country was redeveloped in the early 70s, the predecessor to Critter Country.

I never said much to anyone about this event-I had a friend who was a long time CM and was told that Mr Disney is often seen in this area-mostly in the west side of the park and almost never in the East side.

His original apartment over the fire station would be on the west side of Main Street.

I believe that ghosts or apparitions are merely nodes of the past that are somehow bound to a place and not really the spirit of the person.

It seems likely that some aspect of Walt Disney would be attached to a place he held so close to his heart.

The dancing girl in the white dress is supposedly the daughter of a land owner who lived on the property before Disney developed it in the early 50s and the phantom smoker is a ranch owner working in a spot where his shop had stood in an orchard of orange trees.

I understand there are others-besides the crying boy who was supposedly scattered in ash form by his parent and is now trapped and alone at Disneyland-I said above I tried to contact him and got nothing.

It is true that people attempt to scatter loved ones at the park just as they do at MANY amusement parks across the world-seems logical to release them into an atmosphere they loved-

I really think this is about the living making peace with the passing of family and friends-I am a firm believer that we have lived before and will live again-we just pass through this realm of consciousness on our way to the next one.

The company has never allowed scattering-I almost wish they would designate an area where family or friends could scatter ashes-its good for the soil and much less cold and impersonal than a box in a hole with a stone or randomly being tossed into the ocean with the other floating garbage we have discarded

Instead of eternally riding some E ticket attraction, those who are scattered end up being filtered out by water cleaners or vacuumed up by maintenance.

SO, that is my favorite memory of my time at Disneyland in Anaheim-those late night and early morning strolls, alone for the most part...foggy morning along the river with the sun still thinking about getting out of bed, late dreary midnights with dripping Holiday decorations and shiny rain slick paths.

The magical hours at Disneyland are not all bright and full of Fantasy-to borrow loosely a line from a film-many spirits walk here but those who walk here walk alone...

“No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream. Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within; it had stood so for eighty years and might stand for eighty more. Within, walls continued upright, bricks met neatly, floors were firm, and doors were sensibly shut; silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone.”
Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fun co = FUNKO - FUN

If you have Netflix or you can find it elsewhere I utge you to watch the documentary about FUNKO (Making FUN: The Story of Funko).

When I first saw FUNKO products all I could think was: THIS is going to cost me money...

I did not need one more collection of anything.

The packaging, contents and aesthetic of this product makes it almost irresistible not to mention they are very affordable and often show up on sale various places.

Instead of starting another collection I decided that I would use this product as a go to gift when I needed something under 20bucks .

My pal Alberta and I are both collectors and we don't see each ither that often so when we met to see an "occasion" movie like Malificent it was the perfect time to buy a Funko product as a souvenir of the occasion,

They have versions for both the animated classic and live action films-I needed the live action so I got the one above...

They also have this glow in the dark special version:

Since the face is green we know its from the animated version.

Some months later we went to the live action Beauty and the beast for which I decide she could be the beauty and I would give her the beast:

Again, there are versions for both the animated classic and the live action-look at the wonderful creations below:

Usually these simple, styalized figures would not be my thing-I like more complicated, detailed items  BUT somehow they speak to me in a universal language-I'll bet they do well in Japan the KAWAII capitol of the world.

They come in various sizes, some are very limited editions.

Walt Disney World had a special Figment figure-their EPCOT mascit, which is a little purple dragon that pops up everywhere.

He originally was a Figment of the Imagination and starred in the Imagination Pavillions attraction along with his friend the DreamCatcher.

They premiered at Walt Disney World at the same time my pal Monique was in Florida and I asked her to try and grab me one-they were an instant sellout...

I believe they were between 12 and 16 dollars-almnost instantly they were on EBAY for 35.00bucks-I have seen them various places for as much as 150.00usd.

I'll wait for the excitement to die down and find one at a good price since I want it for myself-I have another figurine from Epcot that I purchased there in 1985 but I actually like the Fink version better.

I'm not going to try to make this an in ddepth story of the company and the people behind it-the documentary is so good and I'm sure you will be able to find it somewhere if you're interested.

My intent is to offer an alternative to lining your shelves with Funk figures: They are great meaningful gifts and mementos!!!

I would say keep it in the box and play with it gently but-need a cake topper????

This is their classic FREDDY FUNKO in the birthday mode-he is THEIR mascot and shows up in all sorts of costumes.

Football or sports fans?

MANY choices....

Classic Films?

TV series, horror fans, gamers? Funko has literally something for everyone.

Have a special conspiracy nut in the family?

Throw them a BIGfoot or Grey party...and this is only a small fraction of the FUNKO line.

