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I have some very strong opinions on dreams; please don't think I am totally insane.

I actually have run these by a few folks like Therapists and Scientists who specialize in Physics and was surprised how many of them agree with my beliefs at least in theory.

I have been a very active dreamer since I was a little person and I tend to remember most of what I dream especially the lengthy, vivid narrative variety.

But let me break down my theories first: I think there are (at least) THREE kinds of dreams:


Did you ever have one of those "why am I dreaming this?" dreams? The sort of jumble of stuff where a purple snake with green spots rolls itself into a hoop and runs down a pink doughnut with worms for garnish on a sunny street in who knows where and then a witch disguised as a teddy bear asks you what you want for lunch...

Neither have I but you get the idea-its a bunch of stuff which has little or no relation to what comes first and what comes after-I think this is the normal overloaded brain getting rid of its "cache" so it has room for the next stuff.

I think these are the dreams we tend to not remember or we wake up laughing or shaking and we say "it's just a dream" then we go back to sleep and forget the whole event.

2. The "MESSAGE"

This kind of dream is disturbing in some way-mine are often dark places where I am wandering-I know where it is in theory but the visual does not match my beliefs-so I am in my HOME but it is NOT my home and a series of things happen which are somewhat related and even have some sense  to them on some level there may be transportation or mechanical devices, a problem to solve that can't be solved or the famous trying to run but unable to get up any speed for some reason or flying.

This is the kind of dreams psychologists like to help you understand-the dream analysis version I sort of have faith in is the one that says anything with a house has something to do with your Mother, Cars and mechanical stuff is your father (either of these can be MOTHER FIGURES or FATHER FIGURES); Darkness is frustration , lack of understanding, confusion and so take the dream and condense it down to a few symbols which then make sense.

Your Mother was the disciplinarian so you would escape to your father and he would solve the problem---or whatever.

3. The VIVID dream

These are often very disturbing-they can be very complex, have a cast of hundreds or thousands and often morph from familiar places to strange landscapes-bright colours or no colours and can be confusing because what seems to be a dream symbol is not it's just what it appears to be-we some times get lengthy information or counseling that we don't remember or we will have a conversation with a long departed friend or relative-we can wake up from one of these dreams go back to sleep and the story continues and these dreams can have physical effects like heat and cold, taste etc.

I also am coming to believe there is another level which I call:

4. HYPER Realistic VIVID Dreams

In this scenario we are someplace we have never been but it is so very detailed in may actually haunt our waking hours for several days after...often we interact with people we don't know but they are very complete in their personalities AND we can sometimes go back to these places over a period of day, months, years or even throughout our lifetime.

Levels 3 and 4 I believe are some form of inter-dimensional crossover-we are in a deep dream state but part of whatever makes us who we are (soul, spirit, dream traveler) actually is traveling away from the confines of what we consider "the real world".

Also I have to say I don't think religion or space aliens have anything to do with these experiences.

While either religious icons or Alien scenarios may occur I think it has to do with parallel dimensions more than metaphysics.

Since childhood when someone I know passes over (dies) I usually have a visit from them within about 6 weeks in one of these vivid dreams, let me cite an axample.

When I lived in Burbank we became friendly with a lady and her adult daughter who lived a couple doors over from us.

We played cards with them and went down there for dinners once in awhile-they would watch our house and feed the cats when I was gone on trips-nice people.

The Mother was in her 80s and the daughter in her mid to late 50s.

Unexpectedly while we were away doing business the daughter had a stroke and died suddenly.

We always called several times a week when we were traveling and this shocking news made us consider returning to California immediately but we were assured there was nothing we could do and feeding the cats would give the Mother something to distract her.

Some time after we returned home-maybe a month or so, I had a dream in which the daughter met me at a bus stop (?, I never used busses or bus stops, nor did she) she was wearing a very attractive "jackie Kennedy" type suit in a pink bouccle  fabric, gloves and a very distinct thing that you had to live through in order to understand how strange it was:

I guess it was the 50s when POP IT beads were a fad-they were plastic beads that you could pop together to make necklaces or jewelry, they came in many colours and styles mostly pearlescent or sparkly, round or ovoid and the selling point was by combining sets you could make jewelry that exactly matched your outfit and accessories...later in this same line they sold a sheer scarf like, triangular piece that was perforated along the top edge and by "popping" it onto a bead necklace you could make a "dickie" that looked like a sheer gathered "blouse" to fill in under a jacket such as a pink bouccle suit....these scarves usually were worn in white or a soft colour with pearl pop beads.

So in the dream she had one of these "pop it scarves" under the suit and in the course of our interaction in the dream she told me the suit was too warm to wear an actual blouse and this scarf was a great solution.

She also mentioned she needed to stop by and see her 'MOM" but she was busy getting settled and some other personal things.

Her "bus" came and she left....then I walked down the shady street a bit and woke up.

I wasn't sure what to do with this "information" so I asked MY Mother what she thought and she said to wait till an appropriate time (appropriate? when would that be?).

As it happened we were invited down for a visit and the subject came around to the daughter and I told the "MOM" I had a dream about the daughetr would she like to hear it? when she said she would I said let me tell you the whole dream before you say anything and I started off on the entire narrative trying to make sure I didn't miss any details.

When I finished I looked over at the Mother who was pretty pale and a little upset.

Apparently that pink suit was a garment the daughter had called her "jackie" suit after Mrs Kennedy and she always wore it with the POP IT SCARF because it was too hot to wear with anything else.

Foe a period of time when she didn't have a car the daughter took a bus from a street near where she lived which was shady and "leafy".

There was also some valuable information in the converstaion especially the name of the Credit Union where she had savings and a burial policy.

So what do I make of all this?

She needed to get info to her Mother and I happened to be receptive enough to meet her at the "bus stop" before she finally moved on to whatever the next thing is?

Let me say at this juncture that I think we come back many times and live many lives-I don't know why I think this but in a way thats a lie because I will share a bit further on about that part.

When My Dad was in his last days I was living in Glendale and my Mother was still living in Pico Rivera.

Fran had called me and told me things were bad and maybe I should go down there.

I called my Mother and asked her if she wanted me to come and she said no, not today, wait, and she finished with "I may need you more tomorrow".

Later in the day Aunt Mildred called and said they had taken him to the hospital and this was the end-she said I should probably come but I told her what my Mother had said and left it at that.

I had a terrible time getting to sleep that night and finally about 4 am I fell deep asleep and almost immediately I was walking down the hall of a "hospital" and into a room dimly lit as if by that blue, early morning light around DAD was in the bed with his eyes closed and standing nect to the bed was an "ample" white haired lady in a very stylish black and white flowered dress of a style from an earlier period-she was gently rubbing his head in a soothing way-as I came in she turned and looked at me, smiled and put her finger to her lips-the symbol for " quiet" and turned back to what she had been doing.

I was awakened from the dream by knocking at my front door-I grabbed a robe and opened the door (at 5 am) and it was my Grandpa Elmer, my Dad was gone.

I didn't tell the dream immediately-it was a few days later in the evening when my Mother, Grandma Fran and Aunt Mildred were sitting at the kitchen table in Pico Rivera that I saw a place that the story would as I always do I prefaced the tale with Let me tell the whole thing before you say anything and i tearfully told the dream...even today it is hard for me to get through telling the dream without choking up-it's just that powerful an experience.

When I was done my Mother broke the silence and said (as close as I can remember her words from  1982):

"He was so sick and in so much pain...I asked God to take him and nothing I said NANNY (dad's Grandma Grey, Fran's Mother) if God won't take him, please will YOU come get him?"

Grandmas Fran said:

"She came, that was the dress she bought in Bullocks the day she died...she couldn't tell you she came so she told Buddy (thats my nickname) in the dream. AND, she wore that dress so I would know it was her."

Grandmas Grey was quite a charecter, she was married 8 times and was buying the dress for #9 when she had a heart attack and died "instantly" In Bullock's downtown L A store-he sister Florence Teal Watts (also known as Aunt Puss or Aunt Floss was a choir director for n African American Church is south central L A until she was well into her 90s.

I was a very small child maybe 2 when she died, Grandma Fran always said she worried about who would take care of me after she was gone-so Grandmas Grey and I had a connection beyond life.

I firmly believe that when I was about 5 and stayed for the first time with Grandma Fran at her house in Van Nuys, Grandma Grey stood at the foot of my bed every night-a glowing white "lady shaped" apparition---Grandma Fran heard me talking to her one night and came in to see what I was doing-I remember she came into the room took one look , turned and left-I guess she could see Grandma Grey too.

Now, whatever your beliefs are, there is something mystical in this event.

A friend told me it wasn't his grandmother it was an ANGEL disguised as her, another told me the whole story was demonic and thats not how death works and yet another said she told me to be quiet because if I had spoken a single word I would have died in my sleep and been trapped in Limbo.