If you happen to be near Everett, Washington-Funko has their flagship retail store there and I guess it's an experience in itself!

I never plug anything I don't love and having bought a fair amount of FUNKO I have to say I love it-I'm sorry I missed things like the Family Guy set and some others that are now out of stock and only available on the 2nd market-I like to buy from the company or an authorized representative-when you buy on the grey/2nd market all the money goes into the collectibles sellers pocket and it's usually highly overpriced.

BTW, I forgot to mention all of this started from BOBBLE HEADS and after watching theDoc I found that I had purchased FUNKO before there were the Funko figures.

I used to shop at a store on Universal Citywalk and had purchased several bobble heads from them way back in the 80's or 90's.

I just recently got talked out of my Bob's Bigboy that I think I got at the Bob's location in Toluca Lake.

From Bobble heads to an empire-Funko still delivers quality of design and product to an adoring customer base of collector's and casual buyers like myself.

From Disney to Heavy Metal and lots of levels in between-I love FUNKO---great company with good ethics....10 stars and a plus for trying and succeeding!

Find their official site HERE

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Have I mentioned I have a huge crush on ELON MUSK?

Besides being excessively handsome in an strange, squinty eyed way he is (I think) brilliant and possibly the savior of mankind.

I'm sure there are many who have already labeled him the Anti-Christ-I don't think he has ever worn a blue turban and especially in PARIS so that at least makes it less likely (Nostradamus).

YouTube conspiracy trolls have labeled him a liar, swear the space X rockets were CGI and his car with the space man is in a sound stage somewhere near Culver City, CA.

He needs to be a better public speaker-I have a theory: The halting speech is due to a former speech impediment, it's a lot like the way they teach stutterers to talk to AVOID stammering.

I think he could be president-I think he could win-he seems very sane and sensible and has some TERRIFIC ideas-he has multi-national citizenship (Canada, USA and South Africa).

He probably is ineligible-but in a world where Donald Trump can be president anything is possible.

It could be that just the train of ineffectual presidents and fools in congress has worn me down.

I want the electoral college gone, I want extreme liberals and conservatives gone, I want professional politicians gone...

Did anyone notice Anthony Villarigosa is running for governor of California-God help us.

Perhaps ELON could be GOVENOR first?

I really want the USA to become a nation of LIBERTARIANS-it's really the only fair thing-they want the states to control their own problems and not have huge federal governments-I am ALL over that concept,

The IRS and the FED are out of control-the FBI is fighting with the CIA, the two party system makes it impossible for anyone who isn't one or the either kind of fool to win a federal election.

States are passing terrible, restrictive laws, the rest of the world thinks the USA is losing it, Yellowstone could blow at any moment, California is way over due for a BIG quake...

If the space aliens attack will they be real or a false flag?

The Korean Guy says he will dump all the bombs if we promise not to invade-I am almost 100% sure he has been talking to Iran and/or Putin,,,I wish Donald Trump would get off his lazy Mira-Lago loving ass and GO THERE ...

a huge number of people believe the earth is flat and life is a computer simulation, that at some point they have installed a sun shield and that chemtrails are being sprayed daily---and we NEVER went to the moon

When I was a lad we only had nuclear war to worry about.

So Elon....maybe he could have Bill Gates for a VP-they might fight but I don't like Bezos or Zuckerberg...

Did you know that at one point the former SOVIETS wanted to run the UN with a TROIKA of leaders? One U S, One Soviet and one Chinese? Maybe we could run the USA with a TROIKA> One DEM one Repuglican and ELON?

Everytime a Brit goes off on the USA and how could we let Trump be president and how we have screwed up half the world I want to ask them if the know WHY they aren't speaking GERMAN today?

I agree we should keep our noses out of lots of things but really its all about MONEY and GREED it has nothing to do with the fate of the world and everything to do with another billion dollars in someone's bank account

Maybe Elon would have the balls to force the senate and the house to give back all the social security money they stole.


I'll bet Elon would move the White House to LA-his offices are out here near the ocean-remember when Regan had his mansion in Pacific Pallisades? I had a friend who lived on the ridge opposite-everyone had a telescope so they could spy on Ron and Nancy...

My nephew;'s wedding was catered by the same food service that handles the Regan Presidential Library ---best wedding food I ever had.

I don't know why political uncertainty and Trump make me hungry

Saturday, April 21, 2018

April, the rapture and crazy guys in cars

The shouting has started in earnest especially in YouTubers prophecy channels, the 23rd of April is the rapture and the world ends the 28....

Or is it the 21st?