I chose to believe that I was there for the passing from this dimension to the next and was a messenger-what i dreamed seemed to help not only my Mother but Grandma Fran as well who was guilty for many years that she hadn't been with HER Mother when she passed over.

One last story, this one is about me directly and I will have to condense it a bit because its a story that spans about 10 years.

I was interested in the concept of past lives and reincarnation for many years starting when I was maybe 13.

When I was an adult a friend of mine who was also interested in the subject by skeptical asked me to go with him to visit a famous "passed life reader" (thats how he spelled it passed not past) here in Los Angeles.

Much to his annoyance since he had paid the guy-my friend was largely ignored an the reader had a great deal to say to me.

He told me I had lived 7 lives as a woman and this was my first as a man in all those incarnations.

I had been "not very nice" to men in several of those lives and this life was to attempt to learn how to deal with men from a different perspective.

He closed with a cryptic message that I would get two more "puzzle pieces" and those would leave me with absolute proof that we have lived before and will live again.

A couple years later I was invited to my friends Don Waldrop (a brass player) and his wife the late Marcelle Zonta (an operatic soprano I had worked with several times) for dinner at their home on Franklin in the Hollywood Hills.

We ate and were doing coffee and chat in the living room when Marcelle brought out a small gift wrapped box:

"Don't ask, we don't know why you get a gift but we were in an antique shoppe while we were on vacation and both Don and I saw this independently and we kept coming back to it till we bumped into each other and decided it had to be yours-so Happy whatever!"

Inside was an unusual piece of jewelry...a stylized feather made of clear material with a marcasite in silver mount which hedl a rod upon which was an arrowhead of the same material (marcasite in silver).

"We don't know what it is-it seems to be missing a part"

Without thinking I pulled it from the box and said,"It's a hat pin, see the end unscrews like this and you stick the pin through...I used to wear it on a black velvet beret."

There was an awkward silence and when I looked up they both had that WTF? look on their faces.

Don said, "Well it must be yours because no one else could figure out how it worked."

With that I packed the pin up and it went into my "jewelry box and was forgotten for many years.

Along the way I saw a past life reader in Denver that told me an almost identical story to the first and finally a very famous reader in Dallas, Texas who my friend insisted I had to consult and again the story was very much the same.

I figured puzzle piece number one was the pin but I was waiting for piece number two.

I had a dream in which I was walking down a street in the late afternoon-I could tell the time from the angel of the sun-in the dream there was a young woman on one side of me and a slightly older young man on the other-I could look down and see breasts, I could see red curls under a bonnet style hat and I was having trouble breathing because the corset was too tight and hurt my ribs, a horse an carriage rolled by on the dirt street and a young couple waved...I know the young man next to me was my brother and the young woman his fiance - I also felt they were supporting me and I would not have many more such walks. With that thought the dream ended.

I had this dream several times and it never varied and was like a snippet of a film where I was the camera.

In Europe, in Paris for my first visit, I found that I wanted to wander around an look at neighborhoods and architecture more than the tourist spots.

I felt almost agitated and on several days at various times I went walking dragging friends along and pointing out nothing so they would not think I was running mad in a strange particular street felt like "home" to me but at the same time "WRONG".

We were getting ready to go back to London and I took one last trip to that street at about 5 pm and as I was walking in one area I had a dizzy spell and a moment of what is described as "BILOCATION"  a feeling or hallucination not unlike deja vu where one location at a different period in history was superimposed over another.

I had hit the exact spot from the dream at the same time and the lighting was what triggered the event.

I was able to find out that the street was paved about the period of the civil was in the USA, that neighborhood was considered "the country" in those days and frequently "invalids" were sent there for better air, sunshine and a quieter atmosphere.

Was this puzzle piece #2?

Back in the USA a couple years later a costume design friend asked if I knew about a limited edition book about Ziegfeld that was available at the downtown library by appointment?

You had to reserve a time, wear white gloves to look at it and you only got an hour with the book at any one viewing.

The lure was many one of a kind book plates of stage shots from the various Ziegfeld shows as well as very rare photos from a private collection.

I made my appointment and went downtown to see this rarity and alone in a reading room with my white cotton gloves started through it.

Very shortly in there was a photo on a page, a now sepia toned black and white newspaper shot of Florenz Ziegfeld, Billie Burke, some of the various follies performers and showgirls and off to one side a small dark featured little woman in a black dress with a fancy lace collar and cuffs, and a black beret, velvet with a very unusual hat pin....a feather of clear glass with a marcasite fitting that pierce the hat end ended with a marcasite arrow head.

In the caption she was identified as: UNKNOWN

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