Awhile back I wrote a post about a truck driver that drove around and masturbated who had become a porn thing I neglected to mention was he wore a knitted cap...follow me on this one.

I have come to find that there are lots of men under 50(ish) who drive around in their cars and do strange stuff while wearing knitted caps.

A HUGE percentage of them are PROPHETS of some ilk...mostly self labeled truthers who want you to pat close attention to their message...doom gloom and the end of days.

They tend to talk loud and fast, they all share a similar vacant, rambling style and if you pay attention you will hear the names of YouTube gurus pop up all too often in their diatribes.

They also have a mocking, bullying edge that if you don't believe you are a part of the sleeping sheep wandering around the earth pretending to understand what's going on by refusing to accept the message.

Today I watched a bit of one fellow who seriously needs to take his meds and come down from space who carries a communion wafer around in his vest pocket that someone tried to make him eat at his grandmothers funeral-"THEY" tried to force him to eat it and drink the stuff but JESUS is SATAN and the contrails are blocking out the sky to make people unhappy and cold....

If this makes no sense to you, congratulations, there may be hope left for you...

This guy has the requisite knit cap and beard-I think its how we are supposed to recognize that he is one of the TRUTHERS and a genuine prophet.

It seems he has his car set up to whenever he gets a message that needs sending he can click on the camera and go, upload and keep driving---in snowstorms, rain and probably burning hail-just speculating on that one-burning hail usually shows up eventually in apocalypse tales.

Another fellow-also with car, cap and beard, was enjoying his LAST chicken burrito as he drove and prophesized the rapture for the 23rd or maybe the 21st but the end is the 28th for sure.

He has a less angry delivery more a sneering, mocking, better than thou quality.

There are MANY more---the king of the wacky prophets has a ZZ TOP beard and dreadlocks and looks like someone's jewfish grandpa gone Road Warrior...he, however, does not drive...he sits in a chair and pontificates but the message is not far from all the others.

First you take some old testament hell and brimstone, mix in some Nostradamus (and even Edgar Cayce) add a healthy dose of Astrology especially where you can pick the parts you like and ignore the rest and the quote from a fellow whack job or two ---seems simple.

Interestingly they often seem to have PATREON or some sort of funding links-I guess just in case the numbers don't pay they can manage to get their burritos and beverages and gas for their studios (cars).

As always my concern is KIDS who get trapped into this semi-organized drooling-a great many devoted YouTubers seem to be under 20 and looking for a cause.

Flat Earth, Niburu/ Planet X and end times seem very popular amongst the EMO, GOTH and Gamers gangs.

The videos themselves would be almost laughable if there weren't so many of them and if it weren't for the hundreds of comments they receive.

It's fairly easy to dismiss a chubby, bearded guy with a message of doom driving around looking for a purpose but when you see attached a string of comments obviously written by teens and the walking lost an ominous tone creeps in.

What if this seemingly random band of end time prophets is way more sinister?

Schools shootings, mall shootings, not much to lose if the world is much many conspiracies---dying honey bees, government suppression, chemtrails, the military/industrial complex.

These things don't get the proper attention and in the current political environment its OK to lable anything you don't agree with as fake.

Have you noticed how FAKE and DEBUNKED have become everyday parts of conversations.

It shocks me how easily people share personal information, life tragedies etc on FACEBOOK and YouTube for that matter.

I was just watching a drama play out of YouTube between two people-one a customer and the other a business owner that included some very hefty use of profanity and also crying, gnashing of teeth, threats...better that real housewives of wherever and so much fresher.

I started watching YouTube because if the travel videos, how-tos and performing arts clips.

I started looking up specific references given in videos and pretty soon like any social media they start offering you things they THINK you will enjoy.

The ravings of madmen (and women) don't affect me much...I have learned rather quickly how to change the channel and how enough can be too much.

It's only when you start hearing mainstream media, radio hosts etc quoting from the knit cap crazies that one begins to become concerned.

Just recently I heard a talk show host say that she cannot miss the postings of a woman on YouTube who mostly is convinced that Yellowstone is going to blast the guts out of the USA at any moment.

She mixes a little Bible and a little prophecy with lots of incorrect information and downright delusions (I should mention here that the YELLOWSTONE end timers are another group of crazies on YouTube).

So bottom line the Yellowstone lady is getting national advertising for her YouTube channel.

Should you ever go wandering amongst the seedy back alleys of YouTube be aware you may want to travel very quietly-if you get lured into making a disparaging comment against one of the gurus you will find yourself labeled a troll-not only that but an agent of the CIA, or a government get the idea.

A geologist made a comment on one famous Yellowstone channel that there was no science in what had been posted and he wrote several reassuring paragraphs supporting his hypothesis-he was blasted with dozens of vicious comments and anytime he attempted to defend himself or anyone else attempted to defend him they were also blasted, called names, ridiculed and threatened.

You Tube had promised just recently to add links to "MAIN STREAM" information on any post that was too far off sanity-so far I don't see any of that sort of balancing act happening.

Its much needed.

Its also very hard to complain to YouTube about a channel owner lying or twisting the truth.

I am a huge first amendment supporter but I don't think the right to free speech is supposed to include lies, slander and crowd agitation---the same law that makes shouting fire in a crowded theatre should also cover shouting doomsday in a tense, crowded country.

In the past 10 years I would say the END has been given at least a hundred dates or time frames-seems like people have been hoping for the end for hundreds of years.

My fear is that there are people who pray for the RAPTURE and believe that the end of times is a good thing because they are on the right side of religion- George W. Bush, Mike Pence and other 7% Christians are in powerful company to cause an Armageddon.

To me they are NOT to be trusted.

Believe what you want and even have conviction in your beliefs but don't force those beliefs on others and especially don't make people feel that YOU are the word and the light and if they don't believe in you they are sleeping sheep .

We don't think one small person with an agenda can have much effect on the world but the we are forced to remember HITLER the frustrated artist who became for a time the most powerful man on earth.

How many people died under MAO's persecution of the artists, educated and philosophical

Look up SAVANAROLA the rabid priest who literally burned the heart out of Europe in the name of GOD.

Jim Jones, Charles Manson, the list goes on and on.....

Saturday, April 14, 2018

What the hell is going on???

I was taught to respect the office of the president of the United States-if not the man the job he stands for.

I was also taught that one does NOT discuss politics or religion nor malign one's friends for their beliefs no stoop to low slurs and above all to check sources and verify facts before broadcasting one's personal beliefs about the peccadillos in Washington and any state capitol.

When Jack Kennedy and Richard Nixon for that matter ran for office the low blows became lower-Kennedy was a Catholic and people were terrified about what that would mean for American politics.

When Barry Goldwater ran many tried to paint him as a Jew passing for Episcopalian, a war monger and crazy if nothing else.

It seemed like every election, year by year the rhetoric got lower and sleazier, pettier and downright dishonest.

The 2 party system encourages each side to slander the other based on the platform of the party-Conservatives are crazy war hungry, rifle toting bigots dedicated to making the rich richer.

Liberals want to give the country away, have no morals, want guns locked up and are heading for a one world government designed by the illuminati.

There is no chance for anyone running on a third party ticket because of the electoral college system which should have been GONE in the 1960s - its fairly clear that elections have been tampered with since John Kennedy.

Many believe that incidents like Watergate (republicans), Iran Contra (republicans), Cuba and the Bay of Pigs (democrats), The Cuban Missile Crisis (democrats) and so on are simply smokescreens to keep the population in turmoil and distracted from what is actually going on in this (and other) countries and governments.

For many years it was about protecting Israel from repercussions for their own actions not they are out of control and care little about American opinions.

It seems clear since Iran and the shah that the USA meddles far beyond what it should be doing in the politics of other countries and really is no better than many of the powers we protest about like the former Soviet Union and now Russia.

Most Americans have an opinion about what is going on but with the media so untrustworthy, foreign agencies posting fake news and downright lies from all sides how clear a picture do we have of what has gone on in the last 40 years or so and what is happening now.

We still do not have solid evidence on who was responsible for the assassination of JFK, did we or did we NOT augment our actual space program with manufactured fake videos?

What are all these objects people film and photograph? What are the loud booms, light flashes and subsonic vibrations that are happening across this country and elsewhere?

I am fairly sure at this point that most of not all can be traced back to black operations of our government and other world powers.

People fear ALIENS and extraterrestrial invasions-I think there is much more to fear from our own governments.

Since the Bush/Gore election debacle and vote tampering its seems every year the tension is higher, the rhetoric louder and hotter, hate runs high and insanity higher and we as a nation have become more and more polarized.

Organized religion has become separated into factions ranging from a liberal and accepting group to a hard shelled, ultra conservative minority that is very vocal and has the attention of the media on both sides: This faction is painted as being controlled by militia crazies and gun toting haters, anti feminists who are seeking world war for reasons of bringing on the RAPTURE.

George W. Bush and his regime were highly suspected by many of belonging to this movement.

When Trump was elected it was widely discussed that Mike Pence and Paul Ryan were the "Cheneys" of his administration: running things from behind the scenes and trying to manipulate an AMERICAN CHRISTIAN THEOCRACY of a level matching or surpassing Iran's Muslim Model.

Its no accident that A HANDMAIDS TALE became a sensation with its fictionalized view of an America torn apart by such a governing model.

Few people know or remember that the same story was released as a feature film with Faye Dunaway and Robert Duval 30 years (approx.) ago...

We have separation of CHURCH and STATE to protect us from such a tragedy but of late the lines are unclear about how much power a small minority with the magic formula of hate, lies and promises might wield.

I don't think in my life there has ever been as vicious a campaign as TRUMP/CLINTON - there certainly were vicious, untruthful battles back 100 years and more.

The world wars seemed to distill American's thoughts and loyalties more to the white house and Washington D C but then Korea, Viet Nam and the middle East divided that loyalty and nationalism into distrust.

It became "clear" that men like Dick Cheney and others were getting rich and enriching their like-thinking friends on the backs of American wars and interventions.

"RULING" houses like the Bush family cause more distrust, voter tampering and outright theft (though unproven) of elections widened the gap.

9-11 has never been solved, explained or healed.

FAR too many questions.

That tragedy has its roots in Oklahoma City and the Brach Davidians in Texas and Ruby Ridge and more...

At some point we need to get the coolest minds in this country together, we need to rationally sift out the rancid cat box that is Washington D C-prosecute the criminals whomever they are on on whatever side of the aisle they come from-adjust our tattered constitution and try to resurrect this country and its reputation back to its real and former glory.

Knowing that we, for many years, loved in a false dream of what America was and what it offered only makes it more important to wake up and try to find some way to make an even playing field for ALL the people of this country.

We have so many problems-issues of colour, ethnicity, ideology, economics and equality at the top of the list.

Slavery was abolished on paper and reinstated based on skin colour in fact.

How does the government have any rights to make laws that govern a persons body, sexuality and identity?

Law needs to stay OUT of our bedrooms-the new laws on "SEX TRAFFICING" on the internet have much less to do with prostitution and exploitation than CONTROL: They want the MIND POLICE out looking for thought CRIMES.

In the America of 2018 they can put you in prison and destroy your life for looking at the wrong pictures-and those are pictures that THEY have decided are wrong: How soon does that set of guidelines change from actions that we all know are wrong to much more middle of the road images that they DECIDE are wrong?

I used to laugh when they said that George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were too close to the tuth-1984 just had the dates wrong-they were a little too early for the smart minds to fall into the trap of fulfilling prophecy.

Have you noticed that almost anything that comes into popular culture is now ALSO establishing itself as "TRUTH" in the land of conspiracy?

The Matrix was a startling vision of dystopian society and mind expanding fiction-now they say it may be true-we may be living in a construct...

Flat Earth is going away it's expanding with millions of believers.

I was touched and excited by the new upward thinking and actions of ELON MUSK-I still believe he and men and women like him may be our hope for the children and generations to come: How can he and his fellow utopian thinkers flourish in a climate that labels him FAKE, fraudulent, untrustworthy and deceitful?

The UGLY battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton hasn't ended-it has expanded-it had ended friendships, caused huge rifts in our society...the only reason I feel safe at all is because I live in California-a state that is basically liberal...and trust me those who think LIBERAL is a bad word will be sad if that line of thought ever disappears.

What is not made clear is that Liberals can want control on guns but also want sovereign borders on our country: freedom of choice for women, equal rights for all people and an equal chance for all children understanding that this country cannot afford to take care of the world.

The USA can no longer impose it's beliefs on other nations-we all need to learn to live beside each other but not control each other...we are not the police force for this planet we must get our own house in order and solve our own problems before we go preaching to other nations.

For as long as there are hungry, homeless people on the streets, for as long as drugs make rich men richer be they legal or illegal substances, for as long as all the inequalities and bad deeds continue, until the wealth of the world is NOT controlled by one percent of the population-until all these things are equalized and solved we are in DANGER and we will never have peace.

We MUST keep our money and our resources at home, put our house in order and see to the welfare of AMERICANS and our neighbors north and south-when that is done and we are strong again we must see that never again in history are the greedy, power hungry minions of our destruction allowed to have any real ability to damage this world and its people and environment.

We don't need a GOD to do this-God helps those who help themselves-we know what needs to be done we just need to stop yelling at each other and calling each other names and KILLING each other long enough to FIX IT....put it right...calm the waters and soothe the earth....make the skies clear again...and let PEACE reign.

And to those who would disturb this peace a warning that we, the people of this world, will never again be the slaves of your lies and personal agendas...never again!

